Solar Nutrition works with the angle of light in reference to molecular geometry.

Earth is a byproduct of the formation of the Sun.

Just as The Son “Jesus Christ” is said to have sacrificed his life for humanity, The Sun “Sol” – having about 1,000 times the mass of the entire solar system combined – has sacrificed its angular momentum to its children, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Jupiter now has a full 60 percent of the solar system’s angular momentum.

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto combined have 99 percent of the entire solar system’s angular momentum.

If the planets were to return the Sun’s gift of angular momentum, the Sun would spin on its axis about 100 times faster than it does now.

(Incidentally, most of the Sun’s mass may have ended up in the distant Oort Cloud, nearly a light-year away from the Sun.)

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) wrote …

“In order to grasp the deep significance of Solar Nutrition and its far-reaching implications and ramifications, one must realize that he or she is existing on a planet called Earth, which is a satellite revolving in space-time continuum (constant motion), orbiting on its own axis and around the sun.

“All our life patterns are presynchronized to the motion of the celestial bodies.

“We can ignore their existence but we cannot avoid encountering their effects.

“The effects of celestial bodies are involved with all life forms in biomagnetic, ideational, electrical, and chemical processes.

“It would be impossible to live without them.

“As Earthmen, our life patterns are governed by the sun and its radiations, which affect fibrous and cellular life flow and secretions.”

Solar radiation controls chemical processes and not the other way around.

Modern chronobiologists say, “You are WHEN you eat.”

Edward R. Dewey & Og Mandino (Cycles: The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events, 1971) wrote …

“You live on a tiny wet ball in space, a sphere rotating on its axis in a twenty-four-hour period relative to the sun. Exposed as you are to this daily changing environment of light, temperature, and humidity, it follows that many of your organs and habits are adjusted to a twenty-four-hour schedule.”

Sunlight’s ultraviolet radiation is a proven structurer of water.

Sunlight’s effect on the angle of water’s molecular bond changes the phase-angle of entrainment of the cytoplasmic matrix.

Leon Chaitlow (Palpation Skills: Assessment and Diagnosis Through Touch, 1997) wrote …

“According to [American osteopath James] Jealous, the breath of life generates an energetic matrix, around which the molecular and cellular body organizes itself. The matrix is spatially oriented in the material plane by fluid forces, perhaps electromagnetic water hydrogen bonds. This idea resonates with the ‘water imprint’ theory of homeopathic researchers. The tensile quality of the fluid matrix is readily acknowledged by embryologists who study embryo formation. The fluid matrix guides mesenchymal cells into their proper positions, which shape into membranes and eventually form tissues. This energetic fluid matrix is present throughout life, ready for our cooperation in harnessing its therapeutic, regenerative, and even transubstantive potency. Thus the forces of embryogenesis become the forces of healing after birth.”

The optimal phase-angle of sunlight is like the optimal angle of anything, e.g.,sharpening a knife at a 20-degree angle retains its edge better than any other angle.

Time Conscious Living is WORKING THE ANGLES.

(1) The tree’s strategy is to harvest the 45-degree angle of light in the morning.

Arthur Zajonc (Catching the Light: The Entwined History of Light and Mind, 1993) wrote …

“Slowly vary the angle of the nozzle [of a garden hose] from straight forward to directly up, and note the changing distance the water travels. Initially, as the angle increases, so does the distance. However, when the nozzle is at a forty-five-degree angle, the water reaches its farthest; increasing the angle still more only causes the angle to retreat. As Galileo first noted for artillery, maximum range is achieved at forty-five degrees, with shorter distances being traveled for angles both greater and less than that.”

(2) The bush, grass, and vine’s strategy is to harvest the 90-degree angle of light at midday.

The 90-degree angle of light is a goal, not a reality, because the 90-degree angle of light is never perfectly achieved on Earth, even at the equator.

At 90 degrees, in bodybuilding physics, a “free weight” is the heaviest because gravity has the mechanical advantage over muscle levers.

The line of resistance in pulley and lever exercises can be in any direction – a clue for any aspiring Yogi desiring to escape the time-space continuum.

Life constantly exposed to 90 degrees of light has no need of a pineal gland.

It’s only a matter of time until the supplement industry discovers the value of PLASTOQUINONE, vitamin K’s guru. :)

(3) The root’s strategy is to harvest the “bounce range of light” and “thermal excitation” in the evening.

The Sun’s “leftovers” are primarily frequencies of infrared radiation.

Roots don’t photosynthesize.

If they do, they become poisonous.

A potato (a root) will turn green and photosynthesize in sunlight and become toxic.

So “work the angles,” NOT the energy.

The Sun’s solar wind drives the growth pattern of vegetation on Earth.

In Solar Nutrition …

The 45-degree angle of the Sun refers to the semi-square, a prime driver of Zone One morning plants.

The 90-degree angle of the Sun refers to the square, a prime driver of Zone Two midday plants.

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  1. March 11, 2013 @ 2:56 pm Brendan

    California just went “daylight savings time”. My solar noon at my longitude is 12:50PM now. I actually like this – it makes things work easier socially to be up before and after sunrise and sunset – not to mention I am greatly grateful for zone 1 foods.

    I am greatly grateful for your mind-food.


  2. March 12, 2013 @ 3:22 pm Brendan

    3.2 is located here on this page.

    You’ve probably already seen this site but it’s pretty good basic info.


    • March 13, 2013 @ 1:39 am atomb

      I’m keeping them both on file. :)


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