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By Atom Bergstrom

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Vertical fingernail lines are indicators of AGING and TRAUMA.

These two are intimately related.

TRAUMA (an alkaline aberration) is a major contributor to AGING (an alkaline disease process).

Vertical fingernail lines are “wrinkles in the nails.”

Dermatologists claim these lines indicate “normal aging,” and that might be true if aging actually is “normal.”


The FDA won’t approve anti-aging drugs because “aging hasn’t been designated as a condition needing treatment.”

Most bureaucratic bozos interpret FDA as the Food and Drug Administration.

I think it stands for Federal Dumb Asses.

Or Fatal Drugs Allowed.


“Deep Old Age” (senility) is recognized by the World Health Organization as a disease.

Aging IS reversible, so in my book (or books), aging IS a disease — the Ultimate Disease.


Vertical fingernail lines can indicate rheumatoid arthritis.

Why isn’t osteoarthritis found on our fingernails?

It’s a disease of inappropriate youthing due to excess acidity (or deficient alkalinity).

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of inappropriate aging due to excess alkalinity (or deficient acidity).


Ignore Mainstream Medical Meatballs who tell you that you’re stuck with those vertical fingernail ridges.

Scientific Acupuncturist Felix Mann (1931-2014) noted that a single acupuncture treatment could dramatically affect fingernails and toenails in a matter of hours — considered “impossible” by conventional Mainstream Medical Meatballs.

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  1. December 6, 2016 @ 5:59 pm Atom

    Emanuel Revici, M.D. (Research In Physiopathology As Basis Of Guided Chemotherapy: With Special Application To Cancer, 1961) wrote …

    “In rheumatoid arthritis, an alkaline pain is almost constantly found. In osteoarthritis, the pain is of an acid type. In arthritic patients in whom this relationship did not hold, it was possible to recognize not only the existence of both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis but also to note that the pain pattern, as shown by test, was related to the more painful condition.”



  2. December 6, 2016 @ 6:02 pm Atom

    Alain Pilote (Van Demain Journal, Sept.-Oct. 1985) wrote …

    “We are in 1750. The United States of America does not yet exist; it is the 13 Colonies of the American continent, forming ‘New England’, a possession of the motherland, England. Benjamin Franklin wrote about the population of that time: ‘Impossible to find a happier and more prosperous population on all the surface of the globe.’ Going over to England to represent the interests of the Colonies, Franklin was asked how he accounted for the prosperous conditions prevailing in the Colonies, while poverty was rife in the motherland:

    “‘That is simple,’ Franklin replied. ‘In the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial Scrip. We issue it in proper proportion to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay to no one.’

    “The English bankers, being informed of that, had a law passed by the British Parliament prohibiting the Colonies from issuing their own money, and ordering them to use only the gold or silver debt-money that was provided in insufficient quantity by the English bankers. The circulating medium of exchange was thus reduced by half.

    “‘In one year,’ Franklin stated, ‘the conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity ended, and a depression set in, to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed.'”



  3. December 16, 2016 @ 12:05 pm mark

    I was tested for Rheumatoid and it came back negative but I noticed that I have a few vertical lines on about4 of my fingers…not very pronounced but there nonetheless. I have been told I have osteo tho…What do you think? Become more alkaline?


    • December 17, 2016 @ 9:33 am Atom

      Rheumatoid arthritis is usually over-alkaline and osteoarthritis over-acidic.

      It’s possible to have both types of arthritis at the same time with separated pain foci (rarely simultaneous).


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