“Acute time” is any time within the first 7 days following an injury or trauma.

“Chronic time” begins seven days after an injury or trauma.

Dr. Emanuel Revici referred to acute time as the “lipidic phase” of immunity.

It occurs in the first 6 to 9 days, with 7 days as the optimum defense response.

The fast reacting person is vulnerable to death if this defense mechanism occurs faster than 3 1/2 days.

The slow reactor is vulnerable to the same if the reaction occurs after 14 days.

Dr. Revici discovered another defense mechanism that occurs in about 28 days.

He called it a “lipido-proteic antigenic” defense mechanism, or “coagulated antibody phase.”

Dr. Revici’s 7-day lipidic intervention cycle is known by chronobiologists as a “circaseptan” biological rhythm.

4 circaseptan rhythms total 28 days, known to biorhythm advocates as the “sensitivity” or “emotional” rhythm.

Transplant surgeons are also familiar with both the circaseptan (7-day) and circaquadraseptan (28-day) rhythms.

Examples of lipidic phase allergic infectious diseases (having an incubation time of 6-14 days) are …

(1) chickenpox (caused by a virus)

(2) glanders (caused by a bacterium)

(3) leprosis (caused by a bacterium)

(4) measles (caused by a virus)

(5) mumps (caused by a virus)

(6) pertussis (caused by a bacterium)

(7) poliomyelitis (caused by a virus)

(8) rabies (caused by a virus)

(9) smallpox (caused by a virus)

(10) tetanus (caused by a bacterium)

(11) tularemia (caused by a bacterium)

(12) typhoid fever (caused by a bacterium)

(13) typhus (caused by a rickettsia)

Chronobiologists discovered that when the ongoing circaseptan rhythm shortens in length, susceptibility to cancer increases.

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) advised wearing specific colors on specific days of the week for ongoing mental hygiene and clearing traumas.

This calibrates the social week and the biological week.

(1) Wear red clothes on Monday

(2) Wear orange clothes on Tuesday

(3) Wear yellow clothes on Wednesday

(4) Wear green clothes on Thursday

(5) Wear blue clothes on Friday

(6) Wear indigo, purple, violet, ultraviolet, and/or black clothes on Saturday

(7) Wear white clothes on Sunday

As an occasional therapy, the same can be done with food.

(1) Eat red foods on Monday

(2) Eat orange foods on Tuesday

(3) Eat yellow foods on Wednesday

(4) Eat green foods on Thursday

(5) Eat blue foods on Friday

(6) Eat indigo, purple, violet, ultraviolet, and/or black foods on Saturday

(7) Eat white foods on Sunday


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