Re: The color chart is the same as the resistor marking chart that I had to learn in the 1950s. It was developed in the 1920s by an engineer to keep the resistor values easier to keep track of. Accepted by the Radio Manufacturers Association for resistor markings. How did it make its way to the health field? And what makes it valid for health?

The biology of color precedes the psychology of color.

Color existed before there were Crayolas and resistor codes.

All intellectual trauma associates with a color (Third Endocrine Level) and all emotional trauma associates with geometry (Second Endocrine Level).

Edward O. Wilson (Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge, 1998) wrote …

“Languages with only two basic color terms use them to distinguish black and white. Languages with only three terms have words for black, white, and red. Languages with only four terms have words for black, white, red, and either green or yellow. Languages with only five terms have words for black, white, red, green, and yellow. Languages with only six terms have words for black, white, red, green, yellow, and blue. Languages with only seven terms have words for black, white, red, green, yellow, blue, and brown. No such precedence occurs among the remaining four basic colors, purple, pink, orange, and gray, when these have been added on top of the first seven.”

(There are loopholes in Dr. Wilson’s account, but they don’t affect the upshot of this blog entry.)

Compare the LANGUAGING of colors with the COSMOLOGY of colors.

“How many colors are there?” was a question posed in cyberspace.

One answer was …

“Studies have shown that we can see about 1000 levels of light-dark, 100 levels of red-green, and 100 levels of yellow-blue for a single viewing condition in a laboratory. This means that the total number of colors we can see is about 1000 x 100 x 100 = 10,000,000 (10 million). A computer displays about 16.8 million colors to display an image.”

Another answer was …

“Well, since there are 255 different shades per color going from white to black we can put as 255 + 255 + 255 that gives us 765 individual colored shades, but this is only single colored shades such as red and blue, to get the multiple colored shades we have to multiply 765 x 765 x 765 to get the all the combined shades which get us 16581375 so there are 16581375 different shades of the colors or 5527125 shades of each color.”

There’s a huge gap between the PSYCHOLOGY of colors and the BIOLOGY of colors.

Here are two examples of the unappreciated biological/cosmological power of colors.

Neil Boyce, “Rainbow Growing,” New Scientist, Oct. 24, 1998) wrote …

“[George Antonious of Kentucky State University in Frankfort] analysed the vegetables [turnips] for compounds called glucosinolates that give turnips and horseradish their characteristic ‘bite’ [and which may reduce the risk of certain cancers]. Roots grown under the blue plastic contained higher concentrations of glucosinolates and vitamin C. Those grown under green had raised sugar concentrations. [Michael] Kasperbauer believes that light reflected from the blue sheeting must influence an enzyme involved in the metabolic pathway that converts glucose to glucosinolates, resulting in the altered root flavour.”

Dwight L. McKee, M.D. (Emanuel Revici M.D.: A Review of His Scientific Work, 1985) wrote …

“Revici showed that the biological action of an agent corresponds also to its ability either to absorb or emit energy. He recognized this by comparing the spectral analysis of conjugated fatty acids which show peaks in their spectral curves, corresponding to an absorption of energy, with the spectral curve of the carcinogen methylcholanthrene, which shows, on the contrary, matched identical depressions considered to indicate emission of energy. The existence of peaks and depressions in spectral curves and their interpretation was not considered before Revici’s findings. Following this line of inquiry, Revici has shown the capital role of the depression at 310 angstroms (indicating emission of energy at this wavelength) as a characteristic of carcinogenic substances. The opposing peak at 310 angstroms was found to be strongest in the tetraenic conjugated formations, including the retinoids, which have been shown to have anticarcinogenic properties. This opposite relationship between peaks and depressions was confirmed by spectral analysis of the mixture of conjugated fatty acids and methylcholanthrene, which showed no peaks or depressions. Furthermore, mixtures of the two substances injected in animals were without carcinogenic effects, while the injecting of the same amounts of each separately in different sites on the same animal did not influence the carcinogenicity of methylcholanthrene.”

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