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Statuvolence is auto-Mesmerism.

Almost all statuvolists (auto-Mesmerists) are hypnotized or Mesmerized into a state of statuvolence.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t self-Mesmerize yourself into being a self-Mesmerist (statuvolist).

It’s time to flex your WILL POWER and IMAGINATION.

Are you up to the challenge?


Edwin Dwight Babbitt, M.D. (The Principles of Light and Color, Second Edition, 1878, 1896) wrote …

“In psychology and ordinary Mesmerism, the operator generally comes near to or even touches the subject and makes his own forces predominate in the subject’s brain. In this better method of Self-Psychology, the subject develops his own powers and becomes strong of himself as the operator sits outside of the coarser magnetic sphere, part way across the room from the subject.”

According to the same source …

“A merchant of Boston informed me that in the quiet of the morning, when his mind was in a calm state, he would generally will to be in a certain frame of mind all day, and in this way gained such a control over himself that nothing would disturb him. He also possessed a marvelous control over others without uttering a word, holding fifty men who were under his employment in absolute harmony with his wishes. He once caused a man to leave an audience and follow him through the streets, and into his own home, by mere volition without a spoken word. This and a host of other examples which could be given explode the idea that this power is imaginary, and shows that human beings can throw out their magnetic curves to hook around and influence others, just as a magnet can attract iron, only with a finer power. In his younger mischievous days, he broke down a clergyman in the midst of his sermon by looking steadily and strongly at him, which fact is explained by clairvoyants who can see streams of fiery light issuing from the eyes. It is well known that Daniel Webster’s gaze once completely confounded a young clergyman in the same way, so that an older clergyman present had to rise and finish the sermon for him. On being asked afterwards what was the difficulty, he said ‘he couldn’t endure those great terrible eyes.’ But this was not to be wondered at, for the lightning from those eyes combined with that which went forth with his voice and accompanied with great ideas, had enchained many a listening senate before that day. As orators become more refined by living noble lives, and learn more about the control of these divine forces, they will have the greater skill in swaying an audience and inspiring them with great purposes.”


'Auto-Mesmerism' have 2 comments

  1. June 11, 2022 @ 4:54 am John

    Hi Atom, what is your opinion about the L. Ron Hubbard meter machine that he used to find/release the engram inside people (as now used by Dianetics) ?


    • June 12, 2022 @ 10:41 pm Atom

      Incomplete, but a good start.


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