Control? Or Self-Control?

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

If “they” can control us, why can’t we control ourselves?

If “they” can fix us, why can’t we fix ourselves?


Charles Oliver Sahler, M.D. (“How to Control a Subject,” The Hypnotic Magazine, Jan. 1897) wrote …

“The first attempt to hypnotize the subject is the most difficult. If you can once get him under control for elementary work, as I have already explained, you will find every succeeding attempt to hypnotize him to be much more easily accomplished, and the subject once hypnotized can be educated under hypnosis more readily than in the normal condition.

“When I wish to illustrate the higher order of hypnotism for scientific purposes, I put my subject into a deep sleep and make the suggestion that he does not know his own name, and that it will be impossible for him to tell his name. I suggest another to him, and he answers only to his new name. If he responds to this suggestion I consider him a first-class subject to use for that class of work which seems marvelous to the onlooker. When I have him in this stage of hypnosis I suggest to him that whatever he does he will have no remembrance of when awakened; that it will all be as blank to him. Now I have control of all his senses. I can suggest to him that he is unable to see — that he is blind; and then if he makes an attempt to walk he will run against or over anything which may be in his way. I may suggest that he is deaf, not only to conversation, but to the loudest noise, and it then makes no difference who may talk to him, how loud they may shout; a horn may be sounded close to his ear, or even a gun be shot off, he will not by a change of expression of his face give any indications that he is taking note of such noise, however loud and violent it may be. When awakened and asked if he has heard any noise he will appear to be surprised at the question. I have destroyed the sense of smell so completely in some subjects that I have saturated a handkerchief with the best ammonia, suggesting that it was some choice perfumery, and they will hold it over their mouths and noses, inhaling it with apparent delight and perfect impunity, even pronouncing the name of the perfume. A person in a normal condition would not be able to place the saturated handkerchief within a foot of his nose without experiencing the sensation of strangling. I have destroyed the sense of taste so completely that after giving the subject a teaspoon of cayenne pepper he would declare that there was no taste in it, or I might suggest it was as sweet as sugar and he would ask for more. I have destroyed the sense of feeling, so that I could perform surgical operations, the subject being in every other respect in a normal condition; he would laugh and talk, watch the proceedings, and not feel the slightest pain. For ordinary illustrations I use large hat pins, thrusting them through the arm down to the bone, with the suggestion that there will be no feeling, and that the pin pricks will not produce the slightest inflammation, and upon the withdrawal of the pins there would be no bleeding from the wound. If the suggestion with regard to the blood was not given when the pins were withdrawn, blood would flow.”


Do you actually think Big Pharma and its supplement spin-offs don’t know about these commonplace hypnotic effects?

The Medical Police State’s useful idiots don’t have a clue since they’re profoundly vulnerable to trance-state swoons too.

For all the talk about the Red Pill, finding someone who actually swallowed it is as rare as rocking horse manure.


What would the ability to self-control inflammation do to the multi-billion dollar anti-inflammatory drug business?

What would the ability to self-control bleeding do to the multi-billion dollar blood bank business?


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