Kissinger Created Davos

By Atom Bergstrom

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What have I been saying for the last two years?

The World Economic Forum is a United States organization created at Harvard Kennedy School to hold sway over Europe.

It’s a European organization in name only.

The “Spirit of Davos” is the “Spirit of Harvard,” and I strongly recommend an EXORCISM.


According to Wikipedia (last edited Jan. 21, 2023) …

“In 1936, [Lucius] Littauer’s [1859-1944] donation of $2 million helped found Harvard’s Graduate School of Public Administration, which was later renamed the Harvard Kennedy School in honor of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy and is routinely ranked as the world’s top graduate school for public policy, social policy, international affairs, and government.”


According to independent journalist Johnny Vedmore …

“The World Economic Forum wasn’t simply the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, but was actually born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger and pushed to fruition by John Kenneth Galbraith and the ‘real’ Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn.”


Al Reyes (The World Economic Forum: A Partner in Shaping History, 2009) wrote …

“The resort of Davos, a picturesque town nestled along a valley surrounded by peaks, was the setting of Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain (Der Zauberberg). It was — and remains — a place of seclusion, contemplation, recreation and relaxation, the crisp, clean mountain air vital to restoring health and clear thinking. And in 1971, it had recently opened a congress centre. Davos had all the elements for hosting a productive working retreat for top CEOs. ‘There is no reason at all why these conferences should not be held in places like Davos’, the Financial Times commented at the time. ‘Precisely because Davos is a holiday centre, where people expect to relax, the businessmen attending the Davos conference have shed their business suits, have put on their sports coats, and are meeting in a highly informal atmosphere.’

“Invited to chair the first European Management Symposium was George Pierce Baker, who had been dean of Harvard University’s Business School from 1962 to 1969. [Klaus] Schwab spent the 1966-1967 academic year at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, where he earned a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. During his stay, he had forged a close friendship with the legendary Dean Baker and had met other prominent Harvard academics including Henry Kissinger and John Kenneth Galbraith, who would eventually become frequent Davos participants.

“Galbraith, one of the leading economists of his day, was among the speakers at the first Davos meeting. Also leading discussions were other Harvard academics, as well as political scientist Otto von Habsburg, physicist and public policy commentator Herman Kahn, Columbia University Humanities Professor Barbara Ward and Jacques G. Maisonrouge, President of International Business Machines (IBM) Corp.”


The alleged Masters of the Universe want us to believe that the villains of globalism are centered 4,001.54 miles (6,439.85 kilometers) away from New York City in far-away Davos, Switzerland, and that their ringmaster is a James Bond super-villain with a thick German accent dressed in a Vulcan/Romulus uniform …

“You will eat ze bugs and be happy!”

That’s the narrative, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the BRAINS, Washington D.C., is the left BICEP, and Davos, Switzerland, is the right BICEP.


Wikipedia (often Wiki-MISLEAD-ia) makes no mention of the U.S.A./Council of Foreign Relations/Central Intelligence Agency connection to the World Economic Forum.

According to Wikipedia (last edited Jan. 21, 2023) …

“The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international non-governmental and lobbying organisation based in Cologny, canton of Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded on 24 January 1971 by German engineer and economist Klaus Schwab.”


Almost all other sources also make no mention that the United States of American Double-Dealing started the World Economic Forum to further its own ends.

Geoffrey Allen Pigman (The World Economic Forum: A Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Global Governance, 2006) wrote it backwards …

“Originating as a meeting of European businesspeople conceived by a European businessman/academic in 1971 as a vehicle for reclaiming from the Americans a measure of leadership of the international business community, the World Economic Forum has grown over three and a half decades into the premier venue for different types of actors in the global system to discuss the major economic, political and social challenges confronting the world.”

A vehicle for reclaiming from the Americans a measure of leadership? Roll up your pants! It’s too late to save your shoes!


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