The Nitric Oxide Scam

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

The worldwide Medical Police State serves Moloch and Mammon, not Joe Lunchpail and Sally Housecoat.

Case in point — NITRIC OXIDE.

In 1992, nitric oxide was declared “the molecule of the year.”

Previously, the free radical nitric oxide was a major villain in smog.

Today’s beaker boys blame the free radical nitrogen dioxide.

Medical Nemesis tells you nitric oxide “protects” the heart and gives you a hard-on as a boner, er, bonus.

According to Ray Peat …

“Nitric oxide is increasingly seen as an important factor in nerve degeneration (Doherty, 2011). Nitric oxide activates processes (Obukuro, et al., 2013) that can lead to cell death. Inhibition on the production of nitric oxide protects again various kinds of dementia (Sharma & Sharma, 2013, Sharma & Singh, 2013). Brain trauma cases large increase in nitric oxide formation, and blocking its synthesis improves recovery (Huttenmann, et al., 2008); Gahn, et al., 2006).”

According to the same source …

“The unsaturated fats and estrogen contribute to the increased release of serotonin and nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is produced during inflammation, and, like ethane, can be detected in the breath when the lungs are inflamed. Nitric oxide, as a pro-inflammatory free radical, stimulates the peroxidation of the unsaturated fats. Both NO and serotonin inhibit mitochondrial respiration, shifting metabolism toward glycolysis.”

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