Healing the Body with Raw Milk and Colostrum

by Stephen Heuer

1. Is real raw milk safe?

Yes. The beneficial bacteria and lactoferrin inhibit or kill pathogenic organism in raw milk. Raw milk and raw colostrum as full of Immunoglobins and actually transfer immunity or protection from pathogens to your body.

2. What are the different effects between consuming raw milk vs. pasteurized milk?

Pasteurized milk is milk heated to 145 degrees for 30 minutes or 161 degrees for 15 seconds or 191 degrees or higher for .1 to 2 seconds, this heating in some instances in done more than one time. Some Proteins can begin to unfold and deform or denature at temperatures of 105.8 degrees.# Heating whey protein concentrates in the presence of lactose not only affected lysine, but also impaired enzymatic liberation of other amino acids, according to the severity of heat treatments.# In order to benefit the body the Immunoglobins must remain in the shape that nature gave them. In order to benefit from the amino acids they must remain the shape that nature gave them. Heating milk denatures the proteins and amino acids. Milk used to be considered a valuable part of the human diet, prior to pasteurization. After pasteurization, homogenization, and feeding cows agricultural wastes have all combined to make milk deleterious to many peoples health.

Fortunately there are many farms throughout the country that supply milk from grass fed cows in its raw state. Raw milk confers the immune benefits, growth factors that support repair, valuable fats for brain and body health, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a fully usable state. The benefits of raw milk are immense. Raw milk should be fed to a growing child after weaning. It will insure the child grows up with a beautiful strong body, with excellent mental abilities.

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3. Is this just a diet of raw milk you are recommending or a mixture of colostrum and raw milk?

25% to 50% colostrum and 75% to 50% raw milk mixture. Then add two capsules of Ultimate Flora 50 billion to 1 gallon of this milk mixture and culture the milk for 14 hours. This has the bulgaricus strain of bacteria in it and this is the strain that has been shown to produce the most health benefits with fermented milk. The fermented version of raw milk provides much more benefit than the non fermented milk. Also when it comes to helping a diabetic improve their health and possibly heal from diabetes, they need to consume the fermented milk only as this breaks down a large percentage of the lactose into lactic acid. This reduction of milk sugar makes the milk much better for a diabetic to use.

4. Can someone work a regular job while on the milk diet and still get the benefits?

The history of using fermented raw milk + colostrum recorded that the best results were obtained when people rested during the four week diet. In the book the Milk Diet, there was one case recorded of a man who worked while on the diet and he did not get better. Then when he did rest and take the milk diet he did get better.

5. Can discomfort or pain occur while on the milk diet?

Due to organs growing or tissues growing to repair themselves or gain their proper size, yes it is a common occurrence they have temporary nerve pain in the areas where this is occurring.

6. Besides fermented raw milk are any other foods permitted?One World Whey with 18grams of Protein

In the case of children, yes, children have recovered from asthma while eating a good diet in combination with the milk diet. But the mixed diet has not generated the best results in adults. For adults it is best to use the milk diet exclusively, except for the addition of fruit. Fruit has been helpful to keep the bowels moving and also can help with being able to consume more milk.

7. Can raw milk consumption regenerate the bones?

Yes. I have a lady client in her sixties that reversed her osteoporosis by the addition of raw milk to her diet. She was consuming some of her diet as raw meats, which contributed, to her success.

8. How much should one consume on raw milk fast?

3 to 4 quarts per day or more if your appetite dictates it.

9. How much time is needed to heal the body?

Disorders cured in 4 weeks

10. What kinds of changes have happened in blood circulation from the milk fast?

Weak circulation becomes strong. The heart is fed and one of the first organs to be rebuilt on the raw milk diet, resulting in a strong and full pulse. The heart must become strong in order to pump the improved quality blood to all parts of the body for healing.

11. What kind of weight changes happen on the raw milk diet?

A: All the muscles increase in their size. If excess fat exists then fat loss can occur as well. All without exercise.

12. How does the milk diet effect circulation and the heart?

In chronic disease there is often a state of low number of heartbeats per minute and poor circulation. Within 12 to 24 hours of consuming the raw milk diet exclusively there is a gain of 6 beats per minute. The pulse is full and bounding. The skin is flushed and moist. Blood pressure if it has been low will be raised by 10 degrees. All this takes place with the patient lying in bed resting.

13. How does the milk diet effect blood and blood pressure?

Physicians recommending the milk cure notice there is a quick return to normal blood pressure, whether too high or too low. In “The Milk Diet” book it is recorded by the Dr. Sanford that he had 48 high blood pressure cases that all improved on the milk diet. Which is to say that the milk diet helped heal the kidneys, since it is the kidneys that control so much of our blood pressure.

The intestinal track if absorbing all nutrients necessary to make healthy blood. It is with healthy blood that the body heals itself. Pernicious anemia has been cured on the milk diet. This is a B12 deficiency. The stomach’s production of intrinsic factor from the parietal cells is what determines our ability to absorb B12 from the diet. If the stomach is damaged from poor diet or drug usage then the intrinsic factor production can become compromised. So consuming the raw milk diet supports healing of the stomach lining parietal cells. These are the cells that produce HCL as well, which means that digestion of proteins and fats should be dramatically improved after the milk diet.
14. What properties are in raw milk and colostrum that enable it to promote healing and health in the body?

IGF-1 and IGF-2 naturally found in fresh raw colostrum are the growth factors that promote tissue repair. Which means that all tissues of the body can be repaired from IGF-1 and 2. Immunoglobin IG-g found in high amounts in raw colostral milk reacts with antigens (allergens) before it can bind to IG-E and therefore prevents the allergen from binding to IG-E, which is the cause of allergies and asthma reactions. Other Immunoglobins bind to viruses, fungus, bacteria, parasites and tumor cells, targeting them for destruction by your white blood cells. Removing all factors that weaken the body with the substitute immune system of the cows milk promotes a body free of disease and strong in it’s self healing abilities.

15. Insomnia, anxiety, moodiness and low energy are all signs of adrenal fatigue. Many people suffer from Adrenal fatigue; can the milk diet help with adrenal fatigue?

Doctor Sanford who wrote the book “The Milk Diet” also recommended this diet to cure Addison’s disease. Addison’s is a chronic endocrine system disorder in which the adrenal glands do not produce sufficient steroid hormones (glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids). It is characterized by a number of relatively nonspecific symptoms, such as abdominal pain and weakness, but under certain circumstances, these may progress to Addisonian crisis, a severe illness which may include very low blood pressure and coma. Well if it could be helpful for Addison’s that it is very likely a cure for Adrenal fatigue, which millions of people suffer from. So it is my goal to set aside the time needed to have 4 weeks of rest to preform this Milk diet.

16. How has raw milk helped for people with edema and kidney health?

It has corrected this problem, which means it has improved kidney function. One case was of a man with severe edema who was drinking only 13 pints of milk a day, but was passing 12 quarts of urine in 24 hours. This means that the kidney function was returning to normal and so was catching up on excreting a lot of fluid accumulation, far in excess of the amount of liquid he was drinking.

Kidney stones have been removed in the 4-week milk diet as well. Thus restoring complete health to the kidneys.

17. How about Asthma?

Children suffering from asthma have been permanently cured after 4 weeks on the milk diet. Dr. Sanford maintained that if the lungs have not been damaged to the point of scar tissue formation, which a complete cure of asthma could be made.

18. How has the milk diet helped with female disorders?

The milk diet has proved invaluable to many young women with painful menstruation, misplaced or undeveloped wombs. Fibroids of the uterus have been known to disappear under this treatment.

19. How has it helped reproductive health?

The sex organs are very noticeably regenerated on the milk diet. Healing women’s bodies of leucorrhea and painful menstruation. It has helped heal enlarged prostates in men and restore sexual potency.

20. What other conditions have been corrected on the 4 week fermented raw colostrum and raw milk diet?

A course of four weeks should ordinarily be sufficient to cure any of the following diseases: Nervous exhaustion, general fatigue, autointoxication, mild skin troubles, such as pimples, eczema, sallowness, wrinkles, etc., simple anemia, mucus, digestive distress caused by the liver, ringing in the ears, inflammation of the pleura of the lungs, constipation, indigestion, asthma, air borne allergies, piles, insomnia, ulcer of the stomach, colitis, goiter, malaria, arteriosclerosis (hard arteries), nerve pain, acidity of the stomach, chronic appendicitis, arthritis, hives, cystitis, carbuncles, diarrhea, dilation of the stomach, gastritis, gout, impotence, neuritis, pain in the lower back, sciatica, migraine, leucorrhea, enlarged prostate, gallstones, liver disorders, joint inflammation, kidney disease, tobacco, morphine and cocaine habits, and the first stages of Tuberculosis.

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