Patrick Timpone

Joseph Bender

Founder and Acting President of the Institute of Advanced Water Sciences

Topic: Does Alkaline Water Really Promote Better Health?

Joseph Bender has been a researcher, inventor and entrepreneur since early age, having started many successful companies implementing his ideas in the fields of entertainment, education, and health.

For the past 20 years Joseph Bender has been researching the glorious substance of water, realizing that in water all the mysteries of the life process are contained Joseph has committed the remainder of his life to researching, understanding and assisting others who work with water.

Show Highlights:

-Why the Japanese invest in expensive alkalizing water machines

-We need water for water’s sake

-Does the body want a super high alkalizing water?

-What do those alkaline water machines do anyway?

-Alkalizing water can be dangerous. Joseph elaborates

-Energy, light, intention and water

-Making city water the best it can be

-Can you change the memory of water? How?

-What’s the difference between electrolytes and minerals?

-How to get maximum hydration

-The interfacing of consciousness and matter

-Aging is simply dehydration

-We see the ultimate water structure while looking at the brain

-Drinking distilled water can be very useful at times

-Keeping track of your Ph

and so much more!

Fantastic show. If you missed Josephs first show, check it out here.


Joseph Bender, more and more on the magic of water, september 23, 2013, hour one

'Joseph Bender – Does Alkaline Water Really Promote Better Health? – September 23, 2013' have 5 comments

  1. September 23, 2013 @ 2:30 pm mushroomboy

    Wow! This guy is one of my favorite guests. The only other guy I have heard as knowledgeable about water would be Dr. Paul Yanick. Glad Joseph will be back soon as a guest.


  2. September 23, 2013 @ 10:46 pm Victoria Ann

    Fascinating man…tremendous interview … gleaned a lot of water wisdom – thank you! <3


  3. November 6, 2013 @ 1:11 pm Lisa McMullen


    Just wondering if you have any contact information for Joseph Bender. Host Ronnie McMullen would like to have him on the show as a guest.

    Thank you.

    805-801-1332 (cell)


    • November 6, 2013 @ 4:33 pm skg

      I’m quite sure you can access him through his website.


  4. November 8, 2013 @ 11:36 am Sue

    Hi Patrick,
    FYI If you have not looked this up or had anyone write to you about it, Prill beads are magnesium oxide rocks. They work very well to create alkaline ph of water. They are about 20$ and are a permanent low cost way to make alkaline water. The Wolfe Clinic in Canada sells them. I have used this same little bag of rocks for over 5 years now. The water will turn more alkaline the longer it sits on the rocks. Simple. Low Cost and no hype.

    No money to be made off this product so few will promote it.

    One comment on water memory-
    Water does have a memory of its origins as well as its altered states that we call polluted. The nature of reality is such that if you are looking for the memory of polluted water you will manifest shape it to be so. It is like experiments with light photons that travel the way the observer expects them to do. So if you choose to have polluted water molecules manifest in your sample then you will.Just the thought of mercury patterns in the water can make those appear because it does have that memory. Shift your perspective and expect fabulously structured vibrant alive water and then see how contaminated or polluted it is. Give the same sample to two different minded people and see how different it can be by just thought alone. Try some home experiments with water that is blessed and loved and told that its job is to grow the plant rapidly and beautifully. Then tell some of the same water, as you hold it, that its job is to stunt this particular plant. Water is programmable and so are you.


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