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Earth Changes, Weather Manipulation, Man-made Global Warming/Cooling, Geomagnetic Events and More!



Ben Davidson is the Director of the Mobile Observatory Project, The Observing the Frontier conference, and founder of the Suspicious0bservers. Nearly a quarter million subscribers watch his YouTube Channel and his videos have received more than 55 million views. His work has received attention from engineers, professors, and a few scientists at NASA, NOAA, and the USGS. Ben works on the leading edge of emerging areas of science: space weather and the earth-sun connection- which are poised to upend some standard scientific models of climate, seismology, meteorology, and other planetary sciences.


Show Highlights: is his hub website. Be suspicious of thinking we have all the answers, then be an observer and think for yourself.

-Suspicious observation of earth changes and manipulation extends to Psy-op operations.

-20112 IPCC report has written off the sun as having anything to do with climate. But there are 300 reports on “solar forcing”. IPCC not looking at threshold events, changes in the sun, or record cold. has info about what sun is doing.

-We will go through a mini ice age and strong polar vortexes when La Nina returns. Extreme swings of climate. 24 hr. temperature change records have fallen in the last few years.

-Predicts stronger heat, more energy in storms, higher and lower pressure cells, stronger winds, bigger hail, more colder air coming south further and faster.

-Can predict climate events 100 years in advance. Farmer’s Almanac knows.

-The record El Nino was the cause of high temperatures the last 2 years. Global propagandists tell a one-sided story.

The sun says unequivocally we’re going to go through a cooling. Coupled with the magnetic field weakening, we will have a one-two punch.

-Why would the magnetic field weaken? History of the magnetic field cycling. 700 B.C. is when magnetic field peaked in strength. 50% larger than it is today. Started weakening rapidly in mid-1800s. Loss is speeding up. Headed in a free fall to a magnetic reversal in about a decade to 30 years from now. Which is the same period in which the sun is forecast to be asleep.

-About every 11 years, earth wants to see solar flares to puff up the atmosphere, give us more heat, give us energetic particles. We need to be in balance with the sun ebbing and flowing.

-Earth has 2 shields from cosmic rays: 1) earth’s magnetic field and 2) the heliosphere of the sun. When sun is less active, we get more rays from outside the sun. Cosmic rays ionize water, which increases clouds and hail.

-Movement of water beneath the ground allows prediction of earthquakes. Major impact volcanoes occurred during peaks of cosmic rays. E.g. Volcano Toba in Sumatra, 70,000 years ago, led to 2 years without summer globally because of ash, caused a 1,000 year cooling episode.

-Worry about Yellowstone when pressure is not being released – i.e. a year of no earthquake upticks, geyser eruptions, or animal migration.

-Small earthquakes in California keeps it from having a big one.

-Adapt 2030 on YouTube is a good resource. Worry the most about the New Madrid fault zone. An earthquake there will be devastating – will break all pipelines and collapse the economy of the US and the entire world.

-Pumping in of waste water in fracking operations is causing earthquakes in Oklahoma.

-Parallels now to the Fall of Alexandria, which represented what the US now represents amidst a globally advanced world. Nearly every single person now has lost faith in government, media, or both, at a time when the climate will send a curve ball.

-People are losing faith and looking for answers elsewhere, which is where alternative news takes over.

-What are the health effects of the changes in magnetic fields? Reversals associated with mass extinctions, also increases in stroke, heart attack, flareups, neurodegenerative conditions, brief cognitive freezes. Neural and cardiac systems are based on electricity. We are used to a minimally variable magnetic field.

-Are chemtrails used to manipulate our weather? Perhaps for the better – storms going to a major area have been unaccountably diverted or rapidly minimized in strength. E.g. Sandy, Joplin tornado. Google 1998 Haarp Nexrad Hoax.

-Skyception article by Tony Rango explains logical fallacies of chemtrail panic.

-Placebo effect may explain Morgellon’s. Can’t blame chemtrails.

-Not good for planet to be playing God in the skies, but they don’t know what else to do in face of impending weather changes.

-Not only one New World Order. Depopulation side vs. power mongers. We don’t know who is really in power; not any names we know. We are handed our enemies on a silver platter, but it’s a psy-op; more than half the stories we’re handed are bogus. We are susceptible to crazy by an initial waking up. Second awakening is how to spot the gems and know how to debunk all the ones that are not factual.

and more!!

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ben davidson, grinding towards the truth about the weather and other matters, february 21, 2017, hour one

'Ben Davidson – Earth Changes, Weather Manipulation, Man-made Global Warming/Cooling, Geomagnetic Events and More! – February 21, 2017' has 1 comment

  1. February 23, 2017 @ 5:05 pm sil5er

    WOW, great show thanks both of you. :)

    I would love to see Ben Davidson back again soon and often — and definitely two hours better than one.

    Your archives have a previous show with him on, and I’m listening to that now. Like all good repeat guests, he does not simply say the same stuff each visit … he has lots to talk about … great perspective and attitude. like it. thankyou.


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