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-The best diet to build muscles andlose fat

-Lifting smartly

-The four basic exercises that you can do for a lifetime

-Marty’s recommendation on increasing testosterone


The Purposeful Primitive

From Fat and Flaccid to Lean and Powerful—Using the Primordial Laws of Fitness to Trigger Inevitable, Lasting andDramatic Physical Change

By Marty Gallagher

A book review:

This book is 496 pages packed with history of the iron sport and training guidance as practiced by many of the Iron Masters who Marty Gallagher had and still has close contact with. Included are training charts and their nutritional programs. Read how Marty brings together time proven methods used by Paul Anderson, Bill Pearl, Bob Bednarski, Hugh Cassidy, Mark Challet, Doug Furnas, Ed Coan, Ken Fantano, Dorian Yates and finally, “The Prototypical Purposeful Primitive” Kirk Karwoski in developing the Purposefully Primitive Fitness philosophy.

Marty, a strength architect who has very successfully built and coached many champion powerlifters is a multi-time national and world champion in both weight lifting and powerlifting. He sets the bar high, but within grasp for those who wish to go from “fat and flaccid to lean and powerful”.

Marty draws on his years in journalism and also mixes in little known personal accounts to bring clarity to guide the reader to successfully following the Purposefully Primitive method in building strength and fitness. And in the end, it dawns on the reader that there is simply no magic button or fancy fad that holds the secret to success. You won’t need large sums of money or the “latest and greatest” piece of equipment, many of which stand in corners of living rooms as dusty monuments of good intentions. Simply use the guidance found in this book. Along with focus, determination and a will to change, you will succeed.

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