George Altgelt

Fall Garden Special

How to supercharge your veggies…in this the easiest growing window of the year 
Glyphosate in the waterways are causing damage to fish and plant life and more!

George studied Chemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology at The University of Texas, Austin and started Austin’s first organic nursery in 1971 before organic was cool. He has considerable knowledge in all areas of food production, including the proper care and feeding of animals for food. He has a deep understanding of the principals of agriculture and nutrition. We think you’ll find George a delight to spend time with.

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Here’s a comprehensive step by step elucidated during these two hours of starting with grass in your back yard to getting vegetables on your table and you can begin right now….regardless of where you live.


Insights of why we see so many out of control wild fires these days.  And yes, we’ve created them by the way we mis managed the land.

We go back and reminisce  with George on the hippy days in Austin, early 70’s..before Whole Foods was born

Wheat is not GMO.  Has never been.  Conventional wheat however is laced with glyphosates enabling the farmers to dry out the crop for easy harvesting on their time, not natures

Is the Celiac, gluten intolerance  phenomenon tied in with Glyphosphates and not just the gluten?

The GMO cotton into India lost favor very quickly as their goats suffered early on by eating the gmo cotton

Here’s a quick list of greens to get into the ground now:  Kale, spinach, beets, chard, garlic, onions, chives

Seed Savers is one of George’s favorite places to buy good seeds

Sean in Seattle calls and we have a useful conversation on sprouting

You’ll get an education on the nutritional value of Alfalfa and also the challenges with Alfalfa being sprayed, as most is, with Glyphosates and fed to even “grass fed” cows when the pasture is not productive.  Reason why why grass fed and organic labels is essential for meats

George talks about the essential nutrient Yttrium and without the microbes in the soil, it is unavailable

The Living Streams Bifido product was created to supply useful and absorb able Yttrium in a probiotic to your tummy    

How to use ocean water on your garden and sprouts

Some emails:  Ah, now that more truth about GMOs is coming to light in the courts and the media – how the associated glyphosate is an antibiotic that harms your gut, a chelator that strips out what few minerals are left in food, mimics glycine so gets plugged into the DNA making the sulfur transferase enzyme quit working, impairing detoxification, etc.- we can see that GMOs are truly Genocide Making Organisms!

Heirloom organic produce is looking better all the time!
Morning !!!! Ask if supplementing with more manganese for beef cattle would b wise this fall/winter feeding silage …hay…and a little corn ?? We do put out mineral tubs during that time along with salt. ……..getting ready to preg-check and always interesting to me to see how many heifers and cows will be OPEN !!!
Just got home and will have to listen to podcast later. How can we get rid of the fungus affecting beans and cucumbers turning their leaves yellow or powdery white? Will the winter kill it in the soil?


George Altgelt and growing the fall garden and so much more, August 27, 2018 ONE

George Altgelt and growing the fall garden and so much more, August 27, 2018 TWO

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