James Perloff

Author of COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled

Drawing on statements of numerous scholars from around the world—virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists, pathologists, microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, including Nobel Prize winners, as well as front-line ER physicians and family practice MDs—veteran journalist James Perloff asks hard questions about the global response to COVID-19.

—Are the virus’s health risks greater than those posed by the lockdowns?
—What does the science say about masks and social distancing?
—Why were no lockdowns imposed for previous pandemics of comparable magnitude?
—How accurate are the death numbers attributed to COVID-19?
—Is the virus completely natural, or could bio-engineering have played a role?
—Should the world’s population take a COVID vaccine developed at “warp speed”?
—Why is Bill Gates formulating health policy, even though he has no medical credentials?
—How might a “second wave” be different?
—Is the COVID crisis being exploited to push us into an Orwellian future of mass surveillance, digital IDs and cashless transactions?

Perloff draws from mainstream publications and official government sources such as the CDC, as well as independent researchers whose work is increasingly hard to find online due to censorship by tech giants like FaceBook, Google and YouTube.

James Perloff has been a journalist since 1985, when he began writing for The New American magazine, and a registered nurse since 1975. His previous books include The Shadows of PowerTornado in a JunkyardThe Case Against DarwinTruth Is a Lonely Warrior and Thirteen Pieces of the Jigsaw. A much sought-after broadcast guest, he has appeared on hundreds of different radio shows and podcasts.

Show highlights:

James tells us who he thinks is behind Covid-19

There are 60 powerful families that control America through the media

The alternative media is doing real journalism

What is the goal of those behind the Covid crisis?

Spooky Orwellian info on the vaccines for Covid

James was vaccine damaged as a child from the DPT vaccine; he suffered from autistic behavior, but was eventually able to detox

Transhumanism and the RNA vaccine; changing the human species; people need to be rejecting the idea of changing the DNA of humans

James eyes were opened after he read a certain book in the 1970s

We walk through different chapters in his book starting with the lockdown

How they’ve bumped up the Covid death numbers

99.75% of all people survive Covid

The connection between vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19

James tells us how everything changed in 1963 and how the Freemasons were involved

Why we need to resist all the Draconian measures; if we fight this thing hard enough, we may be able to get them to back off

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James Perloff with his newest book COVID-19 Red Pilled, August 25, 2020

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