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Author of The Breaking Dawn
What would a financial collapse look like?

The Breaking Dawn begins with an attack that crashes the investment markets, brings down economic systems and divides the world into two parts. One part is dominated by mass surveillance and massive data systems: clean cities and empty minds… where everything is assured and everything is ordered. The other part is abandoned, without services, with limited communications, and shoved fifty years behind the times… but where human minds are left to find their own bearings. And from there it goes to places you’ve never imagined. Like the author’s groundbreaking A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, this is a transformative book – it is economics, technology, theology, philosophy, social activism and derring-do, cloaked in characters whose lives you will care about; whose heart-breaks and successes you’ll feel with them. While ripping the mask off power structures that struggle to control our lives, Rosenberg never takes hope from us. As hard as the journey is into true freedom and liberty, he never takes our focus off The Breaking Dawn.

paulrosenberg.1Paul Rosenberg knows a lot about a lot of things. A lifestyle capitalist with a broad range of interests and experiences under his belt, current passions include philosophy, theology, history, psychology, and physics. This diverse interest base is reflected in his extensive repertoire of published titles, including A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, The Words of the Founders, and Production Versus Plunder, not to mention 55 engineering and construction books.

Prior to this, his highly successful engineering career saw him called as an expert witness in numerous legal cases and recruited as a consultant to a number of high profile organizations, such as NASA and the US military. He developed and taught 19 continuing education courses for Iowa State University’s College of Engineering. He also co-founded the Fiber Optic Association and wrote the first ever standard for the installation of fiber optic cables.

Show Highlights: and

-Paul discusses privacy issues and the 6/1/16 Supreme Court ruling allowing access to cell phone records without a warrant. The boys have your data anyway. Data centers can quickly store and search all our e-data from the last 10 years.

-Google selling access to our brains. Customizing individual data environments and selling that to advertisers, government. Raw feed for sale.

-Parallel construction. E.g. NSA illegally gives info to IRS, then IRS constructs a path to determine the info legally.

-Paul’s new novel: The Breaking Dawn. Shutting down electricity and services to “abandoned areas” to maintain “core cities”. Starts with financial breakdown. Killing scarcity – leads to no need for new jobs. Robots taking away jobs.

-With every dollar created, debt is created. Debt piles up and creates dysfunction. Housing projects, welfare, drugs – tools of destruction. Warehousing for people with nothing to do. Eliminating cash – we get credits instead.

-If Doug and Mel were that smart, they wouldn’t have allowed internet or Bitcoin. Bitcoin “allows the future to be born” – no central control. It’s a program, not a thing, transactions completely open. FBI investigators of Bitcoin’s Ross Ulbricht stole $2 million from Bitcoin. Paul says cryptocurrency works.

-Engineering of financial repression. Save the banks, screw everybody else. Future bail-ins. Govt. does what is least unpopular, with added fearporn.

-Online privacy. Two models of privacy – free do-it-yourself vs paying for a system. See

-Paul’s perspective on the USD. Paul says it’s the last to crash. The dollar has the biggest parachute.

-If folks make money, what do they do with it? With bigger money – buy real companies, eg. a commercial grocer. Don’t buy stock.

and more!!


paul rosenberg, privacy and an uncertain financial future, june 2, 2016

'Paul Rosenberg – What Would a Financial Collapse Look Like? Saying Goodbye to Privacy and Hello to a Financial Breakdown – June 2, 2016' have 3 comments

  1. June 5, 2016 @ 6:43 pm Trevor

    A good speaker who sounded much younger.

    The modern Internet was enabled in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist at CERN who took a 6-month sabbatical to develop HTML. Hardly a NWO plan! But, once it got going, the proxy spies came-a-calling.

    If Bitcoins are now worth $500 from under $1 purchase, why doesn’t Patrick cash them in?


    • June 8, 2016 @ 5:02 am Rex

      If he was from cern it was hardcore nwo
      Who you kidding?


  2. June 11, 2016 @ 12:54 pm Trevor

    nwo regrets its decision to release i-net in free form big-time

    berners-lee enabled free-form


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