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Vít Jedlička

First President of Liberland

Free Republic of Liberland (hereinafter “Liberland”) is a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia on the west bank of the Danube river. The nearest towns are Zmajevac (Croatia) and Bački Monoštor (Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia). On some maps, this area is referred to as “Gornja Siga”.

Liberland came into existence due to a border dispute between Croatia and Serbia. This area along the west bank of the Danube river is not claimed by Croatia, Serbia or any other country. It was therefore terra nullius, a no man’s land, until Vít Jedlička seized the opportunity and on 13 April 2015 formed a new state in this territory – Liberland. The boundary was defined so as not to interfere with the territory of Croatia or Serbia. Its total area of approximately 7 km² is now the third smallest sovereign state, after the Vatican and Monaco. For more information regarding the border dispute between Croatia and Serbia see an article on Wikipedia.

The motto of Liberland is “To live and let live” because Liberland prides itself on personal and economic freedom of its people, which is guaranteed by the Constitution, which significantly limits the power of politicians so they could not interfere too much in the freedoms of the Liberland nation.

Vít Jedlička

Show Highlights:

-How does one start a new country?Vít Jedlička tells us about how he claimed the land and got the process rolling

-Becoming a citizen; with limited space and an impressive amount of applications being submitted, who will be the lucky ones?

-It’s called a free republic; how free will it be?

-Vít Jedlička tells us how the rest of the world is responding to this newly formed country and the obstacles thrown in the path by Croatia

-What currency will be used

-What the government will consist of

-How will electricity be supplied?

-Will GMOs be banned there?

-How will it deal with refugees?

-How much infrastructure is currently in Liberland in terms of roads, water, electrical systems, etc. Does everything have to be set up from the ground up?

and a plethora of other questions answered!!!!


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'Vít Jedlička – First President of the Newly Formed Free Republic of Liberland – October 1, 2015' have 3 comments

  1. October 2, 2015 @ 7:37 pm Tom M Culhane

    “A” for Effort, but his concept is fundamentally flawed because it’s totally disconnected from Mother Earth and the rest of the Web of Life. I tried a similar project 25 years ago, where I proposed to Libertarian voters in the US that we make an offer to buy a piece of land in perpetuity from a sparsely populated Third World country in northern South America on the Caribbean. I spent over a grand promoting the idea…

    Bottom line: since then, I’ve learned from the Native Americans, that all Life is to be respected, not just ONE species. With the amount of land this guy here is talking about, he could form a sovereign state of maybe 300 people, roughly five acres per person. Even this is overcrowded, but would allow an acre or so per person for their food, and the rest could be preserved for the rest of Life.

    Europe has been bulldozed over, on Nature walks Europeans tell me there are no more hawks, no more real forests… By preserving and restoring the land to its native species, this would also provide fuel for cooking and heating from fallen tree branches, and wild food… Liberland could be setting a good example, instead of promoting yet more unsustainable craziness. His comment about allowing gmos I guess shows how disoriented he is with Nature.

    The lifestyle I’ve described is the lifestyle where people lived into their hundreds, active and in great health… Yes they lied to you in school. Even though all their basic needs would be met with ease if they preserve the land and don’t overpopulate, they could also take in some money from tourism, to use for hooking into the Internet if desired, for example. A free country where you can walk around naked without being arrested for being “obscene” and be able to consume raw milk and other superfoods, in a beautiful, healing, natural setting, would certainly have its appeal to certain people looking for a vacation…

    But with this guy’s current vision, selling land to the highest bidder.. you can bet Liberland will quickly be bulldozed of whatever Nature exists there now. I hope someone talks some sense into this guy. If he could control his megalomania, he might really do something meaningful. But don’t kid yourselves, peoples around the world have fought to the death trying to hold onto their land from the global prison that currently enslaves us all.


    • October 5, 2015 @ 8:44 pm Trevor

      The only ‘Liberlands’ the globalists would permit would be those that promote strict family planning and population control as a lesson to Catholics, tribalists, impecunious dynasty-founders and other relentless breeders. Nowhere on earth, or even in the solar system, is safe from the NWO’s military reach — and they play dirty.


    • October 6, 2015 @ 2:45 pm Maxim

      Tom M Culhane, you are on spot. Agree with you 100%. I am curious, how come that he became the owner of that land and not some other guy? In old days people fought wars over this kind of decisions. If I am stronger I can come and take away his crown making myself a king. This new country idea certainly brings fourth a lot of interesting questions.


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