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Show Highlights:

-Brian, from San Francisco, calls in to compliment the show to talk vitamin C and expresses confusion as to whether or not it’s good to eat grains

-Denise calls in from Dallas; she’s searching for the best liposomal vitamin C; another listener shares a recipe for making your own: Use coconut water as a base,gently mix the coconut water in the Vitamix with the sodium ascorbate with a heaping dose of Healthforce vitamin C and sunflower lecithin -after everything blends nicely, pour it all into an ultra sonic jewelery cleaner for a bit.. usually 8 mins

-Lance, from Escondido, calls in to talk about the cardio ion panel by Metamatrix to help check vitamin C stores. He also talks about the Happy Body workout saying it’s excellent, holistic exercise. And after trying all kinds of exercise program, he is totally sold on this one. If you missed the interview with Jerzy Gregorek, check it out here

-Magnetically creating stem cells

-Patrick loves Dandy Blend, but how could something made of rye and barley be gluten free?

-Patrick McGean weighs in on a glaucoma problem a listener has:Your caller has open angle glaucoma, and stress causes constipation,even in the eyes.One teaspoon of organic sulfur in 4 ounces of water ( hot works ) andspray the mist into the eyes anytime you wish, 100 times a day is the record.

-Growing your own micro greens and wheatgrass for optimum nutrition

-Is muscle testing valid? A listener asks Patrick’s opinion of it

-A listener calls in to talk about the Buteyko method of breathing; he shares the technique with listeners; he also sings the praises of a certain black bean pasta. Sounds interesting

-What is the seven year itch all about? We’ve been on the air 7 years; will we make it another 7?

-Patrick reads part of a press release about vaccines and how recently vaccinated individuals can spread disease

-Are we being too paranoid if we think signing petitions may be used against us one day?

-Why the benefits of sulfur have been hidden all these years

and so much more!


open phone friday with you and patrick, march 6, 2015, hour one

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