Scalar energy – The next major healing discovery



(NaturalNews) As of 2012, about 117 million Americans had one or more chronic health conditions, with the CDC estimating that 25 percent of them suffered from two or more. With chronic and degenerative diseases becoming almost endemic in the United States – and with the failure of Western medicine to effectively treat these conditions – it is certainly time to look at new and innovative systems of healing.

Discover the great effect that scalar energy has on the immune system and its ability to stimulate the self-healing response. Based on quantum physics and scalar waves – discovered by physicist Nikola Tesla – this relatively unknown form of medicine is the future of healing. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Gerald Smith, an integrative physician, talk about the revolutionary science behind scalar energy. {Every doctor should NOT miss this program}


Conventional medicine fails to fully recognize or address real threats to human health

According to Dr. Smith, Western medicine – with its conventional laboratory testing and arsenal of pharmaceutical drugs – is ill-equipped to treat modern-day diseases because its practitioners don’t grasp the severity of the relentless threats bombarding our immune systems.

For example, extreme nutrient deficiency of the soils results in poor-quality food that is lacking in vitamins and essential minerals, while genetically modified foods and heavy metal toxicity can cause “leaky gut syndrome” – which gives rise to a laundry list of harmful conditions and diseases.

Of course, we cannot ignore the dangers of chemical-laced processed foods, chemtrails bombarding the environment with aluminum, barium, strontium and toxins pumped into the drinking water like chlorine and fluoride. This is just a small sampling of the many poisons which tax the immune system and increase our risk of disease.

Naturally, we ought to avoid these toxins – as much as we can. But, Dr. Smith adds that, we can use scalar energy to correct the energy field distortions around the cells of the body, allowing the cells and organs to work normally again. If you suffer with any chronic disease condition – the next NaturalNews Talk Hour will be of great interest to you.


Non-invasive, drug-free scalar energy stimulates the immune system

Scalar waves, also called longitudinal waves and Tesla waves, can travel faster than the speed of light, with the ability to penetrate solid objects. The CyberScan Biofeedback System uses a proprietary scalar wave energy technology to determine past and present health conditions, and can help the immune system combat stress arising from environmental toxins, heavy metals, infections and EMFs. Dr. Smith reports that the device can reduce depression and anxiety, improve sleep and mental clarity, enhance physical performance, slow aging, ease digestive disorders and promote detoxification.

The second period of treatment (the Theraphi system) focuses on regeneration, with the use of the scalar waves to correct abnormal energy fields around cells, thereby reprogramming them to work normally and restore optimal body function.

During a Theraphi session, a glass tube filled with inert gases allows the carrier wave to transmit 18 different healing frequencies, causing a plasma field to envelop the patient and affect every cell of the body. Dr. Smith maintains that these healing frequencies can bring together raw materials in the body for healing, while also destroying toxins, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, vaccines and chemicals.

Join us for a revolutionary program that explores this non-invasive and innovative healing system of the future. We’ll reveal many incredible stories of recovery and dive deep into the healing benefits of scalar energy.


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  1. March 1, 2017 @ 10:02 am Carrie

    Scalar waves have been affecting me since end of Oct. 2014 when remote medical devices were used and remote medical devices pulled me out of a home, satellites reported lost by NASA came into my field and out of their appropriate range. Blanco TX 2 of them on morning of Nov. 1, 2014 1st day of hunting drones and I was hunted until police picked me up and later I had a heart attack-near death exp. ANd there is a profound healing side of this science I was thrilled to find your site over. Guided into the radio world this morning and the half dozen I have known in that industry. Mostly good.

    I understood there was a team of “Mental Health Protectors”…blocking the “ON-LINE COUNSELLING” commerce HORROR SHOWS” blowing through my brain 24 hour louod radio wars in my brain with the remorse code clearing of others, a lot of sexul issues and those who have not cared for themselves in this way using the court and others as money making areas. Technological weapons and that I see energy-electrical energy rolling through cell towers and traffic lights and hurts my head and body to the point of being “unavailable”.. There is a stream of goodness in it that has helped me save my life, teach me and I was so excited to see your sire. Until I saw who was on it…those who were involved 2 year and 3 months and not any morality under neath it all. TEH “tactics” blaring out in telecommunication towers and each thinking “No-ONE else hears”.Regret to say my heart ripped out-near death experiment while those making money and know me- many on this site…use what they can. I love U.S. and the radio I have been stalked by the other side of this science and many who I see on this site or I introduced to those on the site, now long time commerce tactics and for those who really paid the price (mostly dead now) may they know in the unseen world how much they are loved.


  2. March 1, 2017 @ 12:29 pm carrie l Fellows

    Fr those of us affected by Scalar Waves (both in the absolute wellness experiment and victims of misuse -terror “beyond” for 2 years and 3 months with no government awareness or help) I sought this site out because of the BENEFITS I have received from the unseen world. However; The shadow side has caused HUGE problems everywhere. How do you monitor this?
    I have had remote medical devices-hypno-therapeutic- used on me, followed by remote neural monitoring devices since OCt. 2014 (that I am aware of). Stalked by remote since 1995 (potentially earlier). Because you can not “see” them, only “feel” it is a mind twist. And your web site “host” seem to be one or two I introduced the satellite man to. Are you aware of what this has done? CARRIE FELLOWS


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