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On the subject of eating the fish – Gagnon might make an interesting guest – the idea of citizens doing the science and funding it through crowd sourcing is very very appealing!

Buesseler said government departments seem to feel because radiation levels are expected to be very low, “why bother?” But in the absence of information, “people are still concerned,” he said. “When no one’s making measurements, people can say what they want to.”

Even prior to Fukushima, background levels of the radioactive isotope Cesium 137 — which has a half-life of 30 years — were still detectable in the Pacific from nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s and 1960s at about 1.8 Bq/m3.

There are also elevated levels in the Baltic Sea (measuring about 40 Bq/m3) from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The Irish Sea has background levels of 61 Bq/m3 due to radioactive releases from the Sellafield nuclear processing plant. “It doesn’t mean it’s good that they’re higher,” he said. “But people there still eat the seafood. People still swim.”

The relative risk is based on how much radiation is absorbed and over what period of time, said Buesseler.

“The risk is never zero.” For Gagnon, cutting through the “scientific mumbo jumbo” available on many websites and getting credible information is part of why he’d like to keep raising money for testing sites on the B.C. coast.

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I missed Andrew on Wednesday and I noticed in the show details that he said something about how to use your paid off home very creatively with another 30 year mortgage. Can you give me a brief idea of what he said?


I am interested in also getting more fat. I liked Dr. Pompa’s interview. I also want to thank you and Sharon for the article on Immune System by Walter Last you guys recently posted. It was excellent.

P.S. I think transhumanism is a factor. The stuff in the air, water and food is changing our genetics purposely. Check out Carnicom Institute.


We LOVE Robert, from Houston.

He always brings some good topics to the table!

Sulphur guy too …..


I was listening to your show yesterday with Dr. Pompa, too. I KNOW I have symptoms of mercury toxicity, but not even close to the level that Dr. Pompa did. I am wondering if your listeners have had successes with the other methods of chelation, and if it is possible to get it all out over time with the herbs and sauna. He sort of scared me into thinking that the protocol he used is the ONLY one that will work, and that everything else is dangerous.


I just ordered a complete blood viscosity profile from Dr. Jonathan Wright’s Meridian Valley lab…a great test according to Dr. Robert Rowen and my integrative doctor. Good to know if your blood is flowing like ketchup and sticky as many things can be done to change this.


I am going to get a tooth extracted next week any good advice of what to expect concerning sedation, recovery, any wisdom?


Does jumping on the rebounder have any effect on mental clarity?


Additional Show Highlights:


-We can’t live in a plastic bag, but according to everything we hear from the media, we probably should be. Giving into fear is not the answer
-Rob calls in to talk about Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s work. She’s all over the media these days talking sulfur, GMOs and glyphosates
-Is the #1 medicine just believing you can be well?
-Are horses psychic?
-Do sparrows carry the souls of babies waiting to be born?
-Rob brings up the subject of giants and mound builders. Did they ever roam the Earth?
-Using debt as a blessing a la Andrew Gause
-A listener writes in to how how much he enjoyed an article we posted recently by Walter Last
-A listener wants to know if the QLaser is really helping Patrick’s TMJ
-Robert calls in to talk about minerals and Intramax and his experience with TMJ. Robert is also experimenting with turning his power off at night.
-Detoxing mercury: A listener wants to know more about chelation. Any comments for Stacy are welcome below
-Patrick shares the protocol he’s using to go after his parasites
-Do we create our issues, our diseases to learn more about ourselves as soul?
-Why using tap water while taking sulfur is not advised. Which water would be the best?
-Jim calls in to talk about taking vitamin C with sulfur
-Does jumping on a rebounder affect mental clarity?
-Can you give organic sulfur to cats?
and more!

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