Sleeping in the Arms of God

By Patrick Timpone
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Photo by Mark Anthony

Photo by Mark Anthony

A wise man once said, “Dreams are a spiritual tool of the Holy Spirit to help you find your way to God. Take advantage of this help.” We are Soul. As Soul we are conscious all the time and have been since created by God. When that happened exactly is above my level of awareness. But I conjecture this happened a very long time ago.

Science has long said sleep is one of the great mysteries of humanity. Well, with respect, it is to them because science discounts Soul in the equation. They say consciousness is located in the brain. So, they poke and prod the brain, study wave lengths with electrodes, and make up various names for different levels of sleep. On and on.

Here’s the thing. It’s so simple most miss it’s beauty, because, well–it’s too simple. And anything this simple can’t be true right? We are Soul, sparks of God, and are always looking and seeing what is going on. As Soul, we have all the attributes of God including omnipresence. We are everywhere. So, as we focus our attention here and there it feels like we have traveled there. But, we just changed our attention, our focus.

When the body sleeps, Soul of course continues to play, looks and sees, interacts with other Souls and continues It’s journey to God. Soul is like a hound for heaven. Of course back here, we seldom remember that as we get
All wrapped up in “Life.” As we remember these experiences at night we call these dreams. If we remembered every experience we had, all of them, in one night it would take a week or two to write them all down. So, when we recall a dream it is just a small snippet of our total experience that night.

As Soul we are gaining lots of experience and thus wisdom from our nightly Scalar Energy Devices
activities: resolving karma and working things out even if we don’t remember most or any of it. This is one of the reasons we feel so good, refreshed, energized, and ready to take life on after a good nights sleep.
When we work on remembering more experience, and that is done by writing every little thing down in the morning or if we wake in the middle of the night. The more we write down, the more we remember. As we bring these back in and think about this and that and why this happened we get some real clues into our spiritual growth and can make some changes here in the physical that will help us have a better life. Yes, spiritual tools of the Holy Spirit.

I spent years waking up frequently during the night. I mean waking up a lot. Through spiritual work on the inner planes I saw clearly that one of the major things going on was that I would become aware of some “uncomfortable” situation while the body slept. My choice more often than not was to not move into the experience and therefore wake myself up. To become a master we have to take responsibility for everything in our consciousness. So, as I learned to just move into the situation my body would stay sleeping.

Many physical influences can affect the body and brain while resting so Soul can play. And we know how critical it is for the body to rest and heal. We, as Soul have some interesting karma this lifetime. A wide variety of electrical fields may be surrounding us. This goes from cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, portable phones, cell phones, white noise in the home wiring, and even the new refrigerators put out strange waves.

Tesla and others have worked with Scaler energy waves. Scaler is essentially a name given to Spirit, Prana, life force, The Eck–God stuff. We’ve connected with researcher Ken Rohla who makes a quite impressive Scalar Energy Device called the Rest Shield that emits this love energy up to about twenty feet. They are beautiful gold pyramids and can be used in the office and the bedroom.

As sleep is one of the areas of study for me this lifetime, I can say there’s truly something cool going on with these units. I can feel the difference in my studio, where you can imagine the EMF’s bouncing around, and I’ve certainly noticed differences in my body’s ability to rest more deeply in the arms of God. All these tools are gifts, and yet still just tools. We still have to do our work spiritually. Yet, tools like The Rest Shield, meditation, contemplation and of course the wide world of herbs helping the body and brain to relax all can help us, Soul, do our thing. And that is simply to find our way back home to God.

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  1. January 1, 2016 @ 5:54 pm nat

    thank you for sharing your thoughts Patrick!

    wishing you and sharon a great new year!


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