Jennifer Daniels 11/14/13 show on One Radio Network with Patrick Timpone

P:[00:24:49]When did this whole thing with pure gum spirits start for you?

J: I was a doctor, I thought I was minding my own business in my office. Of course I noticed the drugs absolutely weren’t working, not only were they not working, they were making people worse. So I took it a step further and I was recommending dietary and lifestyle changes and having a pretty good success rate with that. But I noticed that when my patients got all better from their lupus, their fibromyalgia, whatever their problem was, that if they made one little misstep, one little crust of bread, BOOM, they relapsed. Everything fell apart for them. I said wait a minute, there must be something I can give these people that will help them return to their pre-disease state. In other words, make them what they were maybe 5 or 10 years before they got sick. So that’s what I was looking for. And I set about looking and looking and looking and looking. I was on a tear, man, I bought every natural book that was ever advertised, I came ones where all the pages, I couldn’t find a thing. And then, I was homeschooling at the time, and so I came across some information that said that American slaves had powerful medicine and when the slave owner got sick, so sick that he was on death bed, and he was told that all of his things would be inherited by the person of his choice, he would then go to the slave quarters and beg the slaves to cure him. And invariably, the slaves would exact some kind of price, whatever, but they would cure him. And so I thought, oh my God, this cure I’m looking for, this must be it. Yes! Well if the slaves had it, it’s got to be cheap. So one more clue. So now I started buying even more books and reading more things, and looking for things that were cheap and effective. Nothing. Nada. And finally I said wait a minute, here I am an African-American individual, with a medical practice in an African-American neighborhood, with African-American patients. So I have access to the descendants of slaves. I will ask them what it was that was very very cheap and cured everything. So I started asking them and at the end of the blood pressure visit, I said by the way, was there some kind of miracle cure, maybe your parents or grandparents used, that cured everything and was very cheap? And the first 5 or 6 people said nah doc, can’t help you. And then people started to say, oh my God, you can’t be serious, I don’t believe you’re asking me this. And they would tell me it was turpentine and sugar. And without fail, I would ask for details and they’ll say, ah that’s all I know, turpentine and sugar. And it kept showing up again and again. And I looked, I searched the literature, this was back in 1994. I searched the literature, I could not find a thing about it. So I said well – I did find out that the people who were using it were living past the age of 90. I did find out that much. And that they did not have senility and that they were managing their own affairs, they were cooking, they were cleaning, and in some cases, even driving. So I said well, okay, this turpentine can’t be that bad, even though it does have skull and crossbones on it. So I schlepped on down to the hardware store. Bought a can of 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine, and on the back of course, it had the skull and crossbones, birth defects in the state of California, can cause cancer, call your doctor immediately if you swallow. I said okay, looks like I got the right stuff. And then I went to the grocery store and I got some sugar cubes, Domino Dots. Then I got home and I said thank goodness it’s Friday. But wait a minute, I need a plan. So I had my will made up, I put in on top of the fridge so it could be found. I didn’t know, with the skull and crossbones on the back, deadliest ??[00:28:26], this is serious. So I had all my bills, all my mortgages were paid off, I had no more mortgages, no obligations, quite a bit of money in the bank, and so I had my will on top of the refrigerator, I figured out a time in the afternoon, and my receptionist had instructions, if I didn’t show up for work, to cancel the patients. So this way nobody would be left in a lurch. So I had everything squared. All the bills were paid, kids were looked after, the thing on top of the fridge, okay, I’m ready. So I took one sugar cube and put a few drops of turpentine on it, chewed it up, swallowed it. And I sat there and waited to drop dead or something close. And nothing happened. So I said well, hmm, so the next day I took two sugar cubes, one on top of the other, put even more turpentine on it, and of course waiting to drop dead, and nothing happened. The third day, I said well I’m pretty bold now, I know that this is really not what they said it was. And so I took three sugar cubes, put turpentine on top, so I soaked the top one, soaked the middle cube, and just entered the third cube. Took all three cubes, washed it down, and I think my IQ went up like 50 points, I could just feel it, all this mental energy and understanding and clarity, just like when I was 10 years old, everything was very clear and focused. I said WOW what a feeling. I did some math problems, I said this is pretty good.

P: This is 1994.

J: 1994. Yes. So then I decided, well, I know the minimum effective dose. Now I need to know the maximum safe dose. So I went from 3 cubes to 4 to 5 to 6 and at 7 cubes – it also causes seizures they say. So at 7 cubes, I took all the cubes and then I felt this little twitch. It was even softer than a twitch, but I felt it, I said uh uh, that’s it. Can’t go over this dose. So I figured out the minimum effective dose, the maximum safe dose, now I had to figure the dose in intervals. So then I waited a week, let’s say 2 weeks, and then I took the 3 sugar cubes again. Sure enough, same effect, just felt phenomenal. So I said okay, now I have to wait and see to see how many days it takes for this just plain phenomenal feeling to go away. And it took about 4 days.

P: This sugar cube idea, I don’t understand how many drops you were putting on the sugar cube.

J: It doesn’t matter because it was the sugar cube itself that was the dosing agent.

P: Just so it didn’t soak it totally?

J: Yeah. If you have a puddle of turpentine at the bottom, then you’re going to get side effects. You can’t take those cubes. So the bottom dose, it only enters the bottom cube, or got no more than halfway though the bottom cube, that gave me a finite limitation to the dose. And so later, I did calibrate it all, and it turned out that it was a teaspoon of turpentine was the amount of turpentine I’d used.

P: That was the safe dose for you.

J: That was the minimum effective dose.

P: Minimum effective dose. What does that mean?

J: It means the lowest dose at which you can expect to get results.

P: Now there’s a difference between what you’re calling turpentine and pure gum spirits?

J: No, this is pure gum spirits of turpentine. You shouldn’t use anything else. You have to use pure gum spirits of turpentine.

P: But most of them out there are not.

J: You have to check. You’ve got to check the can, you have to call the manufacturer. In this particular case, the can said 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine on the can. So I was in luck.

P: I went to Home Depot when I first started to look into this. They don’t have any, out of all the turpentines, that said pure gum spirits.

J: Correct. You would not buy that.

P: So let’s go ahead on with your experiment. You wanted to try to find out how often you would do this?

J: Correct. So then what I did, is I took it, I got that wonderful clarity and feeling of my body was just so much more powerful. And I was already feeling good, because I was a health nut, I had no identifiable illnesses or conditions, life was wonderful, I didn’t have any aches or pains, so for me, any breakthroughs I had would have to be, as they say, a soft finding. So that was what I found, that I just felt much more alert and much more energetic and really great. So it took 4 days, but at the end of the 4th day I started feeling back to my old ho-hum self again. And so I decided that the dose was twice a week. So Monday-Thursday, Tuesday-Saturday, something like that. And then I forced offices to…Maybe I’ll start with my relatives. My mother was pretty sick. Chronic pain, you name it, just complain, complain, this is the way things are. She had a bad car accident, it broke many of her face bones, and she had a chronic sinus issue, she also, in the same car accident, broke her knee, so that hurt, the sinus thing transmuted into very bad headaches, so she was able to function abut 3 hours out of the day. And I had put her on high dose, very expensive anti-fungal. So she was taking about $30 a day in drugs. Of course they were all free from the drug companies. And around the same time, she had become unable to take her anti-fungals because of side effects. And so she was now without drugs or anything, any relief, for like a month, so she was really deteriorating. And so I said, hey, Mom, I think I found something that will help you. And she said really, what would that be? I said turpentine. She said oh my God.

P: My daughter’s crazy.

J: Well that’s dangerous. She said well, that’s deadly. I said well I’ve been taking it for 5 months now, and it’s really pretty good. Working out. Oh my God, you’ve been taking this? Yeah. So then she had to calm down, right, because I was going to work every day, taking care of patients, volunteering in the evening, doing this, doing that, writing press releases, doing TV appearances, doing all kinds of stuff. And I hadn’t slowed down. She said well, what do I do? And here’s what you do. So I gave it to her, she took it, and she began to feel better in about a minute. It was closer to 30 seconds but we’ll call it a minute. Give her time to swallow it. And then she started taking it twice a week, and it took her about a month to get pain free.

P: She got rid of her pain?

J: That she’d had for 30 years. She also had some botched surgery on her finger. She had an ingrown nail. And this doctor did major surgery on her thumb for ingrown nail. And then it got infected, and he gave her antibiotics, and she developed a chronic fungal infection in her thumb. And so her thumb went from, if you touched it she would fall to the ground, to she could use it without any pain at all. So we were just thrilled.

P: I’m so pleased that you had never seen the thing that I sent you this morning. I think it must have been pretty interesting for you.

J: It was very interesting for me. For many reasons. First of all,

P: Let me tell people what this is. This is a review paper from the University of Bourgogne, Dijon, The Essential Oil of Turpentine and It’s Major Fraction Review. It’s got 100 references, referencing different research projects around the world. And it’s really quite fascinating. They talk about in ancient times, these old healers, and they specifically talk about the effect of these different turpenes of remarkable effectiveness against bacteria and yeast. And we’re going to talk about that this morning with this whole candida fungus thing. And this is work that’s been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years, people have been using this.

J: Thousands.

P: Isn’t that fascinating. And it just comes from the pine tree. So did your Mom take this for a long time?

J: Yeah. And she did very well. So I started offering it to my patients and it took off.

P: You gave it to your patients? Oh, you’re such a radical.

J: Well yes. When Mom lived, what the heck. And then I tried it on my sister-in-law, of course, and she got rid of all her aches and pains. And I said well, it’s time to roll it out. And I would tell the patients, now you know I can’t guarantee that anybody thinks this will really help you. Now obviously there’s a lot of people who said no. And but the ones who said yes did very well with it.

P: And this went on for how long?

J: This went on for 5 years before I stumbled into the $30 million bank heist. And then that was the end of everything.

P: Could this possibly also be a reason why they didn’t like you, because of this kind of practice?

J: No, no. I refused to allow them to see my records, and so they had no way of documenting.

P: So nobody knew that you were using this kind of alternative.

J: I wouldn’t say no one knew, but no one could prove it.

P: There’s certainly mountains of research showing the benefits of this. I know you’ve probably seen lots of patients, with all your research. But just this one, 100 references to different research, peer reviewed kind of stuff. They talk about things from parasites to cancer cells to pathogenic bacteria of all kinds, fungus, yeast, rheumatism


P: MRSA. Sciatica, nephritis, constipation, mercury salivation. What’s mercury salivation?

J: No clue. I think that’s when they give mercury a lot, and people would actually expunge mercury from their body. Mercury was used as a cure for syphilis. So a lot of medicines had mercury in them, so people as recently as 100 years ago were commonly overdosed on mercury by their doctors. So what they’re saying is this actually improves that.

P: And then also, according to this report, there’s quite a few medicines that the pharmaceutical companies use and they had turpentine to it.

J: Absolutely. Now let me tell you about that. Turpentine in the United States is declared as a flammable, toxic substance that is unlawful to take across state lines, it is unlawful to use and advocate for internal use, but it’s okay for the drug companies to use it in a purified form. And so it’s a double standard. Turpentine is in a class more dangerous even than cocaine. It’s considered to not have any medical use and not to have any safe use in human beings. Now the way the drug companies use it, any drug company that does use it, it’s going to listed not as an ingredient but as an inactive ingredient. So it’s okay to list turpentine as an inactive ingredient, but it cannot be an active ingredient.

P: What do you think the modality is, the drug companies have figured out, because they do all this research too, what do you think it does with some of these medicines to make them, well they’re not effective, but why do they use it? Medicines aren’t effective except to maybe calm down some symptoms from time to time.

J: Well yes. So they don’t put enough turpentine in it to make anyone better. For example, if you put turpentine in castor oil solution on your face, the act of the turpentine inactivates the bacteria and organisms on your skin, and it delays aging. So you put a few drops of turpentine, say, in your anti-aging cream that you’re selling. When it’s really the turpentine that stops the aging, not always other nonsense ingredients that you’re touting as the latest whatever.

P: Oh I see. It’s got some kind of stuff going on with the pure gum spirits that you say helps the anti-aging on the skin, and they might shove it in there and it’s just inactive ingredients.

J: Yeah, you shove it in a cream, list it as an inactive ingredient, and charge $50 an ounce of $60 an ounce for the anti-aging cream. That’s one thing. The next they do is they’ll put turpentine, say you have a capsule, they’ll put it in the outer part of the capsule, a little bit of it. And what that does, is that it gives your capsule a bit of a greasy appearance, so it doesn’t stick to the next capsule next to it. But when you take it, the turpentine just makes the body more receptive.

P: Do we know why?

J: I believe, what they said in this article that these French people wrote, is that turpentine has an effect on membranes. It makes membranes more permeable. Now that’s another thing about the dosing. Turpentine’s behavior is very different, dependent on the dosing. So one drop of turpentine is not the same as 10 drops, 20 drops, or 30 drops. It behaves differently. That’s why it’s so important to dose it according to what you want done.

P: Get’s pretty tricky. What’s that line, that great line about …

J: The poison is in the dose.

P: Yeah, the poison is in the dose. Isn’t that interesting?

J: But the effectiveness is in the dose too. So a lower dose was totally ineffective. For example, when I did the experiment myself, one sugar cube was useless, two sugar cubes was useless, but 3 sugar cubes, whoa, we got activity. And between 3 sugar cubes and 7, there really wasn’t any difference. But at 7, I got side effects.

P: What kind of side effects?

J: That little twitch I mentioned. At 3 cubes, you feel like you’re totally in control of your body. You’re master over all of your muscles and organs and brain, you’re in control. At 7, I felt that I was losing control. That’s the easiest way to explain it. I was not in control anymore.

P: That’s no good.

J: That’s what I thought.

P: So the poison is in the dose? Is that how it’s said?

J: Yes it is. The poison is in the dose. But also the effectiveness. So at one end, the lower end, you get no benefit, and at the higher end, you get toxicity. Now we do know the deadly dose of turpentine, by the way, in case anybody wants to hear that. The minimum lethal dose, MLD, of turpentine is 2 tablespoons or 1 ounce. And that was in a child who was about 30 kg. So if you stay below 1 ounce, which is 6 teaspoons, stay below 1 ounce, you’re in what we call a pretty safe area. Stay below the minimum lethal dose, which is the lowest dose at which anyone is known to have died.

P: That would be a lot. 6 teaspoons sounds like a huge amount.

J: It’s a shot of whiskey.

P: So pure gum spirits, when it touches the organs and the stomach and the tongue and the esophagus, without the sugar, is it harmful?

J: It can be toxic, but it’s not lethal though. There is a difference. Toxic means it can do harm. Lethal means it does enough harm to kill you.

P: So it’s kind of like DMSO or other curious things, it can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

J: Yes, it can be. And so I take my instruction from people who have been using it for over 100 years. So I let myself do that, I can be a little bit creative, but I try not to go beyond that. For example, if you look over the accounts of how slaves used it, they used it liberally in mixtures with castor oil. And so different ratios, different ways of mixing it, different ways of using it, and personally I’ve taken the arbitrary position of drawing the line at 1 teaspoon. So anything I can done with 1 teaspoon, I’m open to doing it. But I do not go over a teaspoon and that’s because I personally don’t want to get side effects. And number two, I don’t want anyone I would be communicating with to have side effects. And so my personal recommendation is to keep the dose less than a teaspoon a day, at or less than a teaspoon a day.

P: So over the years, you’ve not experienced people with any issues or any side effects at all with that dose?

J: That’s a good question. There’s a few other pieces of instruction. So I have a report called The Candida Cleaner. I’m revising the report so when it comes out it will be The Candida Cleaner Updated. But there are 5 steps you should do before using turpentine. First one is you have to be well hydrated. And that’s nothing new there. It’s one quart of water per 60 pounds of body weight, more or less. Then, what kind of water? This is new, because I didn’t realize this would be such an issue until I encountered so many people who are drinking alkaline water. Alkaline water will not work with this program. Because it turns out that your stomach needs to be very acid, like a pH of 1 or 2, in order to inhibit parasites. And so, if you’re trying to get rid of parasites, we need all the help we can get. We need our stomach to be a pH of 1 or 2. So the kind of water you want then, will be purified water, say it’s distilled water, reverse osmosis water, some kind of filtered water. So that’s number 1.

Next thing you want to do is you want to have 3 or more bowel movements a day. So you need some brisk traffic through your intestines.

P: Brisk traffic. I like the way you say that.

J: No dilly-dallying here.

P: But most people don’t do that. So we should talk about that a bit.

J: They can go to, log in, get on my list, and then scoot over and get some Vitality Capsules. And that was a big problem I had working with people. I’d say to people, I really believe I can get you better, I can be a lot of help to you, but have to have 3 bowel movements a day. And I have had people say doctor, anything but that. I poop once a month and I just can’t see having one a day, that would be diarrhea. And I really have this conversation with someone. And she was a high level manager with a large corporation in Syracuse. And actually, her subordinates were my patients. And they’re saying, doc, please you got to help her. She is so mean and ornery and disagreeable and … We almost can’t stand going to work. Would you please, we’ll get her to come here, but please help her out. I said okay. So I got her up to one bowel movement a day, and her subordinates reported back that things are much better at work. Once I got her there though, I tried to get her to go to three a day. Oh no no no no no no no. No, doctor, we are not doing that, unh, unh, unh. I said okay, fine. So she went from one a month to one a day. So I count that as a victory, but she would not do anything that would make her go more often than that because she thought more than once a day was a disease state. Because you was so used to once a month, and she lives in a family where everyone went more or less like that. And they were all mean and nasty and disagreeable and everybody hated everybody. And she thought that was normal. And so, obviously, at one a day, she became Miss Charming pretty much. But she liked her life a lot better.

P: So what’s the physiological thing going on, other than the obvious. Is it just continuing to remove toxins out of the bowel?

J: We need to get a little more obvious than that. Which is, where is the candida going to go? Okay, you want to get rid of your candida, where is it going to go? If you’re not pooping at least 3 times a day, it’s got no place to go. It’s going to shift through your left hip to your right hip, your right hip to your stomach, and your stomach to your shoulder. It’s gonna play musical chairs all over your body. You’re going to be like, oh my God, what’s going on? So if you’re not pooping on a regular basis, literally what’s going to happen is the candida is gonna be aware of the turpentine in your system, and the candida is going to say, oh my God, I got to get away from here. I got to get out of here. And it’s gonna leave it’s location and attempt to go to the intestines. It’s not going to be able to get there, because of course, every path to the intestines has long been blocked up, because the intestines are blocked. And so it’s kind of subtle for a scar that can’t go, as close as it can get, and then what you’re gonna have is you’re gonna have your misery changing form, or changing location, as opposed to getting rid of it. And that’s the big reason.

P: So there’s a lot of different things you can use, castor oil to move your bowels, but your capsules, that you offer, Vitality Capsules, are they different herbs and things like that, that work to keep the bowels…

J: They’re whole herbs, whole herbs and spices, no chemicals, however, the advantage is you don’t have to taste it, it’s not liquid. That’s a huge, huge advantage. So I tried to get people, oh you no, you really don’t have to use these capsules, because I was grinding them up myself and packing them at home, so I was not interested in selling a large volume at the time. Now I am, but back then I was not. And so I said, you can not need these, you just drink more, I want you to walk more, just walk around the block. Walk around the block, I don’t even walk up the stairs. I said oh. So I had some pretty tough customers. And then I was saying, what about some vegetables, eat some more vegetables. That! I don’t eat vegetables. And so I really met with incredible resistance. You would think I was asking them for money or something. I was just asking them to poop. And so, I’m like what are you doing, using it for something, or are you going to cash it in at the end of life?

P: Are you saving it up for a rainy day or what?

J: Exactly. So I finally had to realize that I had to get people an easy way out. And so that’s when I hit upon the Vitality Capsules.

P: So we’ve got the water, no alkaline water, 3 or more bowel movements a day, what are some other key things?

J: Your food. Food is a huge, huge, huge issue. Especially with people who have adequate resources. A lot of people like to eat out. And I don’t care if you’re eating out at the healthiest store in town, restaurant in town, or you’re eating out at a fast food joint, you’re still eating out. And so what really needs to happy is you’ve got to start with simple food, we call it a pauper diet. Either eat out in your own back yard or you’re only eating the produce section of the store. That’s it. That’s all you do. You shop some produce, organic please. Start with that produce and if you want to cook, fine, take it home and cook it. But that’s it. And so you have to eat simple foods that don’t have heavy chemicals added to them. And the only way to do that is to do it at home. I’ve had clients who eat out of Whole Foods, everything they eat is from the Whole Foods salad and hot food bar. You tell them you cannot have canola oil. I can’t have an irradiated, genetically modified food from Canada? It’s from Canada. I said yes, Canada is a great country. However, it’s oil is not going to promote your health. And then they look and say, everything’s got canola oil in it. Okay, fine, then you can’t eat there. What, it’s Whole Foods! I say relax, calm down, okay. Just, you have to use olive oil. Use olive oil or something else. So you really have to taken personal responsibility for your food supply. If you’re wealthy enough, fine, buy the raw ingredients, have your chef cook it at home, and do not give them a complex ingredient like barbecue sauce. Don’t do it. Let them make their own barbecue sauce from scratch with whole, unaltered ingredients. It can be done. So, you have to eat plain food. You have to eat food that’s organic, not genetically modified, and I recommend starting with single ingredients and build up from there. I have a set of cookbooks called Recipes for Healing, that’s also available at my website. But this is so, so important, and a lot of people think, I’m eating superfoods. Well your superfoods are not so super. First of all, the thing that’s being so super is being harvested. Second of all, being dehydrated. Third of all, by law, the United States is being steam sterilized. So no super foods can possibly be raw. Being sterilized, the end of that process is not raw. And so you’re really not getting what you think you’re getting. So I tell people it’s just not part of the program. And if you really want to take it to another level, you’re only going to eat foods that grow in the area where you live. And for me it’s really tough, because I’m living in the tropics, right, so I can’t have apples. Like oh my God, no apples? So whatever part of the world you live in, you need to limit yourself to foods that grow in that biosphere of that region. And that’s going to accelerate your healing. So those are the basics, and then, only then, are you ready to use the Candida Cleanse. Now, for the turpentine. Now I’ll tell you this. I hear: well I can never there. Good news. On each one of these steps, you can figure out where you are before you start, where I’m telling you to go. Usually you need to go halfway there, except for the bowel movements. We can’t compromise on that, because the candida really do need a place to go. And if you take turpentine, they’re going to run, they’re going to scatter, they’re going to look for a place to go, and you’re not going to be happy with their decision, unless you’re having 3 bowel movements a day, because of course then, they’ll decide to go to the toilet, which is where you would like it to go.

P: Where is all this fungus overgrowth? The more people we talk to about this thing called candida or fungal overgrowth, it’s of epidemic proportions. Virtually everybody has the issue. Why? What’s the reasoning behind it?

J: I’m so glad you asked, because there’s a lot of confusion on this area. I personally am totally not confused. Not that anyone would agree with me, but I’ll tell you what I think. What is happening is, there is a total all out assault on human beings. Human beings are being murdered, one cell at a time. And what happens is, after a certain number of your cells die as a result of this onslaught, you need candida in order to clean up the mess to eat up your dead cells so they can be recycled and nutrients released and your immune system can move in and start healing. And that in a nutshell is what’s going on. So to back up and give you a little more background on that, let’s say a person is taking antibiotics. Anti means against, biotic means life. And literally, that’s exactly what it is. So a lot of people will tell you that antibiotics disrupts the body’s normal flora and it naturally selects for yeast. And that’s why you get a yeast overgrowth. I used to believe that, but I no longer believe that. What’s really happening is the antibiotic really is antibiotic, and it’s killing your cells, it’s killing your body, it’s killing you. And enough of your cells die, and the candida moves in to eat up those dead cells so they can be processed, so they can be moved out of the way so your body can start healing. So that’s the mechanism whereby antibiotics cause a yeast infection. Next you have steroid therapy. Steroid therapy of any kind, whether you’re taking steroid pills, steroid nasal spray, steroid lung spray, steroid creams on your skin. Steroids disarm, totally disarm the immune system. And watch those cells, you have to be here to protect them, that’s the immune system’s second job. It’s not it’s first job. The immune system’s first job is to repair tissue that is damaged in the course of normal wear and tear. That’s what your immune system does. It repairs your body and that’s what keeps your body going so you don’t just drop dead. And what happens whenever steroid show up, is all repair work ceases, no more repair work. Done. No repair done. And so, those cells that would have lived had they been repaired, instead die. They drop dead. Most of the repair, by the way, is at the cell membrane level. Protect the integrity of the cell. So what happens then, if these cells no longer are being repaired, they die, and then yeast moves in to eat up the dead cells. Third thing that is a source of fungus is chemotherapy. And again, same thing. The chemotherapy, the cell is killing the cancer, no, it’s killing you. It’s killing you. And whenever you see yeast, it’s because you are being killed. Your cells are being killed. And your first and foremost duty, I would say, is to find out what’s killing your cells and stop it. Now, step one through four, I’ve already given you, usually result in elimination of those things. The step I didn’t mention is to examine your medications, if you’re taking any, and stop them if you can, the best way you can. People can go to my site, apply for a Discovery Session, I can chat with them about that or about the possibility of helping them with that. But you need to do that. So what’s causing the yeast is that your cells are being murdered and are being killed. And the yeast is there to help you. Yeast is actually your friend. It’s just that you don’t appreciate the yeast, that’s all.

P: It’s so interesting, because more and more, with the people like Dr. Massey who are explaining how even the heart attack, things like that, or the tumor, is actually the body’s healing. I know it sounds strange, where it’s well past all the issues, and the body is actually getting better because it’s healing.

J: I wouldn’t say that.

P: I didn’t phrase that properly. So let’s not even go there.

J: Let me rephrase it for you. It’s your body making the best of a bad situation.

P: Yeah, right. Okay. But this idea that you just said about the candida, rather than what we’ve been thinking is an interesting concept, where you’re just screwing up the terrain, and the candida is just kind of going crazy because we’ve killed all the good guys, right, and the friendly bacteria. You’re suggesting that candida is there for a reason, that’s why we have it in the body, that it eats up bad cells, and that’s what it’s doing because the antibiotics actually kill the cells themselves.

J: Correct.

P: Very interesting. I never thought about that possibility, that antibiotics are actually destroying the tissues of the body itself.

J: Yes. That’s exactly what it’s doing. And the people who make these antibiotics must be laughing all the way to the bank. They say man, we got folks that take something, we even told them it was killing them. We call them antibiotics. We got them to eat it and kill themselves and pay us for it. Oh my God, what bigger joke could there be.

P: Yeah, we called it anti-life. That’s interesting.

J: We told them. Right. Anti-biotic. [01:02:08]

Hour Two

P: Do you have a lot of issues in a tropical area with bugs?

J: There are lots and lots of bugs. After you’re down here for a while, you get to where you’re very used to the bug bites, so that’s not really a problem. The only way to get rid of the bug bites or get rid of bugs is to spray very dangerous poisons twice a day, and then every woods do just that. Because most people traveling don’t understand. So now most resorts are pretty poisonous places to live. And what they do is, they want you to leave for your whole day, and go see the sights, because while you’re gone, they’re spraying the whole place and envelop you with poison. But of course I’m not aware of that.

P: There must be things that you can take internally to keep the buggies away, isn’t there? There’s a lot of creative things.

J: Turpentine helps. B complex 50, two a day, that helps. And what I recommend in my Candida Cleaner is that people mix a teaspoon of turpentine with a quarter cup of castor oil, mix it up, and then put it on their body. And the ??[00:02:25]go like yuck, you don’t even taste good, and so they leave you alone.

P: You know aloe, too, we have a great aloe powder, comes from the Aloe Ferox in South Africa, and you can take that and I saw a big difference with my doggies and fleas and ticks and stuff. So you might consider that.

J: One thing we did not mention was, people say, oh my God, you can’t eat sugar because that’s candida’s favorite food. What you cannot eat is you cannot eat dead food. White sugar is dead food. And so white sugar will definitely make candida grow out of control, but so will your basic processed cracker in a box, which is dead food. And so what you have to do is you have to eat food that’s alive. For example, if you happen to live here in the area, you would eat cane juice. And you walk down the street, they got a machine with a bunch of gears, you pay on the spot, and the juice flows into a cup and you drink it. So you can drink things that are sweet, but they’ve got to be really live foods. But not very much of it, to be honest with you. Anyone who asks me, I take off all bottled juices. Forget it. Even squeezed juices. You can squeeze your own juice but drink it like half or quarter straight. If you’ve got a raging candida thing going on, you really don’t want to feed it. But people need to understand that what’s really going on is if you eat dead, processed foods, you cannot overcome candida, even if those processed foods are not sugar. I guess that’s what I’m saying.

P: So I guess that’s why candida, if it’s a dead processed food, will eat anything, whether it’s got sugar or sugar component or not. Right? Because that’s it’s job.

J: In fact candida, if you want to call it, is a beneficial organism. That’s what it’s there for. It’s doing it’s job. And it’s simply not appreciated. So what we have to do, people who don’t want to be bothered by candida, you have to say, you know what candida, we understand, we’re going to take away your job. We’re going to do it for you. We’re going to not eat all this dead food, we’re not going to take antibiotics that kill cells. We’re not going to take steroids that damage the immune system. We’re going to keep a nice strong body that can repair the cells so you don’t have to come in and eat up all the dead cells lying around.

P: So I wonder why, though, you couldn’t use the pure gum spirits in oil or fat or something else?

J: Because the pure gum spirits don’t exist there. So you have to know what pure gum spirits are. What it means is you have a tree, and the tree bleeds resin. That resin is the gum. So pure gum spirits, then, is the sap that leaks out of the tree over this hardened resin. And that is collected, that liquid sap is collected. It’s distilled so it’s at a low temperature, so the oil evaporates but not the water. So then that oil that evaporates, that is what you get. So that’s what the term pure gum spirits is meaning. It means it’s only the stuff, the sap that comes out of the tree over the gum or the resin. That’s what it means. So you can’t have pure gum spirits of meat. You can’t have pure gum spirits of milk. It has to be the tree.

P: So you mean if you put it with fat it doesn’t work?

J: Oh I see what you’re asking. Why sugar, is that what you’re asking?

P: Yeah, yeah, yeah. In other words, why couldn’t you put it in coconut oil, buried in coconut oil rather than buried in sugar cube?

J: The reason you need the sugar cube is because the sugar cube fulfills at least two functions I’m aware of. The first one is it’s a vehicle. So the oil adheres to the sugar crystal. It actually gets into the sugar crystal. And then when you swallow the sugar, the sugar dissolves at a particular rate. And so the system is not inundated with the turpentine. So it’s a dosing thing. It’s a slow release mechanism. That’s number 1. Number 2 is that the sugar acts as a bait and attracts the parasites. The reason these parasites are so hard to get rid on, is that no matter what you try, they have defense mechanisms equal to the task. And especially with candida, you’re not going to eradicate candida with a frontal attack. It just isn’t going to happen. So what the sugar does, the sugar seduces the candida and gets it to let down its mechanism. And it goes to the sugar. It doesn’t even care for the turpentine. It’s like a teenager in love, so to speak. So it runs to the sugar, turpentine catches it soon, and it’s out of here.

P: They eat it.

J: Yes. So you don’t have the bait situation going on when you add oil. Oil actually surrounds the turpentine and makes it less powerful, with the coconut oil for example. The same with the fat. And neither one acts as a slow release agent. They don’t act as a bait. They don’t act as a release agent. So it’s not going to augment the turpentine. If you have a serious issue, let’s call it a medical emergency for lack of another term, you can use say a half cup of water with 7 drops of turpentine on top of the water, and then you drink it. Now what that does is, is the turpentine is obviously immediately available, and then the water comes behind it, and if you look at essential oils theory, the way it works is, the oil hits the skin, the water comes behind it and pushes the oil in even quicker. So if you take a glass of water with 7 drops of turpentine on it, and you drink it, then that turpentine is going to be available to you at a much faster rate than had you just taken turpentine alone. So for emergencies, that’s what you would use.

P: So what kind of emergency?

J: The ones I’m aware of, and where I’ve used it, I use it for pneumonias, like if a person comes in the office and they have a severe pneumonia, and I’m either going to admit them today or they’re going to be dead tomorrow, then that person gets turpentine drops on top of the water. I don’t even bother to admit them to a hospital, because they’ll be dead for sure. So the last bits of my practice, if you had pneumonia, it was not hospital diagnosis. In my office, we took care of it on the spot right there.

P: Interesting that you say that, because that thing I sent you, that research paper, the lungs are mentioned very very often in that. It’s got some kind of modality on the lungs.

J: So that was my vehicle for that. And then talking to people who were from Russia, because I had patients from Russia, from Russia and other areas in the world where they didn’t have access to medical care, they used it for severe febrile illnesses. Say you have a child who has a high fever, they’re in bed, they’re not moving, you don’t think they’re really gonna make it, this is what you would do, and boom, less than 24 hours, you turn around, up and playing. So those are the two emergency situations, that’s my given in an emergency.

P: What do you think, after the candida, and this candida, you don’t get rid of it, it’s just a fungus that’s got out of control, once it’s in control and you don’t have any more symptoms, and there’s a lot of different symptoms, right? All kinds of things, from insomnia to bad skin, rashes to fibro, all kinds of stuff. Probably general, pretty much what most of America has, they’ve got some kind of fungal pooper, right?

J: Whatever ails you.

P: Yeah whatever ails you. It’s probably just a massive epidemic that not too many people know about. So what do you think, you’ve obviously got that well under control, and I’ve got mine under using the pure gum spirits very quickly. So what do you think the turpentine is doing after that? What’s going on? Why do you keep taking it?

J: Because I would like to live to be 95 and in full control of my faculties.

P: What’s your research show, your theory or whatever, whatever word you’d like, what do you think it’s doing?

J: Basically it keeps you from getting to the next crisis. In other words, if you just poke along and just live your life, eat right, do right, whatever, then eventually what’s going to happen is you’re going to accumulate enough toxins or chemicals or whatever and that your body is going to do something like maybe have a stroke or develop arthritis or whatever. So what turpentine does, is turpentine maintains an environment where the pathogenic organisms don’t want to be around and want to leave, and the do leave. So that’s one thing it does. It maintains an environment where pathogenic organisms just don’t take hold and simply decide, you know what, we’re sorry we came to your body. We obviously got the wrong address, we’re leaving. So that’s number one. The next thing that turpentine does is it seems to have a direct beneficial effect on the immune system. The same way that it destroys the cell membrane integrity of the bad guys, it seems to maintain the cell wall integrity of your human cells. And also, in the French article you sent me, they mention that it had special beneficial properties helping the liver detoxify chemicals that come into the body. So you really can’t beat turpentine for a multi-purpose use. I would even put it ahead of garlic. That’s just how good it is.

P: So when you say good environment, or an unfavorable environment, what would they be, do you know? Is it just killing pathogens to keep the environment and the ecosystem …

J: Oh no. What it does, and this is really cool, it weakens the organisms so your immune system can remove them. So if it weakens an organism but your immune system says hey, wait, excuse me you’ve weakened the wrong organism, we don’t want that one out of here, then your immune system can just let that one stay and take away the one it wants to take away. It’s so cool. And so it lets your immune system stay in control. And that’s important.

P: How do you know it does that?

J: Because I’ve never had to use probiotics. The person always has been able to reestablish their own proper mix of good and bad bacteria. So the immune system can choose.

P: Without probiotics. Now I sent you, and I found out you were already using it, there’s a cool company in Georgia called Diamond Forest Products. I called the man. Lovely people, just an old timer, just a great guy. He’s got 4 or 5 hundred acres of pine trees. And he’s go this pure gum spirits in glass bottles. So I talked to him and said, how do you make this stuff? And he says, well, we just take the sap out of the trees, they actually have pictures of it on the website, and we distill it. We cook it at a very low temperature and this oil comes out, separates from the water, and that’s what we put in the bottle. That’s it. So how could that be harmful to you? It’s out of a tree.

J: Oh obviously, you take too much. Of anything.

P: Of course, you take too much of anything. But I’m just saying it’s like why would you put skull and crossbones on….

J: The government. It’s a regulation. It’s big brother at work.

P: But most of the turpentine out there is not what I just described. It’s made from the paper industry and it is chemicals and it’s all kinds of weird things going on. But that’s interesting, isn’t it, that isn’t just from the sap of the tree.

J: That’s what you want.

P: And I’ll tell you, that stuff, it actually smells almost like a flower. It’s almost sweet in a way. It’s a very interesting product. And I’ve tried both, the pure gum spirits from a can from this little hardware store, and this Diamond Force product, and I really prefer the Diamond Force product one. It just feels nicer, feels cleaner.

J: Smoother would be the word.

P: Smoother. Good word. The other one was fine. And people are emailing me, Patrick, why don’t you try this, why don’t you try this, here’s another one, here’s another one, have you tried it. I tried it. I love it. I couldn’t find any sugar cubes and I just get some raw organic sugar, in a big tablespoon, and I’ll just take like half a teaspoon and pour it over there, so it doesn’t gooey the whole thing, like you see this spot in there. And I’ll just put that in and take it like that.

J: I would encourage you to man up and push that dose a little bit higher. Higher than half a teaspoon. Half a teaspoon, you can do better than that. You have to go to 3/4. You could go to a teaspoon. Some people don’t like a teaspoon, but 3/4, universally, everyone loves that. That’s a good dose.

P: I have this strange spot on my right leg that if I would just eat, every now and then, an organic brown rice pasta, one of my favs you know, because I was raised Italian, and if I would have that more than once a week, that thing would start itching. So that was my canary in the coal mine. Plus waking up a lot, and some docs said, well you probably have candida in your liver, and I’ve been doing that for about 15-20 years. So I started doing that, and my little canary in the coal mine is gone, and let me report to you, this is amazing that we’re having this conversation. Last night was the first night I slept through the night, from 10:30 until 5:45, first time in 15 years. First time.

J: Awesome. That’s powerful. That’s what it’s do for you.

P: Of course I’m doing a lot of other different things, I’m on this sulfur, which is amazing. So never can just say, well, that did it, but as far as the candida, and if that was a liver thing for me, and the sleep waking up, it got to it.

J: The sleepless thing. That is a liver thing.

P: Is it a liver thing? And the candida?

J: Yeah.

P: Because liver time is 1-3 in the morning?

J: That’s right.

P: Have you had that experience with your patients? The sleeping, insomnia, and the candida with your patients?

J: Yes. Especially that 1-3 am. They wake up at 2 am and yup, it’s the liver. This is what happens at 2 am in the morning. Let’s say you sleep through the night. I’m going to say you sleep through the night. But at 2 am every single night, you could be sleeping, all of your organs have a conference. And the liver says, it gives this report, either I can’t handle it and one of you has to take the hit, one of you has to take all the chemicals I cannot remove from the blood. Who’s gonna take it? And they pick one organ, and they organ gets all the junk. And that’s the organ that’s gonna get the cancer, that’s the place that’s going to get the arthritis, whatever. But if you sleep through the night, that means the liver showed up at that meeting and said, you know what, thumbs up, everything’s clear, I was able to handle everything from today, don’t need you guys help, glad you’re gonna back me up.

P: Interesting. Of course from 3-5 am, right after that, is lung time. And I suspect that this candida fungus can be in there as well.

J: Yes it can. It absolutely can. And that’s the beauty of the turpentine, which is that it benefits all of the organs.

P: So many references to the lungs in this specific paper I sent you.

J: And the kidneys.

P: Everything.

J: Kidneys, lungs, liver, some pretty heavy hitters, very important organs. These are organs, if you think about it, that we end up trying to transplant. Big transplant industry in these organs. If you take your turpentine, you don’t need to be a donor or a recipient. You can kind of bypass the drama.

Caller Don in New York. I’ve been having some success using Idaho balsam fir essential oil, pharmaceutical grade, inhaling to kind of head off a cold. It’s similar to the pine oil family, could that achieve some of the goals that your doctor is aiming at? I’m inhaling through the nose. I take the bottle cap off and sniff it.

P: Probably the same genre Doc?

J: It’s exactly the same, because balsam is just one genus of the pine fur family. And in the early 1900s and late 1800s, they had balsam fir cough drops. And that was very, very popular. I would recommend though, that he switch to taking the oil preparation with the sugar, because when you inhale it, you can have secondary averse effects on the brain. So inhaling is not okay long term for the brain.

P: Leslie wants to know how I can use turpentine on my face for anti-aging safely.

J: I use that all the time. It drives my son crazy. You mix a teaspoon of turpentine with 1/4 cup of castor oil, mix it really well, then apply it to your face. You can apply it, I like to apply it at night, and then you have to put a cloth over your pillow, because you’re going to get castor oil all over your pillow. But the next morning, you’re absolutely beautiful, you’re just gorgeous, and the wrinkles you already have, you’ll see those wrinkles diminishing. You can just mix up the preparation and dip your fingers in and smear it around. That will last a couple months.

P: I wonder why castor oil is a good carrier for that.

J: It’s an excellent carrier. Castor oil and turpentine have just been married together. Hundreds and hundreds of years back, as far back as I can go in the literature.

P: But not internally so much?

J: Even internally. Let’s say you have an injury. One that happened in my family is that my daughter played lacrosse and she had a bad injury. She sprained/broke her ankle. We didn’t know if it was broken or sprained. And so I just had her drink the full teaspoon of turpentine and the full 1/4 cup of castor oil. She drank it, she pooped, all the pain was gone, and we realized it couldn’t possibly be broken, it must have been sprained, and she went right back out and played lacrosse the next day. So it’s just incredible.

P: Email from George. Dr. Daniels wrote about taking a teaspoon of turpentine two times a week until you reach your pre-candida state. How many months did it take for you and most of your challenged patients to reach this state?

J: It took me just one dose. How long does it take for someone seriously ill, like my mother, for example, who had a car accident 20 years prior and botched surgery 30 years prior. In order for her to return to her pre-candida state, it took her 6 months. But each day was better than the day before, so it wasn’t like 6 months of just nothing and then. Each day she got better and better and better.

P: That would seem like a tremendous amount of little fungi running around making babies. Wow!

J: Yup.

P. Second part of the question. Dr. Daniels also mentioned a bottle of magnesium citrate weekly or Vitality Capsules as directed. I currently use magnesium ascorbate daily to flush the colon. Can she discuss the herbs in her Vitality Capsules and why they might be better than the daily magnesium ascorbate?

J: Magnesium ascorbate is a combination basically of magnesium and Vitamin C. The advantage of that is that you are going to kill only a few incidental microbes and you’ll flush out your colon. Whereas Vitality Capsules clean out the bile ducts and the gall bladder system as well as the small intestine, large intestine, and it also promotes circulation. So it gives you a little more action on the liver and the circulation end to help promote the cleansing. The one bottle of magnesium citrate, I recommend that people who have jobs, like bus driver or something, and you just can’t get up and go, so those people, if they just take a bottle of Pervident ??[00:25:52]on the weekend, and 8 or 9 times, one or two days a week, that makes up for the stuff during the week that they’re not able to do it.

P: Boy castor oil works, doesn’t it? That’ll keep you going baby.

P: Email from Raoul. Is it possible to be allergic to turpentine? Can kerosene be a substitute for turpentine?

J: It’s possible to be allergic to absolutely anything. That’s number one. Is kerosene a substitute, no, the dosing is totally different. For kerosene dosing, consult people who are kerosene experts. The kerosene and turpentine are absolutely not equivalent. So the dosing and usage is different.

P: Do you know John or David Rockefeller? He used to sell kerosene back in the early 1900s. Made a lot of money doing it for people’s health.

J: Yeah, but he found he could make more money on the pharmaceuticals.

P: So he switched, yeah. Quite interesting that he figured that out years ago.

Email: I just wondering if you would recommend taking turpentine as a prevention from candida and parasites in kids? I have a two year old and a four year old. If so, how long and how often?

J: I would say absolutely. In fact African-Americans in the United States would give their kids turpentine anyone from once a day to once a week. Because African-Americans were not allowed to have access to modern medical care until 1952 with the Hill-Burton Act. And so what happened then is that they would give their kids turpentine in castor oil at least once a week. Of course the castor oil would be followed up by a wedge of orange to help erase the flavor. And so the answer is absolutely. What age would I start it at? I would start at a weight of more than 30 pounds, and I would do it at least once a week. I would do it once a week. From 30 pounds up, the dose is the same as it is for adults. That would be like 3/4 of a teaspoon of turpentine and a tablespoon of sugar. And give it to them once a week.

P: I’m curious though. You were suggesting, or did I misunderstand, that the castor oil idea is not the very best in any kind of oil or fat, but in the old days they used to use that, so am I confused then?

J: The way it works is that if you give any other oil besides castor oil, it’s not a good enough cathartic.

P: Oh, it doesn’t move the bowels.

J: Absolutely. So if you give any other kind of oil, olive oil, coconut oil, you’re not going to get enough of a cathartic effect for the turpentine to really work. That’s number one. The other thing is, turpentine seems to have a different relationship with the castor oil. It’s not as blunting an effect. Therapeutically, the effect is not diminished.

P: Interesting that they figured that one out. Second part of this lady’s question: How long should I be taking it, as a 33 year old woman, 110 pounds. I’m sure I have candida. Also, have you ever put it on warts?

J: I would use it at least once a month for the rest of your life. It’s just great in terms of preserving your functionality. I’m 56 years old, and I’m telling you, when I was a kid, a young kid like 10 or 15, I would see my mother’s friends who were in their 50s, and they were all swollen up, crippled with arthritis, they could barely get around. And so I didn’t want to be like that. So I take mine at least once a month and whenever I think about it.

P: So you only do it very seldom now?

J: Yeah, very seldom, or if something happens. I had a massage that was a little too deep. Liberated too many toxins, oh my God, I was in pain, I went back on the turpentine. For a few days. Cleared up very nicely and I felt just fine.

P: Email from Beth: Does turpentine come from pine or balsam fir, and can animals use it?

J: Yes animals can use it. It used to be used very prominently by vetenarians, especially for horses. Horses and cows and sheep. But they changed the curricula, of course, but it was used quite a bit, and frequently for race horses to help make them faster. It’s wonderful stuff.

P: How would they get it in the animals?

J: For horses, you just put it on a sugar cube. The horses will eat the sugar cube. The other animals, they would use it topically, or they put it in the feed.

P: Seems like the animals wouldn’t eat that. But I guess maybe they would.

J: I guess they put it inside some kind of treat, some kind of feed they especially like.

P: Yeah. And it would work.

J: Yeah.

P: And does turpentine come from pine or balsam?

J: Balsam is a type of pine.

P: I’m not sure what kind of pine tree this fellow in Georgia has. He’s got four or five hundred acres.

Collette writes: A friend of mine received a call from his doctor yesterday telling him he had stage 5 kidney disease and needs to go on dialysis. My friend was shocked and he had no idea that he was that far gone. He’s been on seizure medication most of his life. He’s now 51 and does not want to go on dialysis. Does Dr. Daniels have any suggestions?

J: You can imagine I started getting a lot of people like that person in my practice. That’s part of what I did when I was in practice, I kept people off dialysis. There’s more to it than just turpentine. He has to hydrate himself because he needs more water, not less, like his doctors are telling him. He also needs an alternate route to get rid of his waste, which would be either enemas or sauna, because the sauna pulls toxins out through the skin. That’s basic, that will get him started, and of course he can go to my website Vitality or and get a free Discovery Session to see if I might be able to help him further.

P: So detoxification just in general, saunas and enemas, things like that, helps the kidneys to get back on track?

J: Well the kidneys are an organ of detox, and so what you need to do then is use an alternate form of detox while the kidneys are healing. So the kidneys will actually heal spontaneously if you use an alternate form of detox and, of course, adjust your diet so you don’t have the stuff in them that cause the kidney problem in the first place. Now in this person’s situation, I don’t know what seizure medicine he’s taking, but he might be taking a seizure medicine that causes kidney failure. So have to always examine that.

Caller George: I have a question about fiber. You mentioned flax seed. I also take the clay that night and diatemaceous earth and psyllium. Do you have an opinion on those fibers? And how do you prepare the flax seed? Do you take it whole or do you take it ground up?

J: Take the flax seed, soak it overnight in water, 4 times the amount of water as you have flax seed. That releases the omega 3s from the seeds, and then you don’t have to grind them. Then the next question was about fibers. Are you talking about psysllium and diatomaceous earth, or bentonite? It turns out that your pulling in different directions there. The diatomaceous earth and the bentonite, it constipates you, the psyllium is going to give you more bowel movements. So, what I would recommend, if you want to take all 3 of those, is I recommend you take the diatomaceous earth and the clay together, and take the psyllium separately. And that you take enough psyllium to give you the bowel movements you need to clear out the clay and the earth.

P: So Kerri Rivera, who’s working with the parasites and the autistic kids and chlorine dioxide in Mexico. They’re using diatomaceous earth to help with the parasites. Have you found that effective?

J: I don’t use it at all. Not that it doesn’t work. But I use a different approach. First of all, diatomaceous earth works because it has sharp edges that slit open the parasites. Namely we’re really talking about worms and other things that slither. Not all parasites slither. So diatomaceous earth cannot be expected to do a whole lot with say candida or small organisms, just because of the mechanism of its action. So I prefer to use a broader spectrum thing, like maybe the bentonite clay that acts as an adsorbent, soaking up organisms of all sizes, and you couple that with the turpentine that acts as a repellent getting the organisms to flee and to leave. So that’s my approach.

P: So if you use the clay, and we promote one that we really love, it’s a pyrophyllite clay from Vitality Herbs. It’s really a nice clay. So if you take that, does it help to absorb these kind of unwanted guys and get them out?

J: Yes, it adsorbs all of them, because the clay, first of all you have individual pieces or molecules of clay. But the clay has the ability to form quasi-crystalline type structures that act almost like a cage and can trap even bigger organisms. So clay is very nice.

P: Email from Ted: I have no thyroid problems but I want to supplement with iodine. How much would be adequate?

J: If you have no thyroid problems, you have to question if what you’re experiencing can be remedied by iodine at all. If you’re sure that you don’t have an iodine deficiency, the next thing is, let’s say you want to take iodine anyway. I recommend putting it on the skin because if you do it that way, you can’t overdose.

P: So is that way of putting iodine on the skin and watching how long it takes to absorb a reasonable way to know if you’re deficient?

J: It’s a reasonable way of knowing if you’re getting toxic. For example, if you keep putting it on and it’s absorbing, it’s absorbing, it’s absorbing, and it stops absorbing, that tells you you’ve reached your limit, that you have enough iodine. That’s the good news.

P: So say you get a potassium iodide or some Lugol’s, and then you put it on your skin, like a half-dollar’s worth, and then how would you know if you got enough? Do you just keep doing it?

J: No. You wait 5 minutes. If it’s gone, your body needs more. And personally, I usually recommend a bigger area, like 10 inches by 5 inches. Just put it on. And if it’s gone in 5 minutes, then you know that your body could use more. So the next day, keep doing it, keep doing it every day, until one day, at the end of 5 minutes, it’s still going to be there.

P: So if it doesn’t absorb in 5 minutes, you have enough?

J: Yeah, you’re okay. I wouldn’t use a dime or a quarter’s worth, that’s not much.

P: But there’s so many people just saying we need it every day, but you don’t agree with that.

J: You do need some every day. But it’s something your body can store. And it’s something you can dose. In other words, you can put it on a large area, say 10 inches by 4 inches, and once you get to where your body’s not absorbing it all, it’s staying longer, then you can do it once a week. Or I can do it once a month. But there’s no way, in my mind, you need it every single day the rest of your life. It’s not like that.

P: Dr. Daniels has a whole paper – is that paper that I have here available to people to read, on the pure gum spirits? The one that you wrote?

J: Yes. That one, you can go to my website, find it, I’m going to have a sale on that. It’s actually for sale. So sign up for my list and I’ll be sending out notice in a few days, letting people know when they can buy it at a much lower price. We’re lowering the price on it. I also have another book, Murder By Medicine Is No Accident,and that’s a Kindle book.

P: The subtitle is: Why Your Doctor Is Prescribing The Lethal Dose.

Email from Linda in Michigan: I’m curious if a 3 day water or juice fast is long enough before beginning the pure gum spirits. Can I continue my sulfur with taking turpentine? Would I mix it or separate it? Or would I mix it with Serrapeptase, borax?

P: People always like to mix things up. They think it’s better. I get all these emails, can I mix up this with the sulfur? Can I do this? Just take it alone.

J: They’re taking so many things, they want to make it efficient by mixing them all. In some things you can mix, some things you can’t mix. The answer about should he go on an elaborate juice fast before taking the turpentine, the answer is no. It’s the exact opposite order. The order is water, poop, clean up the diet, turpentine, then you’re ready for your juice fast. People have tried the other way around. It doesn’t seem to work as well, and people tend to get cleansing reactions. But if you use the turpentine first, what the turpentine does is it gets you to clean out a bunch of stuff ahead of your juice fast, so now your juice fast is not as traumatic.

P: That makes sense. Emailer continues: Can continue to take my sulfur with the turpentine?

J: The answer is, not with the turpentine. Maybe turpentine in the morning, sulfur in the afternoon, or vice versa.

P: Would I mix it with Serrapeptase?

J: No.

P: Emailer: After listening to the program earlier in the week about small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, I was wondering how Dr. Daniels would treat someone with that issue? What does she think about using Rifaximin versus natural antibiotics?

J: I’m not familiar with that product.

P: What about small intestinal bacteria overgrowth?

J: Turpentine is a fix for that. Absolutely perfect. I had a patient that came in, she was a teenager and she came from this moderately affluent family, and they just loved spending their money on amusing, entertaining things. And all of a sudden, like a circular switch, she became this sour, difficult, obstructive, no fun kind of person, interfering with everyone else’s good time. So that was worthy of an office visit. And I listened to everything they said and realized that what had happened was, all of a sudden, she developed small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. And I said, you know what, I think she needs some turpentine, a couple doses will take care of it. And oh my God, the family was aghast. But we’re not going to murder our daughter! We just want to improve her. And so they went home and they did not eat the turpentine. The one time she threw such a fit, the atmosphere was so sick, we don’t care if it does kill her, we’re going to give it to her. And so they gave her the turpentine and guess what, clicking a switch, boom, she was back to her normal pleasant, happy self. So, I would say I definitely recommend turpentine for that type of issue.

P: Do you think it kills worms and bugs and stuff like that?

J: It gets the whole ball of wax. It’s famous for worms, that’s what it was used for mostly, but it also does candida, bacteria, and viruses. And again, the way it does it, is it stuns these things, so the immune system can do the rest. And that’s why you need the brisk flow in the intestines. Because if you don’t have brisk flow in the intestines, then the immune system will not weigh in with an opinion on the matter.

P: Because?

J: There’s no place for the stuff to go. So why should the immune system make a decision?

P: It’s just going to sit there and go, okay guys, get a grips, let’s move it out.

J: You leave, you stay, you leave, you stay, I don’t know about you. It just sorts. Your immune system is a sorting mechanism. All it is is a sorting mechanism. And so if you try to get your immune system to become a murder mechanism, then you’re misusing your immune system.

P: Very interesting. So it’s probably smart enough to know that if things are backing up there, that you would just get so toxic you could almost die. If you just got a lot of toxic stuff hanging out, right?

J: The immune system says, why don’t we store you over here in the left hip, and store you in the right hip, and you get to get stored in the lower back area, and before you know it, you’re hurting all over.

P: Emailer from Ed in Ohio: Specifically, how would I use turpentine to help my 9 year old son who has been diagnosed with a candida issue? He’s also had several food allergies, including severe peanut ingestion, allergic to gluten, his Mom also has lots of candida issues, anticipate a real challenge getting her to go along with turpentine. How do I talk her into going with this treatment for my son and possibly for herself?

P: So Ed’s already predicting what’s going to happen when he starts talking about turpentine.

J: Go to And she can listen to my old radio shows, and then she’ll decide I’m really an okay person. So then we have the first battle down. Then he can say she’s a real doc, she went to medical school

P: She went to Harvard, she’s a Cliffe…

J: Not too many of those. And so I would work with that issue, because you really have credibility issues. So if you work on diet issues, work on having her listen to my radio shows, that would be the way to proceed. Then I have an updated version of The Candida Cleaner coming out, and I’m gonna answer a lot of questions that peole seem to be coming up with. That might help her too.

P: Let us know when that comes out and we’ll help you promote that through our site.

Cliff writes in, I’m writing to ask what my wife can do naturally for hot flashes. She’s 61, hysterectomy at 35, hormone replacement therapy for 24 years, breast cancer, 98% estrogen positive, removed at age 59, did radiation, refused tamoxifen, took out her gall bladder. Got a lot going on.

P: Breast cancer was caused by the hormone replacement therapy. Poor lady. Wow. But if all she wants to do is get rid of hot flashes, we can stay focused. What she can do then, is she needs to increase her water, increase her pooping, increase her intake of natural foods, and that might be all it takes. If that’s enough, fine, if it’s not, then she needs some liver help, like milk thistle, asparagus, artichokes, alpha lipoic acid, B vitamins. So first thing to do is to check our her beverages, make sure she’s on all water beverages. Next thing is to make sure she’s pooping regularly. I found that for hot flashes, if they’ll do just those 3 steps, which is water, poop, and an all-natural diet, they do very well. If she still needs hormones, she can drink double-strength red raspberry tea.

P: Double-strength red raspberry tea. That helps balance hormones?

J: No, she doesn’t need balance. This lady probably has had her ovaries removed as well, is what it sounds like, it’s pro forma. She doesn’t need balance. She needs hormones at all.

P: Poor gal. They just took everything out.

J: And it probably was not necessary.

P: Emailer: This is not a candida question, but I listen to your talks and you speak on many subjects. In the wintertime, I usually got very cold and I can’t warm up until it’s spring. The coldest place in my body is between my shoulder blades and the back of my hands. Last year I went without heat to see if my body would acclimate. Also I’ve just started taking the sulfur to increase oxygen, so I’m hoping that’s going to help. Any ideas on that?

Maybe low thyroid doc? What else?

J: I’m guessing, most people get the thyroid checked and it’s normal. The first thing is, I had the same problem, and honestly, I was vegan at the time. I do eat meat now, and I don’t have any problem with being too cold. Course I’m in the tropics too, but even up north, I would turn the heat in the wintertime over 80, just to try and warm up. And I’d even soak in the tub for 30 minutes in very hot water, just to try to get warm enough to get to sleep at night. So a little bit of meat, what kind of meat, all meats are not created equal. I would recommend for her particular problem two or three ounces of calf liver, maybe twice a week, and then plus or minus maybe a small piece of beef once a week.

P: So what if this lady, for example and others, who get cold, can’t warm up by eating meat, what other kinds of things to look at?

J: If you’re already eating meat and you have that problem, then you have a circulation problem. The warm blood is not circulating throughout your body. And so, for that problem, she could take Vitality Capsules. There’s a combination of garlic in there, cayenne in there, that promotes circulation, and ginger as well, so you can take any of those things, or all in combination, so ginger, garlic, cayenne, those are three things that promote circulation, and if you’re already a meat eater, will warm you up. If you’re already a meat eater, your problem is that warm blood, which is in your core, is not circulating around your body. If you’re a vegan, the problem is that the heat is not there, in which case, add a little meat.

P: Okay, garlic, cayenne, ginger, they’re the really good circulating herbs. So the warm blood is there somewhere, it’s just not moving around maybe.

J: That’s why you’re alive. We know you got it somewhere.

P: We are warm-blooded animals, right.

Emailer: Can you ask Dr. Daniels if I can use black strap molasses instead of sugar cubes with the turpentine?

J: No, no, no. First of all, the turpentine is oil. You can not get a water-based solution to fulfill the distribution of an oil product. That’s one thing. Because lot’s of people will try to mix honey and all kinds of liquid stuff, it doesn’t work. The only reason sugar works is because the crystalline structure of sugar, and the oil penetrates the crystalline structure, and then you get the slow release mechanism. The problem with the molasses, there’s two problems with the molasses. That’s the one problem. The other problem with molasses is there’s too much nutritional value. You want these parasites to get no nutritional value. You just want them to get seduced into coming into contact with the turpentine and then they die or they leave. So that’s all you want. You don’t want to give them anything of nutritional value, which is what molasses would be.

P: James writes in: Try it Patrick, let us know how it works.

P: I have, it does, and I’m still here to talk about it. I couldn’t find sugar cubes when I first read Dr. Daniels’ paper, so I just used some organic sugar. And it works fine for me.

P: Somebody writes in: Turpentine works because of the sulfur transporting oxygen across the cell membrane.

J: Possibly, yeah.

P: Heidi write: Does turpentine have any damaging effects on the body if you only take a teaspoon a day. More specifically, can it affect your eyes negatively?

J: People have gotten back with me and told me it affects their eyes positively. That they can throw away their reading glasses, they’re just really impressed with the effects it has on their eyes. But the question I think I heard was: can you take a teaspoon a day every single day for the rest of your life? I would say absolutely not. I would not recommend that. I would recommend long term use either twice a week or less often. So I only recommend daily use for like 4 days to get started if you want a pick-me-up in a severe situation. But I don’t recommend every single day indefinitely. Because it can accumulate after about 2 or 3 weeks. I had one patient took it or a full month, every single day, because she misunderstood my instructions. So I’d seen her back and I asked her some questions, and said, are you still taking that turpentine? And she went YES. I said, oh my God, stop, stop. And so she was getting little itty bitty twitches, like I was describing to you on day 7 when I was increasing my dose each day.

P: Twitches, what do you mean twitches?

J: It’s just like you lose control over a very small muscle for a temporary period of time. You’re unaware.

P: That would be a sign that you’re doing too much.

J: Exactly.

P: Rich writes, are either of you any way to tap the benefits of the pine trees? I have long needles, barks, cones, and pollens set all over my house and car at different time of the year. Can you give the brand name of the gum spirits products you have found in the US?

P: Yes, Diamond Force Products. If you got pine trees where you live, you probably could figure it out, huh?

J: Pine cones have pine nuts in them, so the seeds is definitely edible. The tree, obviously you can use that for shelter. The sap of the pitch tar can be used for starting fires and for fuel. The tree is really very useful.

P: Pollen’s good. People gather the pine pollen. Course we have the tincture we promote, which is really an amazing way to do it. When you eat it, it’s a little different than when you mix it with alcohol. But there’s fun things.

P: Here’s Max from Switzerland. Here’s my short experience with turpentine. I’ve taken it for a week like this. 10 drops with honey once per day for 7 days. At the end of the period, made a coffee enema. The day after, found a high volume of rope worms in my stool.

P: But it worked with honey and you said it didn’t. So I’m confused.

J: He was doing enemas?

P: Yeah.

J: And especially coffee enemas. The coffee enemas cause the liver to expel more things. The liver wants to expel stuff, and then you got turpentine coming along saying hey, you little wormies got to get out of here, and the worms, go oh my God, it’s turpentine, we’re out of there. So there you have it.

P: Does Dr. Daniels, he writes, familiar with rope worms? Lots of people seem to find them nowadays.

J: I’m familiar with rope worms. This is an area of controversy. It’s come to my attention so I’ve gone to the internet, I’ve looked it up, Googled it, seen the pictures, and my unsophisticated, very biased opinion, I say biased, I mean I went to medical school, so that is biased, so it looks to me like 1) mucus and 2) the cellular lining of the intestine as it’s discharged. Because it’s toxic. So it does not look to me like a worm at all. I’ve seen lots of worms. This does not look like a worm. I have had people come in and bring me in, to the office, they only bring in these things like this, let’s call them rope worms, when they’re on the mend. So when you see these things, it’s a sign you’re on the mend. People who are not getting well, who are having difficulties and issues, they don’t have any of this because their stool is too hard, it’s too stiff, it’s too plugged. So when you see this stuff coming out, it means you’re getting unplugged and you’re going in the right direction.

P: We talked to a gentleman from south Florida, Professor Volinsky, on this whole rope worm thing, a few weeks ago. And he’s doing DNA testing, he’s trying to figure out what they are. He said he’s trying to prove what they are. So he’s working on that. But he says they have about 20 or 30% human DNA. So not sure.

J: Well I tell you, this is the lining of your own intestine being discharged.

P: Who cares what it is, it’s just that you better want it out than in.

J: Exactly. It’s there, it’s coming out, and that’s the good news. And at the point at which you see these, I call them slime bodies and rope worms coming out, you are making progress, you’re going the right direction, keep going.

P: So you said if you don’t get them for a while, it’s just that it’s too impacted in there, it’s not happening.

J: Also, some people never get them. They just go ahead and heal.

P: That’s good. But don’t they have to come out if you have stuff going on in your intestine?

J: The problem with the intestines, in people who are sick, say chronic candiasis, is there intestines are blocked and they usually cannot reliably and promptly remove things through the intestines. And so, as you start cleaning the intestines out, a lot of times what the body will do, as part of healing, make a new lining for the intestines. And it’s just like the skin of a snake, it’ll shed the old lining. And that’s what this looks like to me. This rope worm pictures I’m seeing on the internet.

P: I would suspect there are wormies in there that are eating up the bad guys, or the waste material, just like the candida, and that we just kind of eject them on a regular basis out of the stool anyway.

J: If you get one of these rope worm type formations, it means the body hasn’t cleansed in a long time, and it’s collecting to do one big cleanse, which is this slime of growth that’s filled with microorganisms and some, of course, macroorganisms.

P: Now I’ve seen pictures, some of the autistic kids, when they get on this mebendazole, diatomaceous earth, and some other things, and the chlorine dioxide. And man, these are worms. They’re worms.

J: You can see them. They got the eyeball, ??[00:11:46],sections. ??[00:11:52]. Then there’s the ones with no doubt about it.

P: There’s no doubt about it. You say, whoa, this guy I don’t want in here.

Max writes in: Is turpentine effective in expelling liver parasites and if yes, do we need different doses, scheduling, or different protocol other than the candida?

J: The answer is yes and no. So yes, it is effective at the liver level, and no, you don’t need a different protocol. And you don’t need a different protocol because step 1 and 2 of the protocol clear out the intestines so the liver can empty into the intestines. So you’re not gonna use any turpentine until you’ve cleared the way for the liver to empty its parasites.

P: No alkaline water, 1 part per 60 pounds, and 3 or 4 more bowel movements. Get everything moving along.

J: Exactly.

P: Roger wrote: I’ve yet to clear out my amoeba parasites and I’m dealing with aeromonas caviae. What would the turpentine dose be and how many times per day?

J: It would be the same. Again, turpentine is working with your immune system. Many people have a militaristic view about things. What substance do I use to murder this thing? Really stomp it out, explode it. This is going on in your body. You do not want WW III going on inside your liver, because that would kill you too. So that’s not the way turpentine works and that’s why turpentine is so effective. The way turpentine works is, these unwanted organisms detect turpentine, so oh my God, I gotta get out of here. This is not the place for me, excuse me, so long liver, I’m leaving you and going to the toilet, gonna find the next liver down the line. I know there’s a better liver out there. And that’s the way it works. And so, because that’s the way it works, that’s why you have to go through the trouble of preparing your body so there is an exit for these organisms. And the reason you have to change your diet, that’s so important, is because these organisms will not go willingly if you’ve laid a table of feast for them at your table, which would be your intestines or your body. So you’ve got to let them know, there’s turpentine here, we know you don’t like that, and there’s no food for you anyway, so leave. And they’ll leave.

P: I like the way you put that. There’s no food for you anyway. There’s just no food.

J: Why put up with turpentine? Why put up with all this stuff if there’s no benefit to you anyway. And these parasites are very, very intelligent, actually, and they’ll say, you know what, they’ll do a cost/benefit analysis and they’re out of there.

P: Many people believe that they’ll live in this whole biofilm thing going on in your intestines.

J: Oh yeah, I’ve heard about that. I had to look it up online what a biofilm is. And I had to read a few papers on biofilm to educate myself. I now know what a biofilm is. A biofilm basically is a pseudomembrane or pseudotissue formed where these biological organisms live and do their thing. Now you know what a biofilm is. But, this is the deal, you have 50 trillion cells in your body, and you have 500 trillion microorganisms that actually belong there. And they live on biofilms too. The good guys. A perfectly healthy person has 500 trillion microorganisms. Now these organisms need a biofilm to live well. So if you set about destroying every single biofilm in your body, that’s not gonna work for you.

P: That old war thing again.

J: Yeah. You can’t do it. Let me sound really new agey here. The world works on love. You have to love your colonies.

P: It just works on love, doesn’t it. Yeah, good job. You’re on to something there. You can’t be killing all this stuff. War doesn’t work, we know that.

J: That’s it. You can’t destroy your body’s whole habitat. You can’t say because the bad guys have lived here, I’m gonna drop a bomb in my intestines, so bad guys can’t live in my intestines ever again. It sounds good, but then you can’t digest food in your intestines ever again either. So we don’t want to get too final about this.

P: Please shorten as needed, but here’s an email from Holly. I’ve been battling with candida for a couple years and this last year it’s made my skin, scalp, face, hell. Might’ve not been healthy, but life was easier when it was inside and not coming back and forth out. It was very life-changing when it affects your outward appearance. Does the doctor think that turpentine would have a negative like melting effect on my gummy bear type silicone breast implants? [She had a mastectomy, reconstruction, the whole thing.]

J: The dose of turpentine is not high enough to melt your implants. That’s the good news. So if you’re very careful and you stick to it, I would say 4 cc, a teaspoon is 5 cc, so stick to maybe a 4 cc dose. That’s number 1. Number 2, the fact you’ve been battling candida for two years and all the stuff that’s coming out, it might be that your battle plan needs to be revised. So I would say, drop your battle plan and try the approach in the Candida Cleaner document. I’m working with a lady privately who had rashes all over her body, it’s creeping up to her face, and that’s what really drove her in a panic to email me and get started. And now her rash is almost gone, whereas before it was all over her neck and back.

P: So 1 teaspoon is 5 cc of liquid turpentine. Do you know how many grams that is?

J: It’s an oil so it’s lighter than water. So it will be fewer grams. So it’s a volume measure, you have to use a volume measure.

P: Because I saw in that paper,a big long, involved, very technical paper I sent you, been reading, that they have the dosage for mice.

J: One gram per kilogram. That’s pretty high. I wouldn’t be using that on people.

P: Yeah, they’d be like huge. That would be a monstrous dose. That’s what a mouse can take, what I can take is different.

J: It’s a lab rat. So if it dies, they toss it and get another one. We’re dealing with humans here. We stay below the minimum lethal dose. We don’t mess with that other stuff.

P: I never did get that whole rat thing anyway. It’s like, oh well the rat didn’t die. Well good.

Emailer: My daughter has very bad COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and so far has lived out her death sentence. She needs something to get her lungs cleared up while she is on strong drugs. Will turpentine get it done?

J: So we have here an oxymoron. It’s while she’s on strong drugs. You need to consider that the strong drugs may be contributing to her situation. And so, will the turpentine help her? I tell you, it will not hurt her, I can say that much. But if the drugs are what’s causing her COPD or making it worse, aka inhaled steroids or oral steroids, whatever, then the turpentine may be of limited help. It certainly won’t hurt, I’ll tell you that.

P: There is a lot of references to the lungs though, in the research. So it’s got something with this pure gum spirits and the lungs. Something’s going on.

Emailer: Does Dr. Daniels have anything to say about constant low dose, like a drop an hour in a glass of water? Also, why doesn’t honey work?

J: First of all, one drop in a glass of water is like why bother, you’ve got other things to do with your life. I can definitely say I’ve not tried it. One drop in a glass of water every hour, I can’t say, I just don’t recommend it because it’s just not practical for most people. So I always say, go for it and let me know how it turns out. Why doesn’t honey work? Again, honey doesn’t work for the same reason molasses doesn’t work. You’re trying to distribute a fat soluble substance in a liquid aqueous. It just doesn’t work.

P: Lance writes in from California, can you ask Dr. Jennifer if the pure gum spirits can contact metal? I guess so, people have used this stuff in the metal can, it works, right?

J: Is she talking about her metal fillings? I don’t know what she is talking about.

P: Oh, that’s probably what it is.

J: I don’t know. So people with metal fillings have used it with no problem.

P: An emailer writes, does pure gum spirits help with the health of your hair?

J: I don’t know, I don’t use it for that. For that I use other things, it’s in my bookDo You Have The Guts To Be Beautiful? I talk about hair stuff and the earth I use for hair. So I don’t use it for hair. I would imagine it might help. But I haven’t noticed any particular help. In other words, I would take turpentine for my body issues, and then if I want thicker hair and less gray hair, then I’m gonna use minerals, small willow flower, and shou wu. So hair is a different thing.

P: Small willow flower? What is that?

J: It’s called small willow flower herb, and it interacts with the receptors in the follicles, I guess, and it says Hey Wake Up! And it gets them to start growing. I don’t think turpentine helps because a big deficiency with hair is minerals, and turpentine is not a big mineral source.

P: Course if you clear out the gut and get things happy down there, you’d absorb more minerals theoretically, wouldn’t you?

J: You’d have more minerals absorbed, right. Parasites aren’t eating so many, you have more for yourself. But again, it’s not that big dramatic 3 weeks later my hair is thicker and growing faster. Whereas with the small willow flower herb, you do get that effect.

P: Small willow flower, that’s a new one. And then the ho shou wu you mentioned, it’s a good kidney tonic, right?

J: Yeah, and it’s the kidneys that affect the hair.

P: Should we take turpentine on an empty stomach?

J: This is a heated debate between me and people who read my literature and do what I say. I say, it seems to me, take it on an empty stomach and the parasites are right there, and they’re hungry, and boy they really get to having a feast. That’s my opinion.

P: So what’s your opinion of the best time to take it?

J: The regular people out there in the streets say, ahh, I don’t think so. So I would say in the morning, on an empty stomach, is most effective, but people who use it say no, taking it on an empty stomach makes them burp turpentine all day long, and they prefer to take it like in the afternoon, like maybe after work, or an hour or two before bed.

P: It’s so funny, I’ve taken maybe half a teaspoon, sometimes 3/4, but I think I’m going to man up and try more, like Dr. Daniels said, of this pure gum spirits from Diamond G Forest Products. I haven’t had any, nothing but feel really good after I’ve taken it, feel good all day. Nothing tastes funny, just really good experience with that product.

Emailer: Can you ask Dr. Daniels, because of the sugar, how would this turpentine protocol be for a Type 1 diabetic? Do you have a protocol for healing Type 1 diabetes?

J: What I have found, and what this article from France has found, is that the turpentine actually improves diabetic function by healing the pancreas. So that’s fantastic. At the time I was in medical practice, Type 1 diabetes was considered absolutely, totally, completely incurable, don’t even try it. But it has been found that it has a phenomenol effect on Type 2 diabetics. So I would say, for Type 1 diabetics, you need to definitely follow the protocol. Start with step 1, which is water, and as a Type 1 diabetic, convert all your beverages to water, so that means get rid of your soda pop, your coffee with cream, convert your beverages to water. That may take you a month or two to get through that one step. Then make sure you’re pooping regularly and then from thereon, get yourself on natural food and try it. Take it one step at a time, and each step you take, you’re going be able to lower your insulin dose. So pay attention and lower your insulin dose. If your blood sugar goes too low, it’s because you’re overdosing insulin, not because you’re not eating enough. So you have to reinterpret that last value. So if your blood sugar is a little low, it means you’ve got to cut back your insulin. And if you’re willing to aggressively and methodically cut back your insulin, you’ll do just fine.

P: Emailer: Can diluted turpentine be placed in the ears to help tinnitus?

J: I wouldn’t do it.

P: It seems a little aggressive.

J: I would not do it. I would use garlic and mullein ear drops, fill the ear canal, plug with cotton, sleep with that ear up. Tinnitus is resolved by taking turpentine internally. So taking the 3/4 to 1 tsp. turpentine twice a week, and over time the issue of tinnitus going away is gone.

P: Emailer: Also, Diamond G Forest Products web site, they have aged turpentine and regular. Is either one preferable as far as effectiveness?

You know, I saw that, and I’m glad she mentioned that, because I was going to ask you. I wonder what aged turpentine is.

J: Aged turpentine is what the French paper referred to as a combination of oxidized and non-oxidized turpentine. They have that combination. Everything I’ve done, I’ve done with the unaged version. Having said that, I find that if your turpentine is 1, 2, 5, 10 years old, it’s still effective.

P: I could call and ask them. I wonder if they do anything, otherwise than it’s just old? I don’t know.

J: Yeah, it’s old and it’s oxidized.

P: Oxidized! Ahh. So what’s going on in the body, do you think differently, doc, if you take that one?

J: What the French people have found in their paper was that the oxidized turpentine had a different effect on its action from the nonoxidized turpentine.

P: Might be fun to try just to see, huh? Be an experimenter.

J: Oh absolutely. Yeah.

P: Emailer: You can tell your host that if she adds gelatin to the mask recipe, it will harden and you can just peel it off the next day. Oh, they’re talking about I guess the castor oil/turpentine mask. Do you think that would mess it up?

J: No, no, no, no, no, you don’t want to do that.

P: See our listeners, everybody’s always trying to make it faster, better, or you know.

J: If you apply occlusion to the turpentine, the turpentine can get stuck and cause burns. You don’t want to apply occlusion of turpentine. If you apply turpentine and castor oil to your skin, and then you put cellophane over it, that can hold that turpentine in and not allow it to evaporate. And it can cause burns, chemical burns, on your skin. You don’t want to do that. Our listener is right, if you add gelatin to it you will get a plastic effect. But don’t do that.

P: Emailer: I bought some Klean Strip Pure Turpentine from tree resin. It does not say gum. Is that okay or not? And I found the one that Patrick talked about, Diamond G Forest, being very naturally farmed. It is. I will order that one if the above type is wrong.

Klean Strip Pure Turpentine. I’m not sure about that one.

J: I am familiar with that. Tree resin and gum are the same thing, they’re different words for the same thing. So the Klean Strip is a form of 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. And I have used it, actually, quite a bit in the past. I would say that would be an okay brand to use. You may find that the Diamond G Forest stuff is more to your liking. I would say use the Klean Strip for now, see how you like it, and then you might want to try the other one in the future to see which one you like the best.

P: Debbie writes in that the giant pine statue is in the Vatican. They know the power of pine. It is shaped like the pineal gland, the pine cone.

Interesting, our listeners are so funny.

I should mention this, because I bet this is going to be prevalent. Somebody’s writing in, saying I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’m in a terrible situation. I came down here from the Philippines and the typhoon and I need money. You know this is going around, people, all the scammers. People are just scamming people for money, saying they’re trapped at the Philippines and all of this. Be very careful.

Ann writes in: How should the turpentine be used for guttate psoriasis?

J: Got it. You should use it the same way. Again, you have to pay special attention to each one of the steps. I can’t tell you who’ll email me, oh, it didn’t work, no, no, …. Well did you do this? No. Did you do that? No. So, that’s one. The next step is, you should also get my book,Do You Have The Guts To Be Beautiful? And there, it tells you how to use rice bran to scrub your skin. So if you have psoriasis, then you have a lot of toxins being stored right there in your skin. So if you use the rice bran, you’re removing them right there at the skin level. Very quickly. And so you’ll get progress 5 to 10 times faster if you use that with it.

P: You can use rice bran to scrub your skin?

J: Yes.

P: Wow. That’s pretty fun.

J: That’s why I look so young.

P: We promote a really nice one. I mixed it with some yogurt last night, kind of let it ferment up there, and I really like that this morning. That was a neat way to take it.

J: To eat it.

P: Yeah, to eat it. A lot of B vitamins there, huh?

J: A lot of B vitamins in the rice bran.

P: That’s on the Immunologic website, from our website, One Radio Network.

Emailer: How is pure pine spirits made? Can one go to the local forest, collect all the material, and make it at home? And ask your guest, if she hasn’t already done so, if she can tell us how some brands of turpentine that we know are safe.

J: It’s very tedious. You can go do it yourself, but it’s extremely tedious. I don’t know how many gallons of sap you’d have to collect. And the way they do it, they’ll collect the sap from tree for days and days and days before they get enough to even begin to work with.

P: And then about the brands? I guess it just wants to say pure gum spirits.

J: 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. Because in my haste, grabbed the wrong can, and I thought I was going to die. It was bad. So you really do need to pay attention.

P: Do you really take some of that?

J: Oh, it was awful. I don’t want to mention the name, because you guys might be confused between which ones do and don’t work. But just the ones mentioned today are okay. But you do have to be very meticulous, read the can and get out your reading glasses and microscope, whatever magnifying glass, you’ve got to get it right.

P: Folks, just buy from this Diamond G Forest. We don’t have a financial interest, but these are just good people, making a great product at home, they’re just distilling it, you know where it’s made, they’re not adding anything to it, just go there. Diamond G Forest. And just order there. And it’s really nice. It’s in a glass bottle. You get a couple bottles of that, it will last you years. It will last you forever.

Emailer: What does Dr. Daniels think about taking a drop of oil of wild oregano? Can one take turpentine in oregano oil at different times of the day?

J: I’ve worked with oregano oil and experimented with it ??[00:34:21] before I settled on turpentine. What I find about oregano oil is that it’s way, way too harsh. It’s just too harsh. And turpentine got better results without the harshness. And you just can’t give anyone a teaspoon of oregano oil. They’ll be on their back. You can’t give them enough oregano oil to get the results you need. Whereas turpentine is mild enough, you can get a high enough dose to get the results you need. And it’s very pleasant.

P: Final question from Bridgette: How do we get her report on turpentine?

J: You go to, sign on to my list, and I’ll be sending you notice telling you where to go.

P: You sign on to a list. Do you do like email reports and newsletters?

J: Yes, I have a newsletter. I sent something out about my radio show. And also, in this case, I’m working on doing an update of my turpentine report. So I’ll be sending out a notice of that.

P: So what are you going to be doing the rest of the day?

J: I’m going to be working on my turpentine report.

P: Do you see patients there?

J: No, I only work online. So I may work online with people, and then I produce reports as well.

P: Do you have access to good food there?

J: Yes. I live in Cherokee, which is the province in Panama that’s responsible for growing most of what’s eaten in Panama. And we have a lot of access to fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact most things I don’t buy from the store, I buy in the markets. I buy local stuff in the markets. This is a not quite third world country, kind of 2 1/2 world country. And so people have’t really been trained to eat out of the grocery store. And that process is still going on. So they have stuff in the grocery store from all over the world, and then they’re trying to bring in more and more local stuff, so people will start eating in the stores. But as more people eat in the stores, they’re getting more first world illnesses. And so many people now are realizing, because of the free flow of information, among other things, that let me go back to eating only out of my back yard. So there are people here who only eat 1) from their back yard, and 2) chickens, pigs, and cows that they slaughter.

P: I guess with that weather you could grow a lot of stuff, can’t you.

J: Oh yeah. They don’t have books on how to grow in tropical climates, because there is no how to. You drop the seed, it grows.

P: Do you get a lot of rain there, nice rains?

J: Yes, lots of rain. This is still the rainy season, the rainy season is going to be going until the end of December. Some people say it will be over before then, but it’s still pretty heavy.

P: When does it start?

J: It starts in July.

P: So December through July, pretty dry.

J: Yes. January 1st till March 30, we have zero rainfall.

P: But if you got rainwater collection or something, it’s easy, right. You can collect it up.

J: Yeah, it is. But the government is selling all the water rights, so now they’re putting up dams all over the place, and no one can get any water. So we’ll see how that works.

P: Is the government of Panama bonkers like all governments around the world? Are they all bonkers?

J: It is bonkers, but it’s not quite as bonkers as many, because the country is only 3 million people. The distance between the government and the citizens is not that great. So anyone you stop on the street, someone’s got a relative who is a minister of something. So people get incredible feedback when they make bad decisions. From their family, and the neighbors. Like – You did what? I can’t believe you[00:38:26]it today. What were you thinking?

P: How about the tax situation? It’s okay, not unbearable?

J: I’m not a resident, I’m a permanent tourist, so to speak. So I don’t have anything to do with that. But residents here, the tax situation is very close to what it is in the United States. They have a fair number of taxes.

P: Well you pay the piper. It’s just the price of doing business these days. Just give them money. Here you go, okay.

J: Well I think a little bit of resistance is in order. Maybe not a whole lot, but a little bit.

P: I just give them love and give them money. You can always make more money, right. But that’s just me. I’m not into fighting these days.

Doc, it’s been an honor to have you today. Jam packed with information about candida, worms, mucus, poop, covered a lot of territory. Thanks for being on the show.





'Turpentine: The Miracle Medicine and Candida Cleaner (Transcript)' have 3 comments

  1. June 22, 2016 @ 7:12 pm Lbh

    Mary poppins a teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down ;) that the first thing I thought of when I seen this


  2. August 17, 2016 @ 6:42 pm serena

    immense THANKS many THANKS for having this transcript posted.
    we do know about turpentine but haven’t used it in decades and i could not remember the amount to safely use.
    we only used it for deep bronchitis and right now it is needed.

    i was searching for the base mixture called terpin hydrate, nothing more and nothing less as then i wouldn’t have to search all round to find the pure form of terps as that was not seen except on the internet, so shipping ,time waiting for delivery, and i needed it THEN AND THERE–and found out this terpin hydrate is no longer available !

    that preparation worked fine and most likely THAT IS WHY IT WAS REMOVED from the “list” of pharmacopoeia.
    the reason stated was INEFFECTIVE,
    it worked fine for generations and now, all of a sudden it’s USELESS ? LOL !

    thank you


  3. December 7, 2018 @ 8:06 pm Bill

    I’ve been learning about health and nutrition for for over 30 years now and always felt as if something was missing. Dr. Jennifer Daniels found it!!! She is a bonafide warrior spirit!!! The “infestation” I’ve been fighting for at least the last 20 years is now losing the fight.
    I just started reading her book “The Lethal Dose”…WOW!! I knew the AMA was a corrupt crowd but her explanation of “The Standard of Care” is mind boggling. No wonder they want to shut her down. She is part of the “awakening” and their days are numbered.


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