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Dr. Robert Cassar

Powerful Secrets for Longevity

Dr Robert Cassar joins us LIVE to talk about his own personal journey and shares with us some of his most powerful secrets for longevity. We talk about the need to become more alkaline, why not to eat any animal flesh, why its important to keep our parasite load low and how to reduce our load and what effects they have on our body, mind and soul and lots more.

At an early age Dr. Robert Cassar was exposed to the changes in animal and pathogen life cycles that helped map his own path in life. He is a former body builder, parasitologist, toxicologist, Chiropractor and a naturalist. He is the founder of the very successful Earth Shift Project and Earth Shift Products super food and raw foods community and outlet selling to both public and wholesale.

Show Highlights:

-Cutting, burning or poisoning our parasites are not good ideas; Dr. Cassar advises against killing the parasites in the body. He explains

-Terrain modification

-Dr. Cassar recommends reading ‘Parasite Rex’ by Carl Zimmer

-Our bodies are alkaline machines, not acid waste dumps; Dr. Cassar explains which foods turn the terrain more acid

-Dealing with indoor air pollution; drinking more water is the inexpensive solution

-Rebuilding your body and staying fit; we learn our guests secrets for building and maintaining a great physique

-Basic things to relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis and excema

-The acid reduction massage

-Coconut oil for lean, muscular bodies

and so much more!

robert cassar

Images and videos that Dr Cassar talks about in this interview.

  1. Pyramid of Energy – Vibration and Consciousness (energy ) + Vibration ( minds ) = Variable reality equation of ConsciousnessPyramid ofEnergy – Vibration and Consciousness – LINK TO IMAGE
  2. Tapewormmove- LINK
  3. Round worm – LINK
  4. Worms inside of your face – LINK
  5. Fish tape worm – LINK
  6. Tapeworm – LINK
  7. Pork Tapeworm diet – LINK
  8. Tape worm diet – LINK
  9. Mercury in High fructose Corn Syrup – LINK
  10. Mercury smoking fillings and Mercury in high fructose corn syrup + cell phone radiation poisoning – LINK
  11. Parasites in the body , face and intestines – LINK
  12. GMO versus no GMO foods in rats – LINK

Dr. Cassar, part one

'Dr. Robert Cassar – Secrets for Longevity; Pyramid of Energy; Vibration & Consciousness – December 12, 2009' have 2 comments

  1. March 10, 2014 @ 9:33 pm Robert Green

    Interesting interview. I wanted to hear the part that was cut about. Went to his site & he requires you to login with facebook or yahoo or some other established site. That’s not cool. I couldn’t see any of the login options, cause theyre all some fancy flash & don’t have text link equivilents. Not cool. I COulndn’t find his email or the sys admins email to ask for help, not cool. The user window in the top-left corner of his homepge has a guy in a harassing pose hoding a clly at you, not cool. I wanted to know what he had to say about, but now I cannot. Messed up site.


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