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2017 A Radiant Wellness Game Plan with the Modern Health Coach

Breaking it all down to buildyou backbetter than before


Brad grew up all American, on the Standard American Diet S.A.D. Being a “left handed Gemini” Brad really enjoyed the lion’s share of all-night-party-life for 20 years in 3 major cities, enter “B-Rad”. So he received chemical exposure from his work during the week and self induced chemical exposure on the weekends, a true professional day and night. So believe me, he personally truly knows how it feels to be down and out, low on energy, emotional turmoil, suffering from recurring symptoms, and need detoxing and rejuvenation ASAP. In computer speak it’s: CTRL + ALT + DEL = system REBOOT. Break it down and build it back up better than before. Don’t be too proud to change, 2.0 time.

Personally being adjusted hundreds of times by several chiropractors (at ages: 15, 24, 28, 33 and 36) for a chronic bad back from playing contact sports as a kid and a few trampoline accidents. An ice hockey injury in 2000, and left knee surgery in 2003 removed chips in his knee, that never was the same until more recently. Consequently, he had minor left hip surgery in 2005 from walking with a limp prior to the knee surgery. Also, Brad was involved in a severe car crash in 2007 totaled his Honda civic was rear ended and he suffered major neck and back pain. boohoo waah! It made Brad stronger faster. Find the silver lining in the dark grey cloud is your job.
Since 2003, Brad has easily done over 23,000 hours of modern health and wellness research online and reading to ‘right his ship’ and stand and walk normal without pain. Several doctors and physical therapist said “just listen to me and I will get you ok.” Brad was fed up, with “practicing” western medicine, scared he wouldn’t walk normal again, and mad that this had happened to him.

So out of sheer necessity (personal Health Crisis), he took matters into my own hands and thoroughly educated himself. Turning his broad Environmental Science degree (and reason) loose on true health and wellness answers. He quickly discerned the ineffective hype from the real healing modalities and methods. One discovered healing modality led to another and before long knew how to “right his ship.” It took over a decade of diligence and hard-at-first necessary lifestyle changes, but learned and practiced whets needed to evolve. Sink or swim? Overcoming allot of doubt, fear, pain, money, time, focus and the whole process sucks breaking down. Only to get back up stronger and allot wiser in the end. To be or not to be? what kind of question is that? 2B!
Claim what is rightfully yours….YOUR HEALTH!

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Show Highlights:

-Detoxing is not a luxury. If you don’t take action, it gets worse.

-Solution to pollution is dilution. Critical to drink a lot of water, distilled is good.

-Elements of detoxing: Be mineral sufficient. Sweating, bouncing, getting lymph moving. Cayenne tincture to raise btu. Diatemaceous earth and agents with a negative charge to attract toxins. Vitamin C, sulfur, silica. Reduce acidity. Put in good, take out bad.

-Seasonal fast or cleanse in fall and spring to clean out intestines and cells by using coffee enemas and liver/gall bladder flush. Glutathione. Percussion on body. Emotional support.

-Recommended sequence of organ targeted cleanses. Colon first via a salt water flush. Takes a concerted effort to remove toxins.

-Place a food against your chest. If your body moves forward, it’s good for you, If back, it’s not.

-Electro-medicine and quantum add an extra boost. Using LED lights and ART (active release technique) for relief of pain.

-Weights, push-ups, pull-ups, and rebounding recommended. Wind sprints and breathe of fire to improve response in muscle.


brad mullner and excellent ideas on detox and the healing process, january 5, 2017

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  1. January 9, 2017 @ 4:57 pm Brad

    Thanks for listening! Soo much I didn’t get to say in that <1 hr. interview…
    So for pain I would like to add beyond LEDs, Sulfur and Silica is – omega 3s (fish or krill oils) , Photon Genie, super food green drinks, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, magnets, energy holograms, Pain Tamer, EFT, in the shower use hot/cold/hot/cold/hot cold with water aimed on painful area at least 30 seconds each. Those in addition to what I mentioned should get you out of the weeds in pain. Oh and check out Somatics, which reprograms your sensory motor loop so you don't grow hunched (learned behavior) over and recover from injuries fully.
    I am available for personal coaching via Skype, phone or in person. Any questions you may have on any health topic, please fire away…
    Be well
    B rad


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