Patrick Timpone

Clint Werner

Marijuana Gateway to Health

How Marijuana Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimers


Show Highlights:

-Clint explains how he used marijuana to nurse a friend with AIDS resulting in extended life

-How does marijuana affect the body?

-Why is marijuana better than alcohol for recreational use?

-The difference between CBD and THC

-The benefits of eating and juicing marijuana

-The profitable reasons why marijuana is illegal

-Marijuana is a fraction of the price of pharmaceutical drugs with no side effects

-The powerhouse of anti-cancer properties found in THC

and so much more!

Clint Werner has degrees in journalism and library science and has worked in the field of preventive health for over 25 years. His writing has appeared in “Cannabis Therapeutics in HIV/AIDS,” the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, Macrobiotics Today, Canine Chronicle, the San Francisco Sentinel and other publications.

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clint werner, marijuana for healing, september 12, 2013

'Clint Werner – Marijuana Gateway to Health: Getting Past Reefer Madness; It’s Not About Getting High – September 12, 2013' have 4 comments

  1. September 13, 2013 @ 10:50 am Ling

    “Soaring, euphoric high?” from weed? B.S.
    A Marijuana high is garbage, it is like sniffing glue.
    Want to get paranoid , anxious , burn out your lungs,
    run into legal problems, lose your friends, lose track
    of time, etc? Go get stoned out of your tree on THC.

    I am interested in the pain healing properties of CBD,
    but calling getting stoned euphoric is just misleading B.S.


  2. September 13, 2013 @ 4:45 pm Kira

    What is wrong with you people? Why such aggressiveness? If you don’t like it – don’t use it!


  3. September 14, 2013 @ 3:26 am cab

    One of the most dangerous and destructive drugs, most addictive drugs — must use more and more and more and more to get the same effect, and it’s frying the brain, all that bonging. It’s fat soluable, and just what we all need, a bunch of people whose brains (made up mostly of fat) and reproductive organs (also made up of fat) are soaked in the poisonous chemicals of cannibus. Short term memory will never be the same. Pot is the drug of choice offered to the dumb sheeple by the NWO, to make people suggestible and passive. I knew somebody who smoked pot and fell off a roof and became a paraplegic. I don’t think people who use it should be arrested or put in prison, but people who use it and test positive for it should not be allowed to drive or use dangerous machinery, and they shouldn’t be raising children if they are smoking, using it, or even getting pregnant. There’s a reason farmers called it “loco weed” in the past and cut it down and tried to destroy it to protect their livestock — it triggers schizophrenia, and I know somebody firsthand who lost their mind on pot 20 years ago and is still “gone.” This is not an uncommon thing — it’s a heavy-duty hallucinogen, like LSD, and the stuff that’s grown today is way so much stronger than the stuff back in the ’60s, which was plenty bad enough.

    Mark Sircus and some of the other people promoting this as a magical cure-all are doing a great disservice to humanity and deserve to lose their credibility altogether.


  4. September 14, 2013 @ 3:37 am cab

    One more thing — one feature of addictive drugs is that the people who are using them think they are magical and want the whole world to join their party. The people trying to sell this drug to the world need help. They are speaking from a drugged delusion. I had a townhouse neighbor who used it to “help her Crone’s Disease and increase her appetite” so she said — and she was always getting into car accidents, and the last one I knew of she pulled out into a busy highway and a lady smacked into her car and the lady died. This drug is not a joke, and is only fit to be used by witchdoctors in the bush, as a way to contact the spirits, or whatever–which I also definitely do not recommend, but to make the point that it’s a heavy-duty hallucinogenic drug that, once it has beaten past the blood brain barrier, will not give the same kind of high and people will be sucking bongs until their lungs turn black to fly off into Never Land like they were able to do in their Newbie days as a pot smoker.

    Leave it alone. It will ruin your life. Look at the eyes of the man who is promoting this drug — does he look like a happy person to you?

    Thanks, Patrick — for dealing with this subject. People need to think about this BS about cannabis being a magical wonderful drug to end all drugs — and make up their mind about this — so when they are confronted with the not-so-kind offer of a so-called “friend” to imbibe they can be prepared to answer with a firm and decisive NO, NO, NO.


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