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C. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D

Founder of the Shealy Pain Clinic and author of “Living Bliss: Major Discoveries along the Holistic Path”

Neurosurgeon says new DNA-lengthening therapy can potentially double your lifespan

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., is a neurosurgeon and humanistic psychologist with more than fifty years of professional experience in pain management and holistic medicine. A sought-after seminar speaker worldwide, frequent guest on radio and television programs across the United States, and host of his own weekly radio show, Dr. Shealy will release his thirtieth book, Living Bliss: Major Discoveries along the Holistic Path, in June.

Science has established that those who live to age 100 have exceptionally long ‘telomeres”, the tips of DNA strands. People who have longer telomeres live longer lives and are less susceptible to some diseases.

The challenge for researchers has been to find a way to increase the length of telomeres when aging typically shortens them 1% per year. According to one leading life extension researcher, an innovative new therapy has successfully met that challenge.

“For the first time, we have shown in a clinical study that telomeres can be regenerated in healthy people,” says Dr. C. Norman Shealy, neurosurgeon, longevity researcher, and founder of the Shealy Pain Clinic.

Show Highlights:

-Dr. Shealy informs us that he’s doing a lot of research these days on diabetic neuropathy; what he shares about some of the studies are simply fascinating

-We get Dr. Shealy’s opinion about the importance of genetic information; doe anything that shows up on the tests really show anything?

The Longevity Project explained. The single most important thing found for longevity is being conscientious

-The importance of taking personal responsibility for our lives and health

-How we are programmed to die? The average American is dying 22 years earlier than they should be

-The 4 good things to do for optimal health

-What is it about fruits and vegetables the body likes?

-A good reason to give up wheat

-MonSatan(Monsanto) at it’s best; they’ve even gotten to the papayas

-Using electrical stimulation to stop the aging process: Dr. Shealy tells us how in studies, people have been shown to grow their telomeres 4% a year

-How Dr. Shealy used essential oils to lengthen his telomeres. How is this possible?

-The importance of putting the oils on the right points of the body

-Dr. Shealy, at 81, feels 26. That’s amazing!!!

-Are telomeres controlling the aging process?

-Testing to see the length of your telomeres

-Stories of healing with Dr. Shealy’s essential oils

-Restoring DHEA with Fire Bliss

-Raising oxytocin with Air Bliss

-Dr. Shealy explains the difference between telomeres and telomerase

-A listener asks how to avoid gall bladder surgery

-Dr. Shealy tells us about his diet

-The wonderful Hemp Heart

and so much more!


Norm Shealy

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dr norm shealy on living a long healthy life, june 10, 2014

'Dr. C. Norman Shealy – Lengthening Telomeres for Longevity – June 10, 2014' have 2 comments

  1. June 10, 2014 @ 6:07 pm Stuart Miller

    Dr. Shealey, and Patrick… Hel-lo!
    Love your show, it’s the right topic for what we’re all wanting, to help create that better world we all want to envision. Good show! How does one actually contact you to perhaps – slash – absolutely even add to your health & wellness program (How ‘well’ do you want to be?)mix (as wonderful as it already is)…? with,
    Always MAny Blessings,

    512-507-2508 (c.)


  2. June 15, 2014 @ 8:31 pm Jay Roberts

    There is no genetically modified wheat – and certainly no Roundup-modified wheat – being sold commercially anywhere in the world. My comment is easy to verify.

    Shealy is making a claim that he hasn’t bothered to research. One might wonder what else he says is false, or at least unverified.

    And Patrick should be more informed on such an important and widely discussed issue.


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