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dr-charles-gantSeveral decades of practicing medicine has led Dr. Gant on a journey to ever deepening discoveries of the root causes of both wellness and disease. The question has always been for him, and he asks this now of his patients; exactly what nutritional deficiency, toxin, metabolic defect, infection, allergy, neurotransmitter or hormonal imbalance, psycho-emotional conflict and/or genetic predisposition does he/you NOT want to know about, that could be contributing to or causing symptoms and problems? For him the answer has always been testing and piecing together the unique biochemistry of each patient. He is not comfortable with not knowing and guessing and not satisfied until he can find the answers. Dr. Gant’s faith in science compels him to believe that medical and psychiatric disorders “don’t just happen,” that magical forces don’t make people sick, and that causes for many disorders can be found if our technology is up to the task and I can be diligent enough to find the answers. His motto has always been, “If you don’t test, you’ve guessed.”

Decades into this journey, Dr. Gant now finds it hard to imagine how many chronic medical or psychiatric disorders could not be eliminated or at least significantly modified, if one embarks on a thorough search through the 1000’s of potentially causal nutritional, immune, infectious, allergic, psycho-emotional, metabolic, energetic, hormonal and genetic risk factors, followed by precisely targeted treatments designed to address each risk factor. It does not matter what other kind of healthcare treatment you use, integrative, holistic, psychotherapeutic or conventional, or what kind of medical or psychiatric challenge you face. Finding and correcting the root molecular causes can only improve your outcomes.

Show Highlights:

-The best water to use for hydration and to eliminate aluminum is Fiji water, Zero water, and distilled.

-What’s in Fiji water that makes it so special?

-Is aluminum toxicity the cause of dementia and ADHD? Dr. Gant thinks so and explains why.

-How have we accumulated more aluminum in our bodies in the last 20 years?

-The importance of clean intestines

-A key to better health and detoxification is adding MSM(sulfur) to the diet. Dr. Gant recommends 500 mg per day and to take epsom salt baths. Adding high sulfur foods like: broccoli, onions, garlic, and eggs are a good idea also.

-Listening to your pituitary gland

-Do anti-inflammatories really get after the cause of disease? Having inflammation is the way the body is trying to save itself.

-What about cod liver oil? Dr. Gant gives his opinion of it.

-Good fasting blood sugar levels are actually higher than we’re led to believe.

-Killing bugs vs. strengthening the immune system

-Doing extensive testing to heart to the heart of health issues.

and so much more!!

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dr charles gant m.d. and precision medicine, november 28, 2016

'Dr. Charles Gant, MD – Symptoms: Are They the Cause of Disease or An Indication the Body Is Trying to Heal? – November 28, 2016' have 2 comments

  1. November 29, 2016 @ 2:42 pm chas

    I like this guy but, 600.00 hr phone consult is a pricey for me. lol


    • December 8, 2016 @ 7:36 pm Frank Rodriguez

      Chas… exactly. That way he only helps the richie rich folk. Cute…and this country needs more guys like this :D
      What if police and fire rescue and school teachers and mechanics charged this … hilarious. ANd we keep getting more and more of this wannabe rich nonsense in this country :( NEXT ! ! ! !


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