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Dr. Christopher Exley

The Systemic Toxicity of Aluminum Adjuvants

Dr. Christopher Exley is the Reader in Bioinorganic Chemistry at The Birchall Centre, Keele University in Staffordshire and Honorary Professor at the UHI Millennium Institute. Exley is a biologist (University of Stirling) with a PhD in the ecotoxicology of aluminium (University of Stirling). His research career (1984-present) has focused upon an intriguing paradox; ‘how the third most abundant element of the Earth’s crust (aluminium) is non-essential and largely inimical to life’. Investigating this mystery has required research in myriad fields from the basic inorganic chemistry of the reaction of aluminium and silicon to the potentially complex biological availability of aluminium in humans. Exley is also fascinated by the element silicon in relation to living things which, as the second most abundant element of the Earth’s crust, is also almost devoid of biological function. One possible function of silicon is to keep aluminium out of biology (biota) and this area of study forms a large part of Exley’s research.

Show Highlights:

-Why aluminium would have been better left alone and never extracted from it’s ore

-Diseases associated with aluminium, a known neurotoxin

-A massive loss of brain cells due to dialysis treatments. Dr. Exley explains why

-Anemia and the overload of aluminium

-How are our bodies reacting to aluminium toxicity in everyday life?

-Aluminium and Alzheimers

-Aluminium and vaccines

-Is aluminium a cause or just a contributor to disease?

-How can we live in the “Aluminium Age” and use it’s products safely?



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dr chistopher exley on aluminium toxcity, november 5, 2013

'Dr. Christopher Exley – The Systemic Toxicity of Aluminum: The Cause of Neurodegenerative Diseases? – November 5, 2013' have 3 comments

  1. November 12, 2013 @ 12:52 pm Jay

    So would Dr Patrick Flanagan’s patented silica product — crystal energy — assist in taking aluminum out?


    • May 26, 2017 @ 1:07 pm Lynnie

      That is a very good question and one I was asking myself as well. Have you received an answer somehow about this Jay?


  2. December 14, 2013 @ 12:12 am Michael Fessler

    Herbalix Restoratives has a proven topical paste that Dr. Exley has tested called Detox Deodorant, made with seaweed (a form of silica) that uses the skin to extract alum salt.


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