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Dr. Judene Benoit

Stop Cavities and Love Your Teeth

Dr. Judene Benoit is a dentist in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. She is passionate about helping people improve their teeth and their lives using simple, natural techniques.

Dr. Judene uses a blended approach to dentistry; combining information taught in dental schools and research from scientific dental journals with her love of whole food and whole person holistic thinking to get real results and great success.

Dr. Judene Benoit


Show Highlights:

-Dr. Judene was a conventional dentist, but became interested in nutrition and natural healing when her dog got sick.

-Arrested vs. active cavities – not every cavity needs to be filled, some can be healed through remineralization.

-What causes cavities? What makes a cavity arrest?

-Teeth are intimately linked with systemic health.

-Fluid flow in the dentin of teeth resists bacteria, acids, stains, sensitivity. Want a sweating tooth.

-Sugar affects teeth both externally and also internally by reducing fluid flow.

-Does the type of sugar matter? Refined white cane sugar vs. brown rice sweetener.

-How do fight-or-flight response states and stress make teeth susceptible?

-Dr. Benoit’s passion is for helping people remineralize or arrest their cavities, so they don’t need fillings. She doesn’t put in fillings. Helps people not need dental procedures.

-What is reversible pulpitis vs. irreversible pulpitis? Systemic treatments for improving blood flow to a tooth.

-Need to address the underlying reason for why pulpitis develops. Importance of sufficient and balanced minerals.

-What is the role of complex carbs in tooth health? Is fasting blood sugar relevant?

-Cavities are an opportunity to heal the body. Dig in and figure out why the problem developed.

-What are natural ways to get stains off teeth?

-Teeth stains from unbound iron due to deficiency in transport protein.

-Can molybdenum increase dentinal flow?

-Is xylitol helpful?

-Properly diagnosing cavities is a complex process. Today’s standard of care practice is not what is in the textbooks.

-The teeth will thrive on whatever diet the body thrives on.

-Hair analysis as a first-indicator tool for determining mineral balance in the body.

-Is it wise to pull teeth if they are crowded?

-If dentin is showing on the lower bottom of a front tooth, can the dentin be remineralized?

-If the teeth are healthy, does that mean the person is eating the right diet for them?

-Are mineral supplements good to take?

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dr judene benoit dds the whole story on cavities few talk about, july 19, 2016

'Dr. Judene Benoit – Stop Cavities and Love Your Teeth – July 19, 2016' have 3 comments

  1. July 28, 2016 @ 9:59 pm Trevor

    This individual is not very verbally coherent and, in common with all ‘alternative’ dentists, has NOTHING TO OFFER to replace missing teeth with biocompatible materials. Therefore patients must continue to fall back on implants and plastic dentures, which are not even discussed here. Additionally, dentists fail to appreciate the HUGE range of GENETIC DIVERSITY in respect of innate ability to retain teeth and maintain oral health. This means that the lazy can get away with dental abuse, whilst conscientious cleaners may suffer decay regardless.

    The slow reactions and speech of the guest suggest past vaccine damage and unresolved mercury toxicity incurred from early dental practice.


  2. July 28, 2016 @ 10:02 pm Trevor

    Molybdenum = moll-lib-dee-num. Any high school student in Europe knows this.

    The blind leading the blind here.


  3. September 5, 2016 @ 7:09 pm sil5er

    Well Trevor, it seems to me you are either LOST, or perhaps a TROLL who is purposefully trying to bait someone? not me… ;P

    THANKYOU PATRICK AND TEAM for this fabulous info/interview. I’ve got … some teeth issues, myself, and … there were MANY things I had never heard of, on this show. In particular the idea that teeth have a liquid flow inside them. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!


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