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“Hello Patrick from Melbourne Australia,
Just a quick message to say thank you and to let you know that I enjoyed your show with Dr Ray Peat immensely. He has so much knowledge across a broad spectrum of topics. Thank you so much for bringing him on and for doing what you do!!! I hope to hear more of Dr Peat in your future shows.”

“I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your recent interviews with Dr Ray Peat. I am thrilled waiting for the next one. I have known his work for quite some time, but it is so refreshing to listen to your shows. I hope you will carry on with cooperation. Dr Peat has endless knowledge to share and each time I listen to him I find something new and eye-opening. His knowledge and perspective are absolutely unique. In the world of keto, low carb nonsense, sugar hate and corrupted science, he is the last voice of honesty and sanity.” Best regards Ania from Poland

Ray Peat acquired his PhD from the University of Oregon with a specialization in physiology. He started his work on hormones in 1968 and wrote his dissertation in 1972 in which he outlined his ideas on progesterone and the hormones closely related to it. His main thesis is that energy and structure are interdependent at every level.

Dr. Peat talks about his years in Mexico in the early ’60’s

He talks about his interest in the work of MIT physics professor Jeremy England and his theory on evolution

Dr. Peat gives his take on the various views on to supplement or now with Vitamin D

Hear Ray Peat’s thoughts on supplementing with Vitamin C.  Meat, milk and eggs have lots of d hydro ascorbate

We hear more details on the ins and outs of supplementing with pig thyroid

Emails:  Question for Dr. Peat: How can I get your three books? thanks

Thank you for the hint to get back to sleep. When I get up, usually around 3, I have 2 spoons of honey and always go back to sleep now!!

Dr Ray said that a processed liver supplement was not a good thing.
could you ask him if a processed thyroid supplement is good/bad
I did not get results from dessicated thyroid prescription so I went to a grass fed
thyroid supplement out of New Zealand.

“What is the purpose of the endogenous unsaturated fats and why are they (e.g., Mead acid) not harmful contrary to ingested PUFAs (such as omega-3 or omega-6)?”

Babies are generally given vitamin k (a synthetic form) right after birth. Newborns are generally deficient in k. Is there an oral form that can be administered instead of the injection which has aluminum in it among other things. Where can I find it?

Mr. Peat has said that: “In a young person, good food, sunlight and a high altitude can often overcome severe and progressive inflammatory conditions while in an “older” person, whose tissues contain larger amounts of polyunsaturated fats and their breakdown products, it takes more environmental support to get out of a chronic inflammatory pattern”…can he share some specific remedies that “older” people can use to break out of chronic inflammatory patterns?

If powdered egg shell is pure calcium carbonate, why not just buy calcium carbonate tablets from a store and forget the process of boiling the egg shells and then grinding them to a powder to increase ones calcium intake?

If powdered egg shell is pure calcium carbonate, why not just buy calcium carbonate tablets from a store and forget the process of boiling the egg shells and then grinding them to a powder to increase ones calcium intake?

Can you ask Dr. Peat what his thoughts are regarding a carnivore,  or strictly animal foods,  diet.

Also, what are his thoughts regarding eating too many high oxalate foods such as potatoes,  nuts and seeds,  and dark leafy greens,  causing oxalate toxicity. 

I have always pasteurized milk especially Ultra pasteurized was not good
Because the high head Damaged the fats and proteins and that is what caused the allergic problems.

Can you explain this.. is it true ?

Can you recommend a safe cholesterol product to rub into the skin?

My daughter has a condition called EPP  where her liver doesn’t flush out porphyrins so they build up in her body and causes sensitivities to the sun.   EPP “experts” recommend a higher carb diet as they say there is an enzyme in carbs that cleans out excess porphyrins. Is Dr. Peat aware of anything such as an enzyme that reduces excess porphyrin levels in the body?

Dr. Peat stated that the omega-3 is “less stable.”What that really means is it is more “sacrificial” – it oxidizes instead of you tissue being oxidized.

Hello dr peat and patrick,
Could breathing hydrogen gas help regulate the thyroid?

The first in Dr. Peat’s monthly visit, (3rd. Tuesday) from this World renowned health researcher, August 20, 2019

'Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D – Vitamin D, Thyroid, Evolving Consciously and Much More -August 20, 2019' have 7 comments

  1. August 21, 2019 @ 9:38 am Dave Clark

    From what I read, storage levels of vitamin D can be low, but when tested the active form can be through the roof. Where is Peat’s research to back up his claim of the opposite opinion?


    • January 10, 2021 @ 4:16 am cg

      Good luck getting anyone pushing D3 to back it up with logic. All D vitamin D. More D good. Take Vitamin D3 to get more Vitamin D. More vitamin D good. Low Vitamin D bad. 50 analogs what?


  2. August 21, 2019 @ 10:06 am Yan

    Exceptional as usual! Thank you Patrick for keeping bring ray back!


  3. August 21, 2019 @ 10:29 am Nichole Beury

    Desicated liver is no good? That’s what a caller said that Peat said. Now why is that the case? What exactly would be no good in a grass-fed organic freeze dried liver supplement?


    • March 26, 2020 @ 11:21 am David

      I think it may because of the oxidized cholesterol content, owing to the way it is produced


  4. August 21, 2019 @ 10:45 am Dave Clark

    If lanolin is a precursor to cholesterol in the skin, than perhaps applying it to the skin may help increase cholesterol and hence vitamin D when exposed to sun, especially for older people, as Peat mentioned.


  5. January 9, 2020 @ 6:14 pm Atman

    Good show.
    It kind of makes me sad though to see interviews of Ray on a website full of snake-oil salesman advertisements.


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