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Patrick Timpone

Dr. Richard Massey

with Meridian Grace

Ask Dr. Massey

Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine.
Meridian Grace has over 40 years of experience and worked with thousands of clients. Since she was 14 years old, she knew that high quality life includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Tirelessly researching all these years, she integrates the wisdom of the ancients with the most up to date technology. She continually attends workshops, classes, and seminars to explore new ideas and technology in all aspects of the holistic health field. Meridian greets you with a compassionate listening heart.

Show Highlights:

-Getting vitamin C from Douglas fir trees

-Dr. Massey explains why drinking water with a little salt in it is beneficial from time to time, but why not on a regular basis

-Loss of territory and the connection with heart attacks

-Recall healing; addressing the problem or trauma behindshortish digits – feet and thumbs

-A listener sends a link about turpentine bathshttp://www.doctormazur.ru/eng/vanny.php

-Roger, a listener in FL, shares this on arginine:Researchers have found that some immune cells designed to protect the brain from infection start consuming an amino acid called arginine, triggering the onset of classical hallmarks of the disease, including brain plaques and memory loss http://www.rt.com/news/249857-alzheimer-research-immune-cells/

-Ideas for fertility problems

-A listener asks:My neighbor has just been diagnosed with Fahr’s Disease. Calcium deposits in the brain causing dementia and nerve deterioration over time. Is there any hope here?

Familial idiopathic basal ganglia calcification (FIBGC) is a rare neurological disorder characterized by the presence of abnormal calcium deposits (calcifications) of unknown cause. Associated symptoms include progressive deterioration of cognitive abilities (dementia), loss of contact with reality (psychosis), mood swings and loss of acquired motor skills. As the condition progresses, paralysis may develop that is associated with increased muscle stiffness (rigidity) and restricted movements (spastic paralysis). Additional abnormalities may include relatively slow, involuntary, continual writhing movements (athetosis) or chorea, a related condition characterized by irregular, rapid, jerky movements.

-What are the best software tools to analyze 23andme data?

-Question from a listener:My husband is 67. He has been in Afib ( 24/7) for several years. He has a pacemaker which does not help this problem. His pacemaker is 6 years old. Now they want to change the battery. He exercises 4 days a week and we eat really healthy. Grass fed meat. lots of salad. No sugar. No gluten.Can you give suggestions for getting out of a fib?

-Lynn, from Nebraska, calls in to talk about the recent controversy around Green Pasture’s fermented cod liver oil

-Question from a listener:I have been having some mold issues in my doublewide. I borrowed a little box called “Flair” that is supposed to create ozone to purify the air. It seems to work however it smells pretty bad when running on full force and makes me feel light headed. Do you know if you can get ozone poisoning with something like this? I had it in one room which was where the mold issue is with the door closed but I think it still seeped out into the rest of the place so after 24 hours I turned it off. I want to turn it back on but I don’t want to kill myself at this moment

-Meridian mentioned that she takes spirulina and chlorella. Do these algaes chelate copper out of the body, and thus unbalance body’s copper levels?

-Meridian Grace’s thoughts on blue-green algae

and so much more!!!!

Massey and Meridian

Give Dr. Massey a call for a phone consultation
Call Meridian 512-698-7009

dr richard massey and meridian grace, september 24, 2015

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