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Ask Dr. Massey
Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine.
Meridian Grace has over 40 years of experience and worked with thousands of clients. Since she was 14 years old, she knew that high quality life includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Tirelessly researching all these years, she integrates the wisdom of the ancients with the most up to date technology. She continually attends workshops, classes, and seminars to explore new ideas and technology in all aspects of the holistic health field. Meridian greets you with a compassionate listening heart.

Dr. Massey

Show Highlights:

-Meridian talks about the colors according to Ayurveda; how it differs from Atom Bergstroms colors for each day of the week

-What is the luminous body? How is it related to the autonomic nervous system?

-How homeopathy really works; why less is more

-Frequencies:We’re All Trying Trying to Find a Song That Works

-Reversing any virus with vitamin C; can it really be done?

-Ebola is just scurvy in fast motion

-Homeopathic flu prevention

-How about MMS for healing Ebola?

-How the gallbladder works and can it get happy again once it’s not working well?

-Dr. Massey gives good leads on how to find just the right natural doctor

-The ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ before and after surgery

-Swallowing issue can be thyroid or long time acid reflux

-What to do with high Histamine levels?

-Sleep issues? When the parasympathetic and sympathetic are out of balanceis meaningful for most with insomnia. Dr. Massey talks about the main factors in this.

-Nothing like a full orgasm for a good nights sleep

-Lots of good stuff on gallbladder issues from a listener’s question

-Swollen lymph nodes, “Should I get a biopsy? listener asks

-Ozone, Lipospheric Vitamin C and nano silver for Ebola

-Meridian goes over the details of making a homeopathic from your own bacteria

-Systemic enzymes for inflammation

and more!

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dr. richard massey m.d. and meridian grace, october 30, 2014, hour one

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