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Dr. Russell Jaffe

Preventative and Integrative Medicine Internist, Molecular Biochemist, Clinical Pathologist, and Diagnostician

For the last 30+ years, Dr. Russell Jaffe has been rethinking healthcare. As a physician and scientist who aspired to be comprehensive, objective, empiric, and experiential, Dr. Jaffe started his career searching for deeper understanding, wisdom, evidence, and insight into mechanisms of health.

Through intense curiosity and learned skepticism, Dr. Jaffe sought to debunk the best-known advocates of a variety of health promotion and healing systems. What started as a journey to disprove holistic forms of care became a rich educational experience that transformed Dr. Jaffe into a student and then researcher in such areas a Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, active meditation, systems biology, and manipulative arts.

Through this journey, Dr. Jaffe came to a stunning realization: the Western model of healthcare he studied, trained in, and practiced for so long was fundamentally flawed. He learned that symptom suppression is not the same as health prevention; sick care is not the same as healthcare; information is not the same as inspiration. Most importantly, he learned that treating disease is not the same as treating people.

Show Highlights:

-Epigenetics rules.

-Give up on 19th and 20th century physical chemistry tests. They don’t give the accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity that people deserve.

-Habits of daily living determine your functional age. You can function much older or younger than your chronological age.

-80% of scientific literature says food quality and toxin profile favors organic over commercial food. Biodynamic and homegrown food is very good. The fresher the better. Wholeness, nature, and nurture are the criteria for choosing foods.

-Need foods easy to digest, assimilate, and eliminate, without creating an immune burden.

-Constant communication between microbiome, gut nervous system, and central nervous system. Health of one affects health of the others.

-Transit time should be 12-18 hours. Achieve this through Prebiotics (foods rich in fiber, but not grains, 40-100 g fiber daily), Probiotics (fermented foods as well as active supplements, 40-100 billion), and Symbiotics (recycled glutamine).

-Recycled glutamine is a supplement from Perque called Endurapack. 1.5 g of Endurapack is equivalent to 15,000 g of free glutamine.

-Glutamine is available in foods, but in small amounts. Many reasons for it to be deficient. Glutamine works in the lining cells of the small intestine.

-ELISA/ACT – test to determine if glyphosate is an immune attacking substance for your body. Delayed allergy measured from a lymphocyte response.

-Autoimmunity is the common denominator of chronic illness.

-Maldigestion, dysbiosis, and leaky gut precede hypersensitivity responses.

-Prebiotic foods – High fiber foods that need to be chewed. Includes seeds and nuts, sprouts, tubers (not white potatoes), parsnips. Grasses are good – e.g. buckwheat, wild rice, quinoa, complement with vegetables. Stay away from grains.

-Listener has an interstitial lung disease. Is it autoimmune? Definitely inflammatory. Benefit from high sulfur diets.

-Favors natural forms of folate and not folic acid. If a person has MTHFR variants, more B complex is good. Perque Lifeguard has 100% bioavailability.

-Vitamin D – want to take the precursor choline calciferol. No feedback inhibition of Vitamin D with it. Measure only 25 hydroxy D, not the 1-25, and not the choline calciferol. Want 50-80 nmol 25 OH Vit D. Most people have a magnesium deficiency. Choline must be in the citrate form, works with fully soluble magnesium salts.

-Measure mercapurates, sulfate, and d-glucarate in urine to determine whether you have too much or too little detoxification capacity.

-The body makes metalathione to detox. Insufficient building blocks of cysteine, sulfur, and magnesium downregulate detoxification process.

-Importance of biodynamic agriculture. Book recommendation: Culture and Horticulture by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer.

-To enhance myelin, need to be physiologically at peace. Eat a diet that allows you to be healthy, happy, and mood stable.

-Sprouts liberate easily digestible components from the seed. Highly recommended.

-Taro and cocoyams, Japanese yams, and tapioca are all high fiber and prebiotics. White potatoes have been bred for high sugar content, not recommended.

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dr russell jaffee, m.d. phd, epi genetics and much more, january 19, 2017

'Dr. Russell Jaffe – Autoimmunity Is the Common Denominator of Chronic Illness – January 19, 2017' have 2 comments

  1. January 23, 2017 @ 5:44 am Anita

    Dr. Russell Blaylock the neurosurgeon who researched MSG does not recommend glutamine as it converts to glutamate in the brain. It converts to an excitotoxin!


    • June 21, 2019 @ 4:02 am Gabriel

      I think that is why the recycled form is recommeneded by Russell Jaffe (Perque Endurapak -this is L-Glatamine with another ingredient to recycle the glutamine in my understanding (and hence not turning into a glutamate).


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