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Dr. Sarah Myhill
Author of Sustainable Medicine – Whistle-Blowing on 21st Century Medical Practice

This life-changing book is based on the essential premise that Modern Western Medicine, driven by vested interests, is failing to address the root causes of disease processes. Symptom-suppressing medication and poly-pharmacy are resulting in an escalation of disease and a system of so-called health care which is not sustainable.In Sustainable Medicine Dr Sarah Myhill aims to empower people to heal themselves through addressing the underlying causes of their diseases. She presents a logical progression from symptoms to identifying the underlying mechanisms, to the relevant interventions, tests and tools with which to tackle the root causes of their symptoms.
Dr Sarah Myhill qualified in medicine (with Honours) from Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1981 and has since focused tirelessly on identifying and treating the underlying causes of health problems, especially the ‘diseases of civilization’ with which we are beset in the West. She has worked in NHS and private practice and for 17 years was the Hon Secretary of the British Society for Ecological Medicine (renamed from the British Society for Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine), a medical society interested in looking at causes of disease and treating through diet, vitamins and minerals and through avoiding toxic stress. She helps to run and lectures at the Society’s training courses and also lectures regularly on organophosphate poisoning, the problems of silicone, and chronic fatigue syndrome. She has made many appearances on TV and radio.

Sarah Myhill

Show Highlights:

-Asking “why” when approaching treatment for an illness

-Symptoms are there to protect us from ourselves; Dr. Myhill explains this beautifully

-The last thing pharmaceutical companies want to see are healthy people

-High carbohydrate/high sugar diet is driving modern day diseases

-The addictive ladder; the causes of all the sickness

-What’s driving Alzheimer’s disease?

-How to know if you’re consuming too many carbs?

-The problem with the Western diet is that we never stop eating

-What happens in the gut when we’re not digesting food properly?

-Dr. Myhill’s favorite fats

-What is rheumatoid arthritis? And can it be reversed?

-Why the Eskimos are among the highest poisoned people in the world

-Dr. Myhill explains why she does not trust tests for gluten sensitivity and celiac

-If one has had gallbladder surgery, which fats can be consumed?

-What we can tell about our bodies if we have smelly gas

-Dr. Myhill talks about vaccination, a double edged sword; Dr. Myhill highly recommends a book called The Truth About Vaccines: Making the Right Decision for Your Child

-Check out Dr. Myhill’s latest book called Sustainable Medicine

and so much more!!!

dr sarah myhill and the causes of disease made simple, july 14, 2015

'Dr. Sarah Myhill – Sustainable Medicine: Whistle-Blowing on 21st Century Medical Practice – July 14, 2015' has 1 comment

  1. July 14, 2015 @ 11:41 pm caroline phillips

    I have not read the book yet but through a very debilitatilng illness which seemed beyond the NHS I took Sarah’s advice, very simple, works for me. Feeling better than I have in years. Thank you Sarah


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