Dr. Thomas Levy

Reboot Your Gut
Optimizing Health and Preventing Infectious Disease

You will hear a clear, easy and doable idea to get our gut microbiome to another level cutting down on oxidative stress and promoting healing

Here’s the link to the article we talk about during this show for the nebulizing formula

(OMNS October 25, 2019) While it is widely realized that the gastrointestinal tract has a very large presence of microorganisms, how large this presence is and how significant it is in supporting and modulating normal metabolic functions throughout the body are not as widely appreciated. In the scientific literature, this microbial ecosystem, referred to as the microbiome, colonizes the entire alimentary tract, extending from the mouth to the anus. While it is estimated that every human has roughly 37 trillion cells, it is also estimated that everyone has about 100 trillion microbes. [1]

The Gut Microbiome

This enormous microbiome is typically a diverse array of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses, and it is found in all mammals. Many physiological processes are positively impacted and even greatly dependent upon a normal microbiome, including energy homeostasis, metabolism in general, the health of the gut lining, immune functions, and even neurobehavioral development. [2] The gut microbiome is viewed by some as a “microbial organ” because of these physiological and pathophysiological interactions with the rest of the body. [3] Less diverse microbiomes, with greater amounts of pathogens rather than friendly microbes, have been associated with, and are likely causative for, nearly 40 diverse medical conditions. These include allergies, mood disorders, autism, digestive diseases, cardiovascular ailments, and several types of cancer. (Scroll down to the end of this article for a complete listing.) (continue reading)

Oxidation of the bio molecules is the cause of all diseases

Dr. Levy explains exactly how this works.

Hydrogen has been proven to deal with oxidized cells at the DNA level better than any known substance.

Bio films form surrounding the oxidized cells, picturing a condominium surrounding the individual apartments blocking gunfire to the individual units.

The cell oxidation also affects all sorts of metabolic processes such as organ functions etc.

Oxidized cells are at the root cause of classic atherosclerosis as the cholesterol and calcium repair the damaged arteries

Tongue scraping is a great way to rid the body of more and more toxins

Dr. Levy gives a simple recipe to nebulize for knocking out bio films and helping oxidized cells recover.

Dr. Thomas Levy, M.D. with great information on healing the gut, October 29th. 2019

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