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George Altgelt

Biologist, Soil & Gardening Expert

Planting Your Spring Garden

George studied Chemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology at The University of Texas, Austin and started Austin’s first organic nursery in 1971 before organic was cool. He has considerable knowledge in all areas of food production, including the proper care and feeding of animals for food. He has a deep understanding of the principals of agriculture and nutrition. We think you’ll find George a delight to spend time with.

Show Highlights:

-The best reason to buy organic food

-The things to pay attention to when starting a small garden

-Which questions to ask when buying compost

-The importance of fungus in soil

-Having your soil analyzed

-How to know if your soil is low in calcium without it being tested

-Lowering the Ph in acid soil with limestone

-Why George never puts wood chips in garden soil; agreeing with Paul Gautschi, wood chips and mulch need to be left on top of the soil

-Why did the cow eat the cabbage? It’s because the magnesium is balanced with the proper amount of boron

-Why are our bodies losing magnesium as quickly as it’s taking it in

-4 neuroloigical diseases associated with boron deficiencies

-Getting boron from apple cores

-What does RDA mean? Recommended Daily Allowance? How about Run Down Americans?

-Lithium: The requirement for emotional stability. Why do some women get postpartum blues? Because she’s put all her minerals into the child and she is now depleted

-Bone broth for getting the raw material for bones, cartilage, and it’s a great liver cleanser

-How to use ashes in the garden

-Addressing Texas clay soil

-What is EcoVie®?

and so much more!!


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george altgelt in the garden, april 22, 2014


'George Altgelt – It’s Earth Day and Spring Has Sprung; Get Into the Garden and Prepare the Soil – April 22, 2014' has 1 comment

  1. April 23, 2014 @ 7:17 am CAB

    Wow, thank you Patrick. This is better than going to Cornell for 4 years to listen to Altgelt. I am listening to all his programs where you’ve had him on. This guy is AMAZING.

    Sometimes you guys hit the Super Jackpot with your guests, and this is one such. The info about boron is like striking gold for me. Too bad you don’t have transcripts of these broadcasts in particular, because there’s so much here that it would be really helpful.


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