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Janet Perry, Pharmacologist

Janet Perry

Janet has a Masters from UT SW Medical Center Dallas, a top ten medical school, in Medical Pharmacology, concentrating in neuro pharmacology. She brings to the table 35 years consulting experience with people and animals in natural healing methods. Areas of specialization include neuro nutrition supporting sleep and mood disorders, detox and purification practices, Lyme Disease, auto immune disorders as well as working with dogs, horses and cats. Consultations can be arranged with her via phone, skype or in person.

Show Highlights:

-Stirwands: Janet explains what a stirwand is and the results she and her clients are seeing while using them. They change the structure of the water and apparently improve the taste of the water better making it easier to drink more daily.

-Janet recommends distilled water and tells why; the minerals in plants are more easily absorbable than those in mineral water

-What cause candida overgrowth?

-Using Lufenuron for candida overgrowth

-Toenail fungus is an indicator of yeast overgrowth

-The causes of constipation; the role of glycine in the reduction of inflammation and proper digestion

Great Lakes Collagenis an excellent source of glycine and One World Wheyis an excellent source of cystine

-Two Dragons Wellness:Wellness and Patient Advocacy work of Janet R. Perry, MA, ACN. Questions are welcome!! Join the group on Facebook

-What’s happening when you eat too much boneless, skinless meat?

-Whole blood histamine tests to see if you are over or under methylated

and more!!



janet perry on fun things we are learning about healing faster, september 8, 2015

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  1. September 14, 2015 @ 10:53 am Marie

    Hi Patrick – love your shows and the guests. Thank you! Suggestion, that drum-cymbal noise you use on occasion actually is shocking to the system. You know it’s coming, but your audience does not – so is pretty disturbing. Please consider not using it. I, and my nervous system, will be most grateful.


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