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Turning the Tables on Cancer

Janet Perry, our favorite pharmacologist who joins us from time to time on the show, was handed a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis recently this past Spring. She decided to use the tests offered in the allopathic medical model to track her progress while healing herself naturally. We caught up with Janet for a progress report in June and October and she’s joined us once again to share more good news. We think you’ll find her story and the ideas for healing inspirational. Enjoy!!

Janet Perry

Janet Perry

Show Highlights:

-Cancer diagnoses as curses. Patients will fulfill the prophecy of death; if they don’t die of cancer, they’ll die of another cause.

-As measured by calipers, Janet’s primary tumor reduced by 22% in the last 6 weeks, diminished by half since her original diagnosis in April 2016. Pain from secondary tumors was gone in the first 6 weeks.

-Janet is using only natural healing methods. Lowered intake of carbs, eliminated all sugars and starchy vegetables. Ketogenic diet, high fat, moderate protein. Organic, grass-fed meat only. Not overeating. Juicing with wheat grass and a juice recipe. Fermented wheat germ to block glycolysis. Mushrooms, CBD, Lugol’s. Essiac tea with chaparral tincture.

-Cancer – good source for natural remedies. Has recipe for the molasses/baking soda mix Janet used for 2 weeks to alkalinize.

-Checks salivary and urine pH to make sure alkaline enough.

-Monitored with a Guardent 360 test – measure of DNA released by tumors into the blood. Janet had the 2 most common mutations and 3 others. $6,000 per test. Last test showed no tumor DNA.

-Uses Keto-OS by Triples urinary ketones within an hour. Takes away sugar sources of cancer and acidic environment.

-Fermented wheat germ recipe: 1 cup wheat germ, 1 Tbs. organic honey, simmer 20 minutes, cool, add sach. boulardi., let sit until can’t taste honey. Takes this with powdered raspberry seed from mixed with alcohol tincture of raspberry seed.

-Takes a mix of DMSO with high potency 750 ppm colloidal silver from about 4 days/week. See Janet’s Yahoo DMSO list.

-Sauna for 4 days a week for 20-30 minutes. Rebounder. Sunlight. Supplements. Anti-inflammatories, including turmeric and ginger.

-1 in 4 people with northern European have MTHFR mutations.

-Listener asks about a dog having seizures. Causes other than epilepsy: head injury, toxicity, Ivermectin.

-Mushrooms can be helpful, including turkey tail, cordyceps, reishi.

-Janet had a root canal in the tooth connected by meridian to her breast 3 months before her breast cancer diagnosed. Removed all root canals.

-Has checkups with her oncologist every 6 weeks, who advises no conventional treatment as long as she continues improving.

-Available for consultations for people and animals.

and more!!

Connect with Janet:

janet perry on curing her stage four cancer totally naturally, december 13, 2016

'Janet Perry – On the Path to Health After Stage 4 Breast Cancer Diagnosis – December 13, 2016' have 2 comments

  1. December 14, 2016 @ 1:07 am jasmyne

    She needs to get with Dr. Morse or others…this is NOT anything like the detoxification and rejuvenation lifestyle protocol!


    • December 22, 2016 @ 12:10 pm Janet Perry

      Do you have a link?


      Janet Perry, MA, ACN


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