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Kamshad Raiszadeh, MD

Fixing the spine without surgery or drugs

Doctor Kamshad Raiszadeh serves as medical director of the Advanced Spine Institute & Minimally Invasive Spine center at Alvarado Hospital. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and an active member of the Scoliosis Research Society and North American Spine Society.

After graduating with highest honors in biochemistry from U.C. Berkeley, Dr. Raiszadeh earned his medical degree at U.C. San Francisco. He completed his orthopedic residency at U.C. Davis and fellowship training in adult and pediatric spine surgery at the Hospital for Joint Disease in New York.For years, Dr. Raiszadeh’s training and practice has involved complex spinal and reconstruction including scoliosis, kyphosis, fractures and cervical reconstruction. In an effort to improve surgical treatment, Dr. Raiszadeh has developed and submitted patents regarding minimally invasive and motion sparing devices.

Dr. Raiszadeh has been extensively engaged in the advancement of minimally invasive surgery and the improvement of non-operative treatment of spinal conditions. He is the founder of SpineZone, a medically based spine strengthening program. With the SpineZone strengthening system, comparative studies show excellent results in increasing function and preventing surgery. In addition, Dr. Raiszadeh has founded SHaRE, the Spine Humanitarian and Research Education foundation devoted to charitable care and advancing the science of spinal care.

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Show Highlights:

-Sitting is the new smoking. Discs don’t have their own blood supply. Requires motion to pump nutrients in and waste out.

-Text-neck from looking at hand held devices for a long time.

-Our hips aren’t as flexible today because we’re sitting on chairs, not on the ground.

-Spine is a very complex structure. Absorb gravity and impacts yet leaves motion. Fluid filled interior, hard outer portion.

-We lose ½ inch from morning to evening because of dehydration over the day. Important to rehydrate the discs during the day and after heavy lifting.

-60-80% of sciatica cases will resolve on their own. Neurological symptoms and bowel and bladder incontinence require surgery. Also if pain persists for 6-8-10 weeks.

-MRI scans are often abnormal even in patients who have no symptoms. MRI is not a definitive diagnostic tool. The nerve can find ways to work around disc herniations. X-rays can show alignment.

-Can have back pain without disc damage. Could be from piriformis muscles.

-Chiropractic is not a long term fix. Better to do self-empowering exercises. Inversion tables help the discs re-hydrate. Pumping motion helpful.

-Laura asks about her back pain and diagnosis of juvenile disc disease. Surgery won’t help. Recommendation of exercise to work on spinal stabilization muscles, maintaining good posture, and diet rich in anti-inflammatory food. Be aware of mind-body connection.

-Schroth Method to help scoliosis. Swimming is good, but not all strokes.

-His book, Take Back Control, has information on preventative stretches, mind-body awareness, how to evaluate one’s condition, downsides of medication, and case studies.

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dr. kamshad raiszadeh m.d. healing your back without surgery or drugs, february 14, 2017

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