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Karen Ranzi, M.A.

Raising Super Healthy Children

Internationally acclaimed speaker and award-winning author, Karen Ranzi, M.A., has been a leading expert in the field of nutrition and child development for over two decades. By means of her education, life-changing personal experiences, and sincere desire to share her message, Karen has been able to guide thousands toward developing excellent health.

Mother to two children raised raw vegan, Award-Winning Author, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker and Raw Food Coach, Karen Ranzi, authored Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods in 2010 and Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families: 115 Easy Recipes and Health Tips for Energetic Living in 2014.

Karen was awarded the Peer-to-Peer Award for Service to Children’s Health and The World Peace Award by the 2014 Raw Living Expo in California. She was also awarded with the Best of Raw Top Professional Simple Raw Food Chef at the Raw Living Expo 2014.

Karen’s book Creating Healthy Children won the Bronze Medal “Living Now Award” in the Category of Health and Nutrition by Independent Publishers.

Karen Ranzi is a raw food nutrition coach, and also a coach for families with children on the autism spectrum. Her upcoming third book will focus on nutrition for autism.

Karen Ranzi

Show Highlights:

-Karen does private coaching in raw food nutrition and for children on the autism spectrum. M.A. in speech pathology. Combining speech and language therapies with change in diet and lifestyle has overcome autism in her patients.

-Severe asthma in her 3 yr. old child eliminated after 10 months of green juicing and raw foods and eliminating packaged food. The success started her on the research path.

-Children of mothers who ate a lot of fruits and vegetables while pregnant and breast-feeding will like the taste of fruits and vegetables themselves. Combining fruits with vegetables in juices increases palatability.

-Collaberated with Steven Prussack on a juicing for autism study. One green juice a day on an empty stomach on a regular basis proved helpful, but most of the children refused the juices. Trying smoothies next.

-Why is juicing so beneficial? Chlorophyll, alkalinity.

-Asthma healing green juice – kale (5 or 6 leaves), whole cucumber, celery, carrot or apple.

-Fruit is linked to higher brain cell activity and development.

-Eat more whole plant foods, especially uncooked.

-Need omega 3 – e.g. chia, walnuts. Children need more fats, let them self-regulate. Adults – low fat best, no added oils.

-Supervises at a camp for children with autism and their families. Gluten-free, dairy-free diets an important component in reversing autism.

-Early ear allergies are a contributing factor to autism. Vaccinations are another layer of toxic load. Children who have had vaccination reactions can develop autism upon further vaccination.

-Maximize nutrition, minimize toxic load. Causes of autism: allergies, eczema, and sinusitis caused by toxicity in foods we eat, in foods the mother ate during pregnancy, chemicals, pesticides, GMO, food additives such as MSG, parasites, heavy metals in vaccinations, drugs, even Tylenol.

-Autism in 1 in 49 children in NJ, mostly boys.

-Ritalin can be replaced by Vitamin B6.

-Raw vegan diet can heal the gut. Toxic food causes wall of small intestine to thin out and causes leaky gut. Ripe fruit is easy to digest. Leafy greens provide vitamins, minerals, and protein. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and green juices provide complete nutrition.

-Inflammatory acrylamides created by baking or frying. Steaming better.

-Focus on better health, not on fighting disease.

-Dental problems in raw vegans – eating too much dried fruit, fruit not totally ripe. Still need to clean teeth.

-Sprouting, soaking nuts and seeds, and green juice to potentiate food value.

-EMFs in utero a contributing factor to autism, per Dr. Klinghardt. Autism is a function of toxic load factors, with EMF as one of those factors.

-Resources available from Karen: coaches worldwide via Skype or in person in NJ, works with families of autistic children, 5 week program on lifestyle and food for children with ADD and ADHD, raw food and yoga immersion retreat in Costa Rica in 2017, raw food certification course, Super Healthy Children book, recipe books, webinars, videos, forthcoming book on healing autism through plant based nutrition. Sprouting blog coming on

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