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Kathleen PorterNatural Alignment is what all healthy babies and toddlers discover when teaching themselves how to sit up, stand and walk. It is the natural design of our species that provides for all healthy humans to be naturally pain-free, easily flexible, authentically strong, and to enjoy enduring vitality for a lifetime. This alignment is the reason it is possible for small woman in m any places in the world to carry heavy loads on their heads with great ease.

Kathleen’s mission is to shine a light on the importance of the body’s natural, easy, relaxed posture because remarkable things happen when a naturally aligned skeleton provides the underlying framework of support that supports the healthy functioning of all the body’s systems. There are many reasons why so many of us in the modern, industrialized world lose this alignment at an early age, but overall health often improves when someone learns how to re-inhabit the body the way they once did as a toddler. Back and joint pain is relieved. Many injuries are healed. Easy flexibility, authentic strength and enduring vitality are restored, and old age is experienced with greater ease.

Students in classrooms become more calm, more focused and more attentive when they know how to sit up straight, not through effort and struggle, but with the support of an aligned pelvis that serves as the foundation for a supple, elongated spine that rests above it.

While we’ve understood that posture is important, we’ve misunderstood what “good posture” really is. In an effort to counteract our modern-day tendencies toward slouching, we’ve overcorrected and gone too far the other way. Who among us hasn’t been guided by the command to “tuck your butt, suck in your belly, lift up your chest and pull your shoulders back.” Unfortunately, this modern stance distorts the spine and is the cause of much of the tension and pain experienced by millions of people today. This misunderstanding about what “good posture” actually is, even among most health professionals and exercise enthusiasts, has given rise to a misconception about fitness and exercise that can exacerbate many of our problems. Exercise has tremendous benefits, but only when it is done in a way that works with the body’s natural design, not against it. Working against the body embeds unhelpful patterns of movement that come with a high cost down the road.serves as the foundation for the spine that rises above it. Breathing and circulation are enhanced, allowing for oxygenated blood to flow more readily to the brain. Digestive and eliminative processes function more efficiently. The nervous system is no longer put under assault by a collapsed and distorted spinal cord, and instead, serves as an open channel for messages to be relayed between body and brain.


Show Highlights:

-Breaking the ‘chest up, shoulders back’ model

-Hastening the aging process by not being aligned

-Improving a back which has developed scoliosis

– What does Kathleen think about the Pilates REFORMER in managing the core muscles?

-Kathleen shares her thoughts about inversion tables

-How is Kathleen’s method different from the Alexander technique or Feldenkrais?

-Babies sit correctly to balance themselves; the key is sitting the way they do

-Kathleen explains why a supple spine is the key to aging gracefully

-Not relying on traditional exercise, but incorporating more natural movement into your day

-How bad posture affects overall health

and so much more!!!

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kathlene porter and a perfectly aligned posture, november 3, 2015

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  1. November 4, 2015 @ 12:03 am rayross

    Excited to add Kathleen’s skeletal approach to my Alexander practice…
    One of my teachers decades ago was Countess Catharine Wielopolska, who at the time was one of the 2 or 3 remaining original students of F.M.Alexander himself…


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