Matt Maruca 

The Biologic Effects of Light


Matt Maruca’s  focus is on the biologic effects of light, particularly the benefits of sunlight, and how our indoor lifestyle is tremendously detrimental to our health.

When Matt was 14 years old, he was struggling tremendously with chronic allergies, gut issues, and headaches, so he began to experiment with various diets, coming to learn that the root cause of modern chronic diseases, his issues included, is dysfunction of our cellular engines, known as mitochondria, such that our cells and organ systems can no longer carry out their functions as designated by our genome; sort of like a government that lacks funding and has to de-fund key programs, without which it can survive, but not optimally.

It turns out that the function of these engines, mitochondria, is controlled by light, meaning sunlight. The lack of sunlight and excess of artificial light, particularly at night, in our modern indoor lifestyle prevents us from producing key hormones such as serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine, and causes a disruption in our circadian rhythm (natural 24-hour biologic clock) and sleep, resulting in a huge variety of diseases over time from increased appetite and weight gain, obesity and diabetes, to chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression, adrenal fatigue. Even autoimmune diseases, heart disease, and cancer have been shown to be the result of mitochondrial dysfunction in these tissues.

If the ignition system (spark plugs) in a car engine are damaged, the engine will misfire, fail to accelerate, or not start at all. Putting in premium fuel or fuel additives cannot fix this issue. Likewise, in the human body, our mitochondrial dysfunction is occurring due to problems in our ignition system due to a lack of proper light frequencies to create complete metabolism, and excess harmful frequencies. Putting in premium food and supplements cannot fix these issues in the ignition system of our engines; only a proper spectrum of light can.

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Matt was plagued by all sorts of health issues at 14 and decided to find out how to heal naturally

He connected with Dr. Jack Kruse, who is all over the benefits of light, and catapulted him into his own business

He is well versed in all the benefits of sunlight and its role in the mitochondria

Blue light appears to be one of the real issues with man made lighting, CFL, LED’s, computer and TV screens

Matt started his business on personal savings and his company is doing well and growing

We asked about young folks his age and you will find his answer interesting 


Matt Maruca on sunlight as the energizer and healer, and starting a business from scratch, October 10, 2019

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