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Molecular Hydrogen: An Emerging Medical Gas with Therapeutic Potential

“Molecular hydrogen (H2) has been accepted to be an inert and nonfunctional molecule in our body. We have turned this concept by demonstrating that H2 reacts with strong oxidants such as hydroxyl radical in cells, and proposed its potential for preventive and therapeutic applications.

H2 has a number of advantages exhibiting extensive effects: H2 rapidly diffuses into tissues and cells, and it is mild enough neither to disturb metabolic redox reactions nor to affect signaling reactive oxygen species;

therefore, there should be no or little adverse effects of H2. There are several methods to ingest or consume H2; inhaling H2gas, drinking H2-dissolved water (H2-water), injecting H2-dissolved saline (H2-saline), taking an H2 bath, or dropping H2-saline into the eyes.

In addition to growing evidence obtained by model animal experiments, extensive clinical examinations were performed or are under investigation. Since most drugs specifically act to their targets, H2 seems to differ from conventional pharmaceutical drugs. Owing to its great efficacy and lack of adverse effects, H2 has promising potential for clinical use against many diseases.” -Dr Ohta

Tyler LeBaron

Show Highlights:

-Hydrogen is the father of all elements; it’s the first thing that came into existence

-There’s over 400 articles showing that hydrogen is therapeutic andhas been shown to improve over 150 diseases

-Can you make your own hydrogen water at home?

-Why fasting is good for you

-Tyler tells us how he gets his hydrogen at home

-Adding hydrogen to your water with tablets

-Why can’t we just breathe deeply to get enough hydrogen?

-Listeners inquire about Tyler’s knowledge of Dr. Patrick Flanagans products

-Question from a listener:I came across the statement ” H- anion is a great free radical scavenger. When a free radical is scavenged, a biophoton is emitted in UV range. Do you now why?”This literally lit a light bulb above my head as I have been listening to interviews of Patrick Flanagan on repeat. When I saw this question being posed I then searched for negative ionized hydrogen and why this would create a “biophoton” or basically an organically generated light generated from the body. I began by searching for Negative Ionized Hydrogen as a catalyst to convert NADH to ATP, cellular energy. This happens as I am researching by the process of Chemiosmosis which harnesses electrical potential of hydrogen passing through a cell membrane to produce ATP. This Hydrogen can be supplied by Negative Ionized Hydrogen because it enters and scavenges free radicals by giving up an electron, then it is left in its natural state of Hydrogen which then passed through the cell membrane and through the electrochemical potential of osmosis generates ATP (My exclamation mark button does not work on my computer however right now There would be many…) I would like to further research to clarify if the Negative Ionized Hydrogen enters into the cell to perform this energy production, if anyone is available to clarify this fact I would love to know.

and so much more!

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