Patrick Timpone

The Mind, Body, & Soul Connection In Healing:  Moving Spirit Through The Soul


And is testament to our theory that “It takes a long time to get young.” 


From time to time our host, Patrick Timpone, enjoys sharing ideas about spirituality, health and how the mind, body,and soul all work together. Join us for an enlightening and spirited hour. Your questions, comments, and phone calls are encouraged.

Patrick Timpone

Patrick Timpone
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Show Highlights:

-After we receive some enlightenment, we need to share it with others.

-We create different situations so we can learn.

-Smiling away maladies.  Talk to your cells and give them love.

-When you’re out of the state of consciousness of knowing you’re okay, there’s an energy blockage in the body and in the soul.  With repetition, blockage gets embedded and diseases appear.

-Listener asks: What about genetics;  we have no choice in that.  But we may have created predispositions to learn how to change consciousness, overcome diseases, and then be able to help others.

-Divine spirit is with you all the time to help work things out.  Could be too overwhelming to remember past lives so there is a veil.

-Rather than focusing on a body part not working right, think instead about it getting better and better.

Hour 2

-We change our state of consciousness because of where we focus.

-Instead of  thinking  nothing in you will change, think about it a different way and see if things move.

-Everything is a manifestation of the original source, Spirit.  See yourselves as soul,  made from divine spirit and also spirit.  The more you trust it, the more you can trust yourself.  Spirit wants to know more of itself, and the only way it can do that is through soul.  Scientists say the world is always expanding; spirit is always moving and growing and wants to do something new and make more of itself.  But it needs us to do it.  Let spirit move through you and grow.  It’s how people heal.  Don’t think you have to run the show.  Spirit needs to use our thoughts, our images, our fantasies about the future as the mechanism and mold and will then fill up the mold and manifest life.

-A rule of manifesting good is that we use the good for others.  Use newfound blessings to have better relationships, help others, write a book.  E.g. Warren Buffet gives massive amount of money away and he keeps making more money.

-We’re all tied in together.

-Explore this yourself.  To gain awareness of your unconscious, you need desire, focus, adventurous spirit, and courage.  It’s not for the weak of heart.  Chant the word baju before you go to sleep to aid in exploring the etheric plane.

Email Patrick to get a free copy of The Call Of Soul book and CD.

Patrick Timpone and musings on how Spirit moves through the Soul/body every moment, May 30, 2017

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