Patrick Timpone

Patrick Timpone

The Mind, Body, & Soul Connection in Healing

Patrick Timpone

Patrick Timpone
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Patrickis a happy Soul. He’s happy because he knows what he knows and what hedoesn’t know. He’s quite jazzed to be on Planet Earth this go around,and at this time. What an exciting and challenging time we have created.

He has been in radio since 1967 where he waited out the warplaying Frank Sinatra records on Armed Forces Radio on Johnston Island,a small island 750 miles South West of Hawaii. In 1978

His long journey into health and the miraculous workings of the body began in 1978. And he has been interviewing countless “experts”, experimenting with his owndiet and SuperFoods ever since.

Patrick eats most everything that is a whole food, including things that run away when you try to catch them. The spiritual, emotional and mental connection to health is on the top of his interests these days.

Patrick started the show on One Radio Network in March of 2008.

And he loves sharing and helping others to take their next step.

Show Highlights:

-Patrick’s job is going inside to see how this stuff works and share what he’s been blessed to see.

-Genetic predispositions are no accident. We’ve chosen to have a genetic polymorphism in our body. It’s all good. All physical symptoms are manifestions of emotional stuff.

-We come in as eagles to do the work and surrender to the spirit we already are, to grow, to get better.

-To surrender and listen is the magic of how it happens. “Unless you become as children, you cannot enter the kingdom.” We need to see things as they are.

-Are beliefs enough to transcend physical reality?

-Your state of consciousness determines what you will experience.

-Surrender to hear the voice of God. Nothing for us to do but be in the here and now.

-All the terrible events, e.g. chemtrails, JFK assassination, illnesses, are to help wake us up to see what is really going on.

-Where does spirit come from?

-Why did Patrick’s refrigerator start cycling again?

-The more we let go of our perception of ourselves as ego and let go of emotions, the more spirit can move through us and we can heal. Forgiveness allows the negative thought form to leave.

-Living in the now keeps us from aging and illness. But we also need to experience karma to learn lessons.

-Patrick’s dream experience about why his chin-up bar dislodged and he fell hard.

-Atom says beliefs don’t transcend physical reality, they are physical reality.

-When praying, pray that other people receive the same blessing. Pray for knowledge, spirit, awareness, or resources that will also help other people.

-Surrender to information people have, listen to it, and go with it if it makes sense. If you get a disconnect, that’s not the direction to go.

and more!


patrick timpone on soul, mind and body connection to healing and staying younger, december 20, 2016

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  1. January 10, 2017 @ 2:00 pm Madi

    Love these Patrick! What is the name of the ancient text you reference early in this podcast?


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