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Paul Steinberg, MD

Author ofA Salamander’s Tale: My Story of Regeneration—Surviving 30 Years with Prostate Cancer

What happens if you’re a 35 year old male and you’re told you have an aggressive form of prostate cancer and in order to stay alive you must have surgical castration by the time you’re forty? If you’re Paul Steinberg—married, lusty, a successful and beloved physician and psychiatrist—your life dissolves into a mystery of survival, and you become the detective in charge of solving your most important case: keeping yourself alive.

A Salamander’s Tale: My Story of Regeneration—Surviving 30 Years with Prostate Cancer (Skyhorse Publishing; ISBN: 978-1-63220-569-8; $24.99) by Dr. Paul Steinberg, is an unexpected, refreshing,thoughtful,often funny memoir about Steinberg’s long journey living with cancer and how he not only solved the case of keeping himself alive, but of living well – against all odds.

Not a typical medical miracle memoir, Paul’s is the story of first transitioning from doctor to patient, but never surrendering his physical health to a medical establishment he knew occasionally held medical beliefs that had no basis in science. He understood all too well that his survival and quality of life would depend on far more than medicine and he began his search by first taking a look at the evolution of the regenerative capabilities of cold-blooded vertebrates like the salamander, his medical role model, and what humans have lost and gained in our warm-bloodedness. How do we as human beings regenerate? How did the prostate evolve, and how does prostate cancer develop? What, in fact, is the mystery of life?

A Salamander’s Tale is Paul Steinberg’s successful attempt to make sense out of the seemingly senseless. It’s a book that will inspire any of us who’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or any of us who’ve simply been told that we have certain limitations in our lives that would keep us from living our dreams. Dr. Paul Steinberg would say this is simply not true! With wit and humor, intelligence and grace, Steinberg investigates all avenues – sex, love, habits of different cultures, food and diet, prayer, gods or no gods, and yes, medical breakthroughs, that lead him to the answers that saved his life, that continue to keep him strong and healthy as a husband, father, and physician/psychiatrist.


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paul steinberg, md and thriving with prostate cancer, march 29, 2016

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