Peter Glidden, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Peter Glidden is an outspoken advocate of Wholistic Health. For more than two decades, he has been treating people with Naturopathic therapeutics including Homeopathy, Heavy Metal Chelation, Herbal Medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Supplementation.

Dr. Glidden received his BS degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amhurst. He earned his ND from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Glidden currently has a private naturopathic practice in Illinois. He is also a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Illinois Association of Naturopthic Physicians.

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Show Highlights:

-Dr. Glidden credits his young looks to starting yoga at age 14. Original purpose of yoga was to stay flexible for sitting at meditation and keep more energy flowing through the body. Free blockages and enables spontaneous emotional releases.

-Root cause of all physical pathology is lack of nutrients. If nutrient sufficient, can detox easier. Road of healing via medical nutrition is accessible to everyone.

-Reductionist medical doctors do not believe in spirit and energetic force. See the body as a bag of biochemical compounds ready to break. Are not trained in how to cure disease, can only manage them. Versus holistic medical practices believe a person is a spiritual being having a physical existence. Duty is to provide therapeutics to honor the wisdom of the body.

-Hard for the lay person to understand which practitioners are truly holistic.

-Self-help recovery program available at Dr. Glidden’s website via subscription. E.g. gives answers to what causes my blood pressure, my asthma? Most conditions don’t require an individualized health plan, just an education. Apply what has worked for others.

-Is a fan of Youngevity products by Dr. Joel Wallach as science-based clinically proven nutritional supplements. Dr. Glidden makes no money selling them.

-Nobody dies from a nutritional supplement overdose. You body would reject it long before a toxic dose is taken. High doses given to push the biochemistry of the body with fractionated nutrients can disturb the body’s balance.

-Body knows how to heal itself, but it needs the raw ingredients. We are suffering needlessly for lack of knowledge.

-Information available to the population is controlled by the powers-that-be. He’s building a grass-root coalition of people with nutritional success stories.

-4 biggest food offenders are wheat, barley, rye, and oats. Bonds in gluten are too difficult to break, so long chains of proteins get ingested instead of individual amino acids. Glidden experiment: For 21 days in a row, stop eating them. On day 29, eat only them. Wait 24 hours. How do you feel?

-Bad foods no one should eat: gluten, oil in a bottle, fried food, well done red meat, meat with nitrates, drinking carbonated beverage, skins of yams, sweet potatoes, potato, and GMO soy.

-A good diet strategy

-His personal story of healing with homeopathic remedies.

-The body has hierarchies of healing itself and an order in which organs heal. We heal from inside to outside, bottom to top. Oldest symptoms heal last. It’s not the drug, it’s how it’s used.

-Obamacare forces people to pay for access to medical practice that you got sick under in the first place.

-How much have you paid for medical insurance premiums over your life versus what you’ve gotten for those payments?


Peter Glidden N.D. with the right nutrients the body can and will heal all things in all ways, April 4, 2017

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