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peter ragnar 2Peter Ragnar is an internationally recognized author of twenty-nine books, as well as a speaker, qi gong master, and spiritual mentor. Peter has close to sixty years of heart-based experience as a martial artist and an expert in health, fitness, and organic living. His students come from all walks of life, ranging from world-champion kickboxers and Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductees to university professors, corporate executives, students, housewives, and others.

Peter is well known among elite strength athletes. He has been included in books such as I WILL BE IRON and SUPER VITALITY by the world’s strongest man, Bud Jeffries, as well as STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING SECRETS OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST FIGHTERS by former U.S. Olympic judo coach and president of Shingitai Jujitsu John Saylor. Peter’s teaching prowess was also acknowledged by his black belt student Chris Spruiell, a two-time Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, in his book THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COMBATIVE FLOW.

Additionally, martial arts master Edward Armstrong has written two books about his experience as Peter’s student. THE WISDOM OF THE MYSTIC MOUNTAIN WARRIOR developed from Armstrong’s conversations with the reclusive sage and the instruction he received in his mountaintop retreat. Peter had slipped away from the world as we commonly experience it and for thirty years lived on Mystic Mountain, on the border of the Smoky Mountains National Park; Armstrong’s quest for a spiritual master led him there after he read a book about Peter called THE MAGIC MAN. After several years of attending private seminars at Peter’s home, Armstrong related his fascinating experiences in another book, THE PATH TO MYSTIC MOUNTAIN.

It is what he has become that draws so many of us to him. His kindness, his poetic expressions and meditative reflections, and his love of quietude speak to our hearts and awaken a longing to fully open to what he has found. He spends his days with his wife Katrina on their secluded farm, along with six dogs and three cats. He prefers simplicity and serenity to the spotlight, but also realizes his responsibility to share the message of compassion, tolerance, and spiritual awakening with others. For this purpose, he makes himself available on and Peter invites you to sign up for his free inspirational newsletter.

Show Highlights:

-Attainment: Why do we go after things when we already have what we need?

-The practice of writing down your blessings; whatever you place your attention on will expand and grow

-Our #1 responsibility for this day is to be happy and to share that happiness and joy

-It’s not the city that steals your peace; Peter explains why happiness doesn’t require a lovely spot out in the country

-What about financial prosperity? Patrick asks Peter to elaborate on some ideas to prosper financially

-Ideas make money, not time

-One of the main blockages to prosperity is simply that the person is not open to receive

-Aging and buying into the illusion of time

-Peter shares a list of herbs he uses regularly as well as his favorite breakfast dish

-The magic of medicinal mushrooms and their assistance with longevity

-Getting back to nature with our diets

-Don’t make food a religion, it’s all about results. There’s nothing to argue about when it comes to a raw vegan vs. paleo diet. Just do what’s best for you

-Peter describes his workout plan when he lifts weights; the difference between training and exercise

-Getting omega 3s in a vegan diet

-Peter grows his own food year round with aquaponic gardening; he describes his set up

and more!!


peter ragnar on pro youthing and much more, may 5, 2015, hour one

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  1. May 9, 2015 @ 8:49 pm John

    What a wast of time listening to this interview . Pat I know YOU can do better.


  2. May 22, 2015 @ 10:43 pm Donny

    great show


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