Professor Ron Cusson
Restoring Vitality
Hot information on PH, water, and using ocean minerals to the max
We last spoke with Professor Ron Cusson in July 2008 so lots of ground to cover here. If you have not listened to our last interview with Professor Cusson please do so by clicking HERE.
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Professor Cusson spent twenty years as a Nuclear Theoretical Scientist and in 1985 realised this was no longer something he wanted to part of and now works in the natural health and healing field.
Dr. Ron Cusson, Ph.D., is recognized as one of the top Physicists in the US.
So much to cover including the 4 primary minerals, vitality, the Volixer, Plasma, ocean water and so much more.
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Dr. Cusson was born in Drummondville, P. Quebec, Canada, in 1938 and obtained a Bachelors degree in Physics from the University of Montreal in 1960. Upon graduation, he immigrated to the US to obtain a PhD in Physics and Mathematics from California Institute of Technology in 1965. Dr. Cusson conducted several noted research projects and became a professor of Physics at Duke University. His Physics expertise would later transform Ron’s career beyond imagination through the application of this background to a new field of discovery.

He was a sickly child from birth until age 17. Ron had every communicable childhood disease that can be had without dying outright – Diphtheria, pleuresia, scarlet fever, mumps, measles, tuberculosis, tonsillitis, to name a few. A child genius, he was able to graduate from high school, though he physically couldn’t attend class due to his illnesses. His poor health continued throughout most of his adult life, which included allergies, being crippled in his right ankle and left elbow, suffering from hypertension and osteoporosis, and afflicted with deterioration of his vision beginning at age 25 to name a few of his ailments. Dr. Ron Cusson (Ph.D. in physics, from Caltech, Pasadena, California), who spent much of his career designing and testing advanced systems for the U.S. government, has lead multiple projects involving scientific testing. He decided to retire at 59 with Type II Diabetes, to focus on his health. Dr. Cusson was confident that if he did not take his health into his own hands, he would be dead by age 65.

Soon after retiring, in 1997, he began an intense study on health and disease, hoping to find some solution to his desperate situation. He had a unique advantage due to the skills of being a disciplined researcher, coupled with having spent a lifetime as a PhD. in Physics and Mathematics. In his previous career, he primarily focused on advanced physics fields such as nuclear physics and theoretical physics.

By the age of 68 in July 2006, he had achieved a remarkable transmutation of health.

One of the first things that happened is that he lost all of his allergies. Things did not stop there – brown age spots were falling off the skin on the top of his hands. Reversal of his arthritic conditions began and a rebuilding of his challenged digestive system got underway. After a few months, the accommodation in his eyes (lost 25 years prior) began to return. A 4th area of healing then started to develop. The calcification began receding from his joints.

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