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Richard Sacks

Independent Holistic Health Scientist and Founder of Lost Arts Radio

Richard Sacks began his work as an independent holistic health scientist in 1965, responding to the motivation of his own personal health issues, made worse by his interaction with modern allopathic medicine.

Two of his earliest teachers, who inspired this search for understanding the causes and cures of disease, and what we know today as “normal aging,” were the extraordinary healer Dr. J.C. Mackimmie, and brilliant naturalist and horticultural genius Alan Chadwick.

By 1975, Richard had gone far beyond what was offered in conventional higher education in the health arena, and had gotten into a deep study of nature, including many levels of the interaction between human beings with their environments, internal and external, in order to achieve optimum health and consciousness. He spent about 40 years working specifically on how to adapt principles found in ancient healing documents, explaining forgotten laws of nature, to modern conditions of the world today, for use in the elimination of disease and limitation.

Applying his findings to his own body as well as a small number of colleagues interested in the subject, he was able to confirm the validity of the ancient principles of age-reversal and disease elimination by direct experience. In 2010, Richard decided to acquire an additional conventional credential, in case it would be useful in having members of the public listen seriously to the information he had put together in useable form. He began work on a PhD in health sciences and as of 2015 has finished this work with the exception of completing a final dissertation on the holistic cure of cancer.

He now continues his ongoing research apart from the academic world, as well as hosting the weekly internet radio show, “Lost Arts Radio.” He founded the Lost Arts Research Institute for the creation of a physical facility in Arizona where all that he has studied can be experienced in a real life setting, and people could get an actual taste of the incredible power of ancient wisdom in health and consciousness and what it can do to help people eliminate disease and the usual course of degenerative aging, in order to function at full capacity and high energy throughout one’s entire life.

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Show Highlights:

-Richard Sacks talks about the Normalcy Bias

-Richard talks about remembering several past lives, life between lives, and the fascinating way he met his wife

-How emotional, mental and spiritual traumas play into physical health

-We can’t be destroyed, we can only be diverted; Richard talks about overcoming the fear of death

-Where pain plays in to spiritual growth; the big problem with pain medication especially used for cancer

-The amazing food: Fresh raw milk; why is it so demonized?

-Sterilizing the world is not the road to health

-We age because we’ve made mistakes and gotten out of our natural state- Richard explains what he means by this

and so much more!!


richard sacks body mind and soul healing, april 19, 2016

'Richard Sacks – Independent Holistic Health Scientist and Founder of Lost Arts Radio – April 19, 2016' have 2 comments

  1. April 20, 2016 @ 8:00 am Roger

    Can we have Richard on again….and again,,,,and again….and again, PLEASE? He’s an incredible person!


  2. April 20, 2016 @ 3:10 pm Jill

    Although he had some good points regarding how the mental affects the physical, I lost interest when he said humans are not carnivores but then said he had to supplement raw milk when he couldn’t maintain healthy muscle mass on his vegetarian diet. He mentioned the Weston Price Foundation and how they were big on the benefits of raw milk but than forgot those benefits when they advocated for cooked food. Did he forget how the WAF advocates for fermented foods? Did he ever research Weston Price’s extensive phenomenal work regarding the benefits of animal foods in the diet and that ALL the cultures they lived and studied with ate some sort of animal foods? Weston Price used animal foods to reverse cavities and increase health. He seemed to pick and choose what he wanted based on his morals or pseudoscience. All indigenous cultures that have thrived multigenerationally have eaten animal products. He obviously doesn’t know the benefits of cooked foods. Sure, some raw foods are beneficial, but not all foods should be eaten raw, especially plant foods. We do not have cellulase to digest cellulose found in all plants. This is one indication we are not herbivores. We cannot live on plants alone. We have no requirement for carbs whatsoever. Vegans have a field day with that one and cannot wrap their heads around that. We make all the glucose we need from protein and fats. Raw foods are good for cleansing for some people, but they do not build and strengthen the body. Meat provides all the nutrients we need, no supplementation needed. I know many people who eat only meat and drink water and that’s it. One family raised their 2 kids on only animal products and they are thriving, no supplements either. The mother cured herself from a life threatening case of lyme’s by eating only meat as it was the only thing she could keep down. She is perfectly healthy today and still only eats meat. He had a few good points with regard to the mental aspect but that’s about it.


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