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We learned about Tony Pantalleresco through a request from one of our listeners in the UK and he has quickly become one of our most popular guests. Extremely passionate about natural health, Tony has a plethora of videos on YouTube covering a huge variety of topics such as: Making all kinds of extracts, seed milks, nut milks, detox meals and smoothies, juices, chelators, anti-oxidant formulas. Getting rid of cold sores, dealing with skin issues and erectile dysfunction, detoxing heavy metals. Tony offers an endless list of recipes for remedies to make at home.



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Show Highlights:

-Tony gives us his take on politics

-Awakening through experiencing the consequences of our actions

-We shouldn’t be dying as young a we are

-Sin: The rebellion against creation and the natural world

-Protecting our genetic code against all the environmental insults we cannot control

-Getting rid of radioactivity in the thyroid

-Tony shares a bath recipe to unload radiation and heavy metals from chemtrails

-Why women should be taking epsom salts internally and externally

-Regenerating the liver with herbs

-Question from a listener:Tony, what can one take to get rid of diarrhea? I’ve had it for about 4 days..not severe but nonetheless it’s there. I did come down with a cold after it started but other than that I don’t know why I got it. No stomach pains, cramps, etc. Any ideas?

-Question from a listener:My husband has fluid behind his left ear for 10 days . He can’t hear anything. Does Tony have a remedy for this? He did have a back left bottom molar pulled about 3 weeks ago . I don’t know if there is a connection there?

-Question from a listener:I am wondering if you can ask Tony P. if he knows anything about Phosphatidylserine. I know it comes from non-GMO sunflower lethicin. Does Tony know if it is the same if you consume sunflower lethicin, or does it need to be made in a certain way from the sunflower lethicin? Are there any other natural sources of Phosphatidylserine that Tony knows of?

-The importance of steering clear of products like Boost and Ensure

-Source for soy free eggs

-Question from a listener:How can one get one’s body to absorb nutrients better? My daughter gets IV’s and takes CREON (pancreatic enzymes) to improve her absorption. How can this be done more naturally? We thought she had cystic fibrosis, but genetic testing proved negative. She is 41 years old.

-Question from a listener: Could you ask Tony what he thinks about salt therapy? I have been going to the Salt Cave in Edinburgh, Scotland. Is there any way to test if there is salt in the atmosphere of these places, because as I cannot see salt deposited anywhere in the cave (which in reality is just a normal room with salt on the floor and on the walls). Air is blown in with minute particles of salt, but I am skeptical as to if it is just air being blown in without the particles.

-Question from a listener: I have hypothyroid and It is getting harder and harder to purchase Nature-Throid without a prescription. Would iodine be the only alternative if ever it cannot be purchased anymore?

-Question from a listener:Maybe once a month, I have a flutter and fast heartbeat that will last about one minute and wondering if this is because my heart is in distress. I am female 60 years old, no soy or grain and free of medication and in fairly good health.

-Question from a listener:Some health gurus recommend to stay away from consuming milk. What is your take on this issue, as I understand you are a proponent of drinking raw milk.

-Transforming the body and mind through eating meat

-Question from a listener:When I use the near-infrared heat lamp, I often feel tingling in my feet. Could it be that the parasites are trying to get out through the soles of my feet?

-Remedy for fleas

and so much more!!!


Some products Tony often uses in his healing recipes


tony pantallresco and healing at home, december 12, 2016, part one

'Tony Pantalleresco – Awakening Through Experiencing the Consequences for Rebelling Against the Natural World – December 12, 2016' have 6 comments

  1. December 13, 2016 @ 5:16 pm David

    You mentioned mistletoe preventing pregnancy, not sure if true. But I do know that mistletoe extract called iscador is used to treat breast cancer. Could be to do with controlling estrogen, so could prevent pregnancy, maybe.
    Anyway, great show, Tony was very helpful.


  2. December 14, 2016 @ 2:36 am John Freeman

    I’ve listened to patrick and tony’s show segment for many years now and I’ve noticed a change in the way Patrick talks to Tony Before it was like any other guest but since they had an argument on the air its almost like Patrick has become more passive agressive and disruptive to the point im admiring Tony’s ability to keep a cool head. Im not sure if this is just how Italian’s speak to eachother but there is a massive difference listening to Tony speak in these podcasts compared to the others.


    • December 18, 2016 @ 8:45 am Ria

      I agree, I’ve noticed the same thing. Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable for Tony.


    • January 8, 2017 @ 4:21 pm j.collier

      I also noticed this, thought it was just me.


  3. December 18, 2016 @ 12:31 pm danny

    Take: Care Of Your Temple- It Is the Only Home You Have!


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